Archives for March 2011

Deerfield Pier Thursday Morning!

Morning! Small SE surface chop. Less than Ankle High and Un- Rideable. Maybe some wind swell starting Monday! Maybe. Winds SSE 10-15 this morning with a Low tide around 1:30 PM. “Surfers For Autism” this Saturday!!! Come join us! Adios!



Maybe some waves the first half of next week.

Deerfield Pier Wednesday Morning!

Like yesterday. SE shore break. High Tidey and BARELY Rideable. Maybe later with the lower tide. Winds SSE 10-15+ at the beach this morning with a Low Tide around 1:00 PM. Maybe a Man O’ War or two. Surfers For Autism this Saturday!!! Be there! Adios!

Deerfield Pier Tuesday Morning!

Small SE shore break. Ankle to Knee High and Barely Rideable. Maybe later. Winds SSE 10-15+ with a Low Tide around Noon. Maaaaaybe a Man O’ War or two. “Surfers For Autism” this Saturday!!! Adios!

Tuesday Morning

Little knee high longboardable waves early this morning.

The marine forecast is calling for south to southwest winds on Thursday in the 15+ knot range. Hopefully we’ll get enough south fetch to give us a little something Thursday. If we get anything at all it’ll be short lived as the winds are forecasted to clock around offshore by Thursday night.

Upcoast has had a nice run of waves. The above bottom six photos are from Fort Pierce this past weekend.

Deerfied Pier Monday Morning!

Morning! Kinda like yesterday. Small SE wind swell trace. Good for lessons. It MIGHT get kinda Long-Boardable later with the lower tide. SSE winds this morning as the front approaches and a Low Tide around 11:00 AM. Suffers For Autism this Saturday!!! Adios!

Deerfield Pier Sunday Morning!

Wow! Another Beautiful day! Small SE trace. Less than Ankle High and basically Un-Rideable. Good for lessons. Winds are light SE 5-7 with a Low Tide around 10:00 AM. Go Enjoy the day! Adios!

Deerfield Pier Saturday Morning!

Flat again! There was a minor trace for the IWS Free Lessons- but now it’s gone! Light winds this morning with a High Tide around 2:30. Go for a tan or paddle! Beach clean up in Deerfield today. Adios!

Saturday Morning

Glassy flat this morning. It’s starting off to be a killer beach day. A small NE swell is forecasted to fill in today and tomorrow but I doubt it’ll make it south of Palm Beach.

Deerfield Pier Friday Morning!

Misty Micro Morning! The Flatness continues! Un-Rideable. WSW winds with a Low Tide around 8:00 AM this morning. Great morning for a paddle! Super-Mysto! Go! Adios!