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Ankle to knee high South swell this morning throughout South Florida. The Fowey Rocks Buoy is just now starting to get up in the 20 knot range out of the south. Low tide is around 9 this morning so hopefully the swell will start filling in with the incoming push.


Little ankle slappers this morning in Pompano. NWS forecast has changed for the better. They’re calling for the winds to stay more onshore and they bumped it up a little. We might see something by the end of the day but tomorrow should be rideable.


Lake Atlantic out there this morning.
NWS is calling for the winds to pick up on Sunday. If it doesn’t go totally SW we might get a little bump out of.

Maybe a little bump for the 4th of July weekend too.

While it was flat yesterday we Skurfed behind the Panacea. Too much fun!


Knee to thigh high SE wind swell. Fun for the longbnoard and the water is cleaner today. At least it was in Deerfield.


Knee to waist high wind chop in North Broward. Between the rips and gnarly water conditions it’s almost not worth it. I don’t know what’s up with the dirty water lately but Pompano has been the worst I’ve seen it in awhile. Deerfield is bad but not as bad.


Knee to occasional waist high wind chop in North Broward. High tide has a hurtin on it now but there are some waves to be had.

Looks like off and on of the same dribble for the rest of the week. The wave models do show something heading our way for the beginning of next week. Too far out to get our hopes up but at least it’s something to keep an eye on.


Knee to thigh high E/SE wind-swell. It might actually get good with a lower tide. I was surprised with some of the sets making it through the full moon high tide at 9am this morning.


Pretty much flat with the high tide this morning. Maybe as the tide drops it’ll get longboardable. The winds are forecast to pickup today and tomorrow but it doesn’t look like it’ll be enough to make it shortboardable.


Knee to occasional thigh high SE windswell. Couple of fun ones to be had on the longboard.

The winds are forecast to pickup over the weekend. Hopefully it’ll get shortboardable.

Happy International Surfing Day.

Glassy little knee high swell this morning with a sick sunrise from the African dust. Perfect for the LB.

If you are planning on a beach cleanup for International Surfing Day bring the log or a fish. There’s some fun little peaks coming in from a SE swell.

Looks like we’ll have some waves this weekend to kickoff the first day of summer tomorrow.