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Fishing Report May 1, 2011

Dade, Broward, Palm Beach

Offshore fishing was hampered by a very strong north current and winds from the west and northwest. That current has weakened a bit and the winds are trying to move into the east and that could push the dolphin in closer. Anglers that were able to get way offshore were catching nice dolphins on the surface and golden tilefish and deep-water scorpion fish, both that make great eating.

Closer to the outer reef sailfish have made a nice showing and anglers fishing live goggle eye jacks, threadfin herring and large pilchards are getting multiple hookups. Best action has taken place with baits fished under a kite in depths from 110 to 150 feet of water. Big blackfin tuna and a few large kingfish are hitting the same baits intended for the sailfish. Anglers trolling big Rapala deep running plugs and drone spoons are getting a number a wahoo and a few kings. Some fishermen have had good success with large mutton snappers fishing large live baits on long leaders along the outer reef edge.



Biscayne Bay

Tons of mullet continue to hold almost everywhere in North Biscayne Bay. Unfortunately not much is feeding on the mullet schools and that may be a reason that they haven’t felt the need to move north. Last week I encountered a school of jacks in the six to 15 pound range that stretched from one shoreline to the other near Haulover Inlet. These jacks were chasing anything and everything near them. We hooked one of the smaller fish on a Rapala SkitterWalk and quickly released the fish only to find no signs of the jacks anywhere nearby.

Spanish mackerel and bluefish seem to have vacated the area and I find this quite disturbing because April is usually the best month to catch the largest Spanish mackerel in the Bay. Seatrout are spawning but scattered throughout the Bay. Hit one area that the fish are holding and it’s easy to catch a limit of trout in the 16 to 20 plus inch range. The fish we caught this week were landed using a live pilchard fished under a Cajun Thunder float and on Rapala Twitchin Raps. Tarpon and snook have been active at night around the bridges and dock lights.

monday morning Pompano wind chop

Chest high with some overhead sets. It actually looks manageable here for now.


Searching for waves, not too hard in Indo

Lighthouse Rights pulsing.

As we have passed our midway point on the trip, the reef cuts, bruises and sun starts to really take its toll on our unfamiliar bodies.  Still the sessions are long, 5 hours yesterday morning and then another 3 in the evening.  The swell charts weren’t too accurate, and has caused us to search for the waves.  But with one of the best captains in the business, Joel always comes through with epic Mentawai surf.

Joel with the barrel of the day at Lighthouse Rights.

Yesterday we scored again though at Lighthouse rights and then headed to an island over  to our west back to the hole for a sunset session.  I shot entirely from the boats to give my body some time to heal.  All the guys have been charging every wave that we go to.  Dimitri was able to return to the water after being on the DL for two days from reef carnage.  The crew onboard has been all time!  Taking there time for any “want”  that we may have, though none of it is “needed.”  Dende, one of the Indo mates gave us all a great show at the hole.  He paddled out on his boogie board with Tim the chef at mid to high tide.  The wave is a barrel and thats it.  Lets you out right onto dry reef.  Just as he paddled out the set of the day, according to Tim, came through and poor Dende was left bobbing nearly onto the beach after taking set after set.  He was fine but a little shaken up after being picked up by the tender boat.
No broken boards today, which is a good thing along with no new broken people! Another detail about being out at sea and being around the locals is they all smoke.  Its amazes me that at such a young age too.

Samer eyeing the pocket.
As small talk consumes much of the time on the boat, it came up that a couple of us (not me) felt and earthquake last night!!  Jeesh!  Yeah, so that’s when Joel told us.  There was in fact and earthquake, 5.6 that struck just below us.  He gets an alert on his phone when anything happens.  They say you don’t really need to worry about anything until a 7 or so.   The plan would be to cut the anchor and head out past 50 meters depth in the boat.  They say you get about 15 mins, give or take time until a tsunami would hit.  The area that we are in has been hit before in 2010 and a bad one in 2004.  It all made us think a bit more about our trip!

The conditions yesterday were beautiful.  As I shot in the channel on the tin boat in about 20 feet of water you could watch all the fish swim in the reef.  It was glass conditions and the water was iridescent blue.  The biting flies were my only complain and that is was boiling in the sun, other than that, it was an amazing day.  Skipp ended the day by taking the helm and driving us back to our mooring in between an island pass.  The swell is suppose to drop until our last day on Wednesday where it is forecasted to pick up.

Sunday Afternoon

Waist to chest high wind-swell in Pompano. There’s definitely swell in the water making the set waves fun. High tide and shifting winds has it messed up now but it’s worth a look later this afternoon.

Looks like we’ll have waves for a few days.


Stinky Pockets, Tuesday May 1 at the Boca Muse

Mike Maytin & Friends Opening up for Stinky Pockets on Tuesday May 1 at the Boca Muse

Barrels, Barrels, Barrels….

Nader getting his dose for the day.

We all seemed to crawl out of bed this morning with the confusion of where all our energy went.  With the crew keeping on top of the conditions by the time I woke up a sunrise we had already traveled 45 mins checked one spot and were on our way to the next.  Upon checking two more we finally decided on a spot called Lighthouse rights and lefts.

Birds eye view of Lighthouse rights.

Appropriately anchored directly in front of a lighthouse we slowly got the day started.  The right looked a bit fast and was about head high.  The left was groomed, clean and top to bottom but looked small….. until somebody finally paddled out to it.  Immediately I said to Tim, ” How do I get to the top of that lighthouse?”  He said, oh they’ll let you, just take an Indo.  Meaning one of our crew over to the island to accompany us.  This was the first Island we have seen people in many days.  There are 5 people that tend to the lighthouse and live on the small island.  The “lighthouse”  looks like one of our steel cell phone towers.  So we got dropped off 50 yards from the beach and swam, with my camera gear in a dry bag.  The locals were stoked to see us.  One spoke pretty good english which was also a first in our travels.  Climbing the tower wasnt the most comforting experience, but they assured us….. we built, strong like Indonesian.  I am sad to say that this was not making me more confident about the tower.  One step at a time I made my way up.  Once at the top it was that birds eye view that was lacking from my visual experience of these islands and the trip in general.  Snapping away, it was half amazement and half fear of the thing toppling down.

Making my connections with the Indonesian Coast Guard.

Powered by solar panels the light house is run by the Indonesian coast guard.  The picture shown is with the Indonesian coast guard!  Climbing down, I asked for the tour of their small compound of houses, 3.  Then hiked down the beach where Cliff, Nader, Cappy and Samer were scoring long left hand pits.

No need for sunblock.  Cliffy in the barrel at Lighthouse lefts.

I continued to shoot them until the tide go to low.  Returning to the boat we pulled anchor and it was time to search for our low tide spot.  After checking a few spots we ended up back at the hole, where we had checked in the morning.  Once again by ourselves, the break looked to be right on the rocks from a far.  Once the cook Tim went out and had a go Joel the Captain followed, then I was actually the first one to swim out, and decided to with my housing as the light was dipping into the horizon.

Our captain Joel leading the way with his board and the boat.

It was firing and soon after Nader and Samer joined.  We all linked up and got the shots we had been searching for.  Till sunset we charged the left hander they call the hole.

The Hole.

Samer snapped his board in half and was done.  I was pretty much water logged and called it a day.  A great dinner followed and then the sea snakes were putting on a show once it was dark around the tin boat.  Black and white striped poisonous snakes were attracted the warmth of the engine.  Kinda creepy.

Indonesian Coast Guard heading out.

Saturday Morning

Looks like we’ll have Scattered T-Storms for the Air and Sea Show this weekend. As for the waves we have building knee high wind chop. Hopefully it’ll be rideable by the end of the day. The forecast is calling for it to blow for the next few days.

IWS: The Naish & Kialoa demo day has been postponed until the weekend of Fiesta De Shred: Saturday, May 5th. Sorry for the last minute notice but it looks like the ocean will be in motion.


My Pompano Crew is absolutely killing it in the Mentawai Islands. So Jealous!

Pulse #2 – Mentawai surfing

Cappy in the Green Room at Sharkeys left.

Every moment someone is looking at the ocean or the wave out in front of us.  Hoping, envisioning and waiting to surf.  It a game that we are playing and this is at its most intense level, on a boat on the waves themselves.  The last couple of days had been small, well for the mentawais its small and the days have been filled with rest, exploring, fishing and more rest.  For a few on the trip, its time to actually take in the vacation.  I was all about taking advantage of the impressive live reefs and see an underwater zoo that is getting rarer and more extinct by the day in this world.  As we travel around from spot to spot the amount of plastic floating really makes you think what is wrong in this world in many ways.  Depressing especially in such a magical place.

The reef below where we slept last night.
Yesterday was one of my longer days in a while.  Put atleast 9 hours in the water.  From getting long lefts to myself in the morning when no one else would paddle out, to shooting three sessions, putting me to sleep for 12 hours.  We were back at Sharkeys, our third day venturing back there after sleeping in a calmer channel.  From shooting  small barrel shots with Cappy mid day at the right, to swimming out just when the new swell started to flex.  The evening session was the best the boys have had yet.  Pumping 4-5 foot.  Barrels were ridden but not without the reef reminding us why mother nature will always rule.  Dimitri was the chosen one for the reef to make its mark.  Upon linking up with me inside the barrel with my fisheye, Big D bounced off the reef a couple times and had to go in.  He was in pain.  We continued to shoot with the rest until dark and the day closed with everyone pretty stoked on finally getting what they came for.

Dimitri hooking it before the reef hooked him.

The Indies Trader 4 visited us today as it was on its way from Jakarta to Padang from getting an over haul at port.  Erik the captain came out and surfed with us all and then took Tommy and I back to his boat and we checked it out.  14 toilets, sleeps over 35 people and twin 1300 hp engines makes it one of the premier boats for Ocean Adventures in the this part of the world.  You too could take it for a spin for $11,500 per day.

The engine room of the Indies Trader 4 ( aka the boat from Young Guns movie ).  26oo hp.

BC Full Moon Paddle May 3

Join BC Surf and Sport for another fun paddle under the stars!
Meet at Villas by the Sea at 730pm and at 8pm we will starting  the full moon paddle.
We have boards available to use but you ***MUST PRE REGISTER!** At BC Surf and Sport no later than 9pm on Wednesday May. 2nd (Limited boards are available.)
Bring water or beverages of choice and glow stick. We will have extra glow sticks if you need one. Call BC Surf and Sport to sign up and for more info: 954-564-0202

Friday Morning

Little ankle high dribble starting to fill in this morning . It might get SUPable or Longboardable over the weekend and hopefully shortboardable by Monday.

Fort Lauderdale Air show should be fun this weekend.

IWS is having a SUP demo on Saturday in Deerfield Beach.