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Deerfield Pier Saturday Morning!

Good Morning! Ankle High Micro-Trace. Un-Rideable. Good for lessons! Light NW winds with a High Tide around 7:20 AM. Maybe up coast? Adios!

Saturday Morning

Little ankle slappers this morning in Pompano. The winds are still forecasted to pickup today and tomorrow but nothing like they were calling for a couple days ago.

Royal Wedding!!!

What does the Royal Wedding have to do with Surfing??? EVERYTHING!!! sport of Kings-remember? Plus I Love surfing in the UK!!! Sick waves! Less than Ankle High Micro-Trace here. Un-Rideable. Ok for lessons! Light SE winds with a Low Tide around 6:20 AM. Maaaaaaaaybe some waves up coast? There might be some NE wind swell starting tomorrow! We’ll see! Keep Praying!!! Adios!

Birthday Bash at IWS

Join us Saturday, April 30th for a birthday bash to celebrate Jo’Lynn turning 13. Jo’Lynn is a friend of the IWS crew and local shredder. The party will be in the IWS parking lot and open to the public.

  • Free food
  • Music
  • Water slide
  • Prizes
  • Open to all ages

The only thing we ask is that you yell out “Happy Birthday Jo’Lynn” when the time is right.

Date: Saturday, April 30th.
Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: IWS parking lot; 1985 NE 2nd ST., Deerfield Beach, FL

Friday Morning

Flat. The forecast is somewhat holding for waves on Sunday. Big low pulling off the Northern  States later next week. Might be a wave maker for us?!?

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Next Thursday at Rattlesnake Jake’s in BEERfield Beach! Sorry about  the brain fart. Don’t know why I had Cinco de Mayo on Sunday.


It’s been a while since Shrimp updated from the Panhandle. But when he does it makes me wish I was there!







Birthday Bash at IWS Tomorrow for Jo’Lynn !

Thursday Morning Report


Knee high and I wouldn’t really call it rideable even though we tried.

The winds are supposed to back off and clock around today and tomorrow. NWS is calling for the winds to pick back up over the weekend and give us some waves. As of now they are calling for 15 to  20 with 30 Knott gusts this weekend. We’ll see if that pans out.

As of now the wave models are showing a beefy low pulling off the Carolinas this time next week. It looks like it’ll be a wave maker if the forecast holds.

Deerfield Pier Thursday Morning!

Good Morning! Small Surf! Ankle to Knee High with some plus sets. Sorta Long-Boardable. Go! High Tidey with the winds from the SSE at 10-15+ this morning. Maybe some NE wind swell starting Saturday! We’ll see! Adios!

Wednesday Morning

Knee to waist high with a few bigger sets in Deerfield.  Kinda mushy but there are a few fun peaks to be had.

Deerfield Pier Wednesday Morning!

SURF!!! Knee to Waist with Chest High sets. High Tidey and drifty (just how I like it!!!). Short-Boardable. GO!!! Could be Fun all day. Winds are SSE 15-20+ with a Low Tide around 11:30 AM. Adios!

Lauderdale update.


Not that the photo shows it but there is a nice swell filling in. Looks like a ne swell with south winds.