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Happy Halloween!


Fun waist to chest high waves this morning in Pompano Beach. Big Ups to the Pompano Beach Ocean Rescue for dressing up and sharing the Stoke!!!

I’ll add more photos from this morning later on.

Here’s some more photos from this morning:


looks like we got some Juice coming our way next week.

Here’s what Da Buh has to say.


Waist to chest with some bigger sets Around north Broward. Some fun waves with a little punch. Should last all day with some leftovers tomorrow.


Knee high and building NE wind chop around Broward this morning. The buoys are just now starting to show some wind so I’m sure we’ll have something by this afternoon.

Slip and the Spin Outs Live @ Rattlesnake Jake’s Halloween Party

slip halloween


Scored some fun little longboard waves this morning in North Broward. Probably bigger the further north you go but judging from the cams it doesn’t look too much bigger.


Waist high windchop today pretty much throughout South Florida.  I was hoping we were going to score some offshores again this morning but it wasn’t happening.

Looks like waves for the next few days with Tuesday having some size.


Waist high waves with an off shore breeze this morning in Broward County. Not like yesterday but stil a great way to start off your weekend.

Waist high in north Broward


Winds are offshore and the waves are getting better with the incoming tide. get it before the winds do.


Fun waves in the knee to waist high range this morning around North Broward. Winds stayed offshore for most of the morning and there’s still some leftovers out there for the longboard. Might as well get it before the wind does.


Flat with a little breeze this morning throughout South Florida.

Looks like some waves towards the end of the week as a cold front pushes through Wednesday night. The forecast is calling for onshore winds but I’m hoping for some offshores Thursday morning as the swell arrives.


Caught some waves over the weekend up in Martin County. Here’s some photos if you’re interested in seeing what you did or didn’t miss.