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Flat. There is a little surge of south Swell but nothing near rideable.

NWS has us with potentially  rideable waves this week. The NWS and the wave models are not in agreement on the timing but when are they ever. It looks like we’ll have a hit in the middle of the week and another one for the weekend.

Monday Morning!

Good Morning!!! Small SE surface trace. Un-Rideable. Light SSW winds and LOTS of Man-O-War!!! High tidy too! Maaaaaaybe tomorrow or probably Wednesday. We’ll see! Keep Praying!!!

Sunday Morning!

Well…. It’s a Beautiful Day!!! But it’s FLAT!!! Keep praying!!! Winds light onshore. Maybe some windswell Tuesday? We’ll see!

Saturday Morning!

Less than Ankle High Swell Trace. Un-Rideable. Great for lessons!!! Maaaaaabe later with the tide? “Festival of the Arts” today and tomorrow!!! Be there!

Festival of the Arts – Jan 29 & 30

Festival of the Arts

Saturday & Sunday

Jan 29 & 30

10am – 5pm

Join us at the Festival of the Arts and see Mike from Bird Surfboards as he shows us how he shapes a surfboard. We will also have surf photographer, Ben Hicks, selling prints from his collection.

The Cultural Committee sponsors various events throughout the year to raise money to fund scholarships which are awarded to one or two qualified and deserving Deerfield Beach graduating seniors whose focus is continuing their education with a goal of a career in the arts.

Our major fund raising event is the Festival of the Arts, a juried art show that features artists from across the country exhibiting their work in a broad range of artistic mediums. This year’s festival returns to the beach location and takes place on January 29 and 30, 2011.

For more information visit:
Bird Surfboards

Boca Raton Photography

Festival of the Arts

via Island Water Sports -Festival of the Arts – Jan 29 & 30 | IWS Blog- surf & skate store, surf apparel.

Saturday Morning

Flat again. there is a little trace but nothing to get excited about. I guess it did get longboardable for an hour or so yesterday afternoon but I missed it. I honestly don’t think it’ll do the same today but you never know.

The wave models are showing waves for the end of next week. Hopefully it’ll work out better than this last forecast!

Thursday morning 2

Good Morning World!!! The new site is up and starting to run! Chris Beeman from has done a Great Job updating the site and making us mobile!!! Adios!!!

Saturday Morning

Ankle High Swell Trace! Barely Rideable! Great for lessons! Waves tomorrow???

Friday Morning

Small less than Ankle High trace. Like yesterday. Un-Rideable! Massine later? Winds NW 5-10+ with low tide at 9:30. Great for your SUP!

Friday Pompano Surf Report


Just maybe we’ll get a little pulse later today. As of 7am the Fowey Rock Buoy is blowing NW at 20knts. That’s usually a good sign that we’ll get at least longboardable waves. The winds might be a little short lived but it’s worth keeping an eye on the cams.