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Waist to chest high windchop. These early morning low tides have been killing it all week for the A.M. sessions. High tide has been the call.

I’ll try to update again later. Looks like this is the last day for size. Leftovers for tomorrow and then it goes flat.

2pm update:

High tide helped it again today but it is getting smaller. Get it before it’s gone!


Waist to chest high this morning in Pompano. Low tide absolutely killed it. Good for rescue training and suicide drops on the foamy, tho. Gotta give it to the Pompano lifeguards. They train in conditions that count!

Looks like we have a couple days left of this windchop.

2pm update:

It definitely got better with the high tide!




Waist to chest high, east windchop. There’s just enough south in it to screw up the classic east windchop spots. There’s plenty of waves but you might have to hunt around to find a good break.

looks like waves for the rest of the week!


Knee high this morning at Pompano Beach. I guess the winds backed off last night. I was hoping for a little more. It’s starting off to be a killer beach day for the Memorial weekend. Too bad the waves are small.


Flat for now. The winds are start to blow. Might be waves by the end of the day. If not, Sunday and Monday should be pretty good. Hopefully it gets above waist high.

Long way out but the wave models look good for the end of next week. Magic Seaweed is already calling it 8ft on Friday. It’s a little early to start hyping it up but at least it’s something to keep an eye on for the rest of the week.


Fun knee to waist high waves with offshore winds earlier this morning. The winds are on it now but there are still some fun ones coming in.


Knee to thigh high with a few bigger sets around North Broward this morning.  A little bigger than yesterday.

Looks like the winds are supposed to pick up over the weekend. The wave models show a good amount of NE fetch for Sunday and Monday. Could be some fun wind-swell!


Little ankle to knee high SE windchop this morning in South Florida. Looks like the same dribble for the next few days. The wave models do show some waves for the beginning of next week but it’s hard to tell if it’ll make it down here.

Big Ups to the Guys at Bird Surfboards for making me a SICK New “Stout”. Shaper Mike in the last photo with my new board. Stoked!!!

Hello from the Bahamas

Looks like you guys scored a couple days of some windchop while I’ve Been in the Bahamas this week. Here’s some photos of our trip.

Tuesday Aternoon Update

Knee to waist high plus with occasion bigger sets in North Broward. Tide was on the high side going out with NE 10-15 kt winds