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Friday Morning

Knee high leftovers in Broward this morning. PBC might be a little better but I doubt it’ll last long.

Thursday Morning

Tri-County, waves everywhere. GO SURF!!!

Gallery update:

Check back for another gallery update later.

More Photos:

Waist high perfection in Pompano.



Wednesday Morning

Little knee high leftovers in Pompano this morning. There’s a few plus sets making me want to take the LB out. I’ll update later if it’s worth it.

Debby had a mind of her own. Doesn’t look like we’re gonna get much from her down here. Maybe some upcoast action tho?

Gallery Update:  Fun little knee to thigh high south swell. Perfect for the groms and groms at heart.

Tuesday Morning

Another day of knee to waist high south wind-swell. Looks like Debby’s gonna keep us in waves for awhile.

Monday Morning

Another fun day of waist high plus South wind-swell. Go surf!

Tomorrow could be Real Good. The forecast has the winds going offshore with a decent sized south swell filling in overnight tonight. Not trying to hype it. Just putting it out there.

Gallery is up from yesterday afternoon.

Waist high in Pompano.

Low tide has it small and dumping. A little more water should help it.


Sunday Funday

Chest+ high nugs @ Pompano pier. Skies lite up with buzz so don’t be the highest thing in the water. Be safe, have fun!


Fun waist to chest high wind-swell in Pompano. Rain is backing off and the tide is dropping. It should get good. Not that it isn’t already. GO SURF!
Afternoon Gallery Update:

Pompano waist to chest high


Looking fun out there and the rain is backing off.