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I wouldn’t call it ridable this morning even tho we tried. We did manage a few slides out of it. Kinda fun for what is was. Maybe it’ll pick up some later but I doubt it.

Forecast is still looking good for this weekend and into next week as a cold front pushes thru. We could have a shot at some offshore winds and a bounce swell Saturday morning.


“Art on the Slide at Daytime Radness”

Photos and Shout Outs are up. LINK


Contributed Reports

Last four days of waves

These are the last four days of surf photographed by Slave to the Wave. For more days look here.

From Slave on 10/26/14 at 11:26am

Another clean knee to thigh high morning in Palm more

From Slave on 10/25/14 at 3:31pm

Knee to waist wind swell with offshore winds this more

Friday Daytime Radness
From Slave on 10/24/14 at 12:18pm

Waist to chest high NE windchop. Definitely some bigger more

From Slave on 10/19/14 at 3:17pm

Knee to waist high swell in North Palm Beach more

Follow Ben Hicks as he explores the Bahamas during our flat spell.

Day 1 Flying into Eastern Bahamian thunderstorms.
09/03/14 at 8:46pm

Day 1 Eastern Bahamas: Today started out like any other day, more

Tie Dye Star.  Shot F18 1/5s ISO 50
Day 2: Swimming with the stars
09/05/14 at 2:58pm

  Day 2:  Swimming with the stars After nearly getting cabin more

Reef life.
Day 3: Into the Blue.
09/06/14 at 9:54pm

Day 3: Into the Blue. As I woke this morning more


Art on the Slide at Daytime Radness // Island Water Sports

Art on the Slide had a blast being apart of all the Radness that was Daytime Radness this past Friday October 24th. It was an all day event started at 5am and ended 9pm. Featured more

X-Zone Skateboard competition Nov 22nd, 2014


X-Zone, is brought to you by Viking Surf'SUP and Instaramps. Hosted at The Brazilian Festival Pompano Beach on Nov 22nd, 2014. X-Zone will have Skaters, performances and Competitions by age group. Trophies and other more

SFLA South Florida Longboard Association


 SFLA South Florida Longboard Association surf club meets the first Thursday of the month upstairs at Bru’s Room in Pompano on US1 just south of Atlantic 7:30 pm. Come on in early for dinner more

Used Boards

Al Merrick–Dane Reynolds Dumpster Diver–5’10″ x 20″ x 2.5″

$450--bought it for $800--FCS foil fins--slater track top.--Great Condition.  Call Josh more

8-0 Bird Miracle Model

8-0 Bird Miracle Model, epoxy, tail block, fin patch great shape used very little $600 cash Call (no text) 954 610 more

5’9 Zippifish & 8’0 Doug Schrodel

5'9 Zippifish twin keel in good condition $250 comes with lokbox keels.  8'0 Doug Schrodel 2+1 with fins good condition $350 comes with Halcyon 2+1 fin set.  Email Jeff with questions more

Robert August (Brian Anderson Model)

Mint condition Robert August (Brian Anderson Model).  9'5, asking $800.00. more



Mobile Report

Waist high with bigger sets north pbc
From Slave on 10/19/14 at 12:15pm

Waves a getting fun with the incoming push this more

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Tropical Weather Activity

Local News

33 suspected migrants rescued off Boca Inlet
From WPTV Webteam on 10/29/14 at 6:25pm

The United States Coast Guard has rescued 33 suspected migrants 7 miles east of Boca Inlet.


Art on the Slide at Daytime Radness // Island Water Sports
From Rachel DeJohn on 10/28/14 at 1:42pm

Art on the Slide had a blast being apart more

Weather Map

Random S2TW Photos

slave-to-the-wave-20100112-8306 slave-to-the-wave-october-31-2013-img_2747 slave-to-the-wave-7140-october-09-2011 20130722-img_2618 540z7385crew slave-to-the-wave-january-17-2013-img_0048 October 24, 2014Daytime Radness-35 slave-to-the-wave2014-7140October 24, 2014 slave-to-the-wave2014-6141October 18, 2014 slave-to-the-wave2013-6117may-14-2013 20130907-img_1414 October 24, 2014Daytime Radness-117 slave-to-the-wave-october-31-2013-img_2383 slave-to-the-wave2013-6375may-16-2013 October 24, 2014Daytime Radness-87 slave-to-the-wave-august-25-2011-img_3321 slave-to-the-wave-6918-october-09-2011 slave-to-the-wave-june-28-2012-img_2999

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Bouy Data

Fowey Rocks, FL

Last Updated on Oct 30 2014, 10:00 am EST

Air Temp: 77°F

Water Temp: 80°F

Wind: Northwest at 6.9 MPH (6.03 KT)

Your 5-Day Forecast at a Glance

Lake Worth, FL

Last Updated on Oct 30 2014, 10:30 am EST

Air Temp: 79°F

Water Temp: 81°F

Wind: North at 5.8 MPH (5.05 KT)

Dewpoint: 61.5°F

Your 5-Day Forecast at a Glance

Fort Pierce, FL (134)

Last Updated on Oct 30 2014, 10:25 am EST

Air Temp: 0°F

Water Temp: 79°F


Wave Height: 1.31ft

Your 5-Day Forecast at a Glance

Settlement Point, GBI

Last Updated on Oct 30 2014, 10:00 am EST

Air Temp: 77°F

Water Temp: 0°F

Wind: Northeast at 6.9 MPH (6.03 KT)

Your 5-Day Forecast at a Glance

CANAVERAL 20 NM East of Cape Canaveral, FL

Last Updated on Oct 30 2014, 11:20 am EDT

Air Temp: 75°F

Water Temp: 79°F

Wind: Northwest at 11.2 MPH (9.72 KT)

Dewpoint: 64.2°F

Your 5-Day Forecast at a Glance

St. Augustine, FL 40NM ENE of St Augustine, FL

Last Updated on Feb 19 2014, 7:50 am EST

Air Temp: 68°F

Water Temp: 70°F

Wind: Southwest at 13.4 MPH (11.66 KT)

Wave Height: 2.62ft

Your 5-Day Forecast at a Glance

Tides For Hillsboro Inlet