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Pompano Monday Morning Surf Report.

Knee to what could be waist high once the tide drops. The Fowey Rocks buoy is blowing SE at 20ktns this morning. If it holds, this afternoon could be fun.

If the weather and wave forecast holds, the second half of the week could get sizeable.


Deerfield Pier Monday Morning!

Wind=Waves!(generally). Knee to Thigh with maybe a bigger set. Lots of Man-O-War! Ouch! Winds SE 10-15+ at the beach with a high tide around 11:10 AM. It’s Fish-able and I’m going out. This might hang around for the day and could be fun this afternoon. Maaaaaaaabe some Fun wind swell this Friday! We’ll see. Keep Praying!!!

Coastal communities welcome active beachgoers and the business they bring

Public beaches save a spot for enthusiasts of watersports

It means more than fun; it means business

The welcome sign is out at South Florida’s public beaches as skimboarders, kiteboarders and other enthusiasts of watersports produce a ripple of activity for coastal businesses trying to stay afloat in a turbulent economy.

While communities from Delray Beach to Hollywood must heed the concerns of island residents seeking a quieter lifestyle, many have also shown an increased willingness during the recent economic downturn to work with companies that cater to active beachgoers and to promote the beach culture they represent.

Alley Oop, a skimboarding shop that opened in December in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, hopes to turn that town’s beachfront into a destination point for skimboarders by offering camps, competitions and free lessons.

A group of standup paddleboarders have found a home in Pompano Beach for their competitions — sponsored in part by the local Surf World — that have turned into daylong fests. The Sunshine SUP series has even drawn approval from the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency, which has offered to help promote the events.

via Beach businesses: Coastal communities welcome active beachgoers and the business they bring – South Florida

Sunday Report

Ankle high and Man-O-War infested. Yeah, we went out. Motivated by desperation. At least running the slalom course thru the MOWs made it interesting.

Deerfield Pier Sunday Morning!

Small SE Dribble with more Man-O-War! Ankle High and BARELY Long-Boardable. I’m paddling out! SE winds with a low tide around 10:30. Keep Praying! Adios!

Deerfield Pier Saturday Morning!

Basically Flat and Un-Rideable. Great for lessons or stand-up paddling! Some left-over Man-O-War! Maaaaaaybe some waves way up coast! Winds light off shore with a low tide around 9:00 AM. Maybe some waves Tuesday. We’ll see! Adios!

North Broward Report

Knee to waist high South Wind Swell in North Broward. I guess none of the North Swell made it down this far south. At least the south winds are stronger than they forecasted!

Deerfield Pier Friday Morning!

Small Surf! Knee to Thigh SE Wind Swell. Some Waist High sets. I took my Core-Fish out and had a Fun time! Winds from the SSE 10-15+ with some rain. A few Man-O-War too! Go! High tide around 2:00 PM. Maaaaaabe some more wind swell next Monday. We’ll see! Keep Praying!!! Adios!

Thursday Morning Pompano Report.

Pretty much flat and unrideable in Broward County this morning. The Jupiter cam is showing some waves but the winds look to be on it this morning. The Wave Models and the NWS are calling for the swell to make it down to at least Broward by this afternoon and lasting thru tomorrow. PBC looks to be a solid bet for waves. Let’s just hope it makes as far south as Dade County!

Looks Like Puerto Rico is Scoring some good Waves!

Here are a few shots from my trip to Destin, Fl this week.

Destin has got to be one of the coolest and most pristine beaches I’ve seen in all my travels! With its powder white sand and emerald green water makes it a surreal place to just chill and enjoy Mother Nature! Not to mention the surf gets good to epic there too. The Panhandle Probably has more consistent surf than South Florida and without a doubt they have more consistent Quality Surf than we do.

Take a look at the photos with what looks to be an oil slick in the face of the waves. It turns out it’s organic in nature. We thought for sure it was oil when we first saw it. But with a closer look we knew it couldn’t be. Turns out it was red algae, better known as Red Tide Phosphorescence. By day it is really creepy looking but by night it’s one of the coolest thing to see. I really wish I was able to capture it on video but I was unprepared. It’s like a fireworks show in the water.

If you’re looking for a family vacation destination I highly recommend anywhere along the Emerald Coast of Florida!

Deerfield Pier Thursday Morning!

Less than Ankle High ENE wind dribble. Basically Un-Rideable. Maybe later. Scattered Man-O-War. Winds are ENE 10-15+ at the beach with a high tide around 1:00 PM. Maaaaaaaybe a little Swell pulse later today into tomorrow- especially in the Palm Beaches. We’ll see! Keep Praying!!! Adios!