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Knee to waist high north swell with SE winds and high tide making for some poor conditions this morning in North Broward County. A few set waves had potential to be fun if the tide wasn’t so high. Maybe in a few hours.

I’ll update with some photos later if it’s worth it. If it gets shortboardable I’ll update the phone report when I see it.

Here’s some photos with a little sequence of video clips from yesterday morning. I have some more photos to add and I’ll try to get those up soon.

Waist high wind swell in North Broward


The south winds and high tide are killing it this morning but there are some waves to be had.

test video


Fun waist to chest high waves this morning in North Broward. Even with the high tide some of the standout spots are still reeling. Get it before the winds do!

Here’s a few video clips put together from this morning. Enjoy!

Here’s a few more photos from the morning:


Waist to chest high north broward


Winds are offshore for now and the waves are fun. High tide has it and only a few spots arepicking it up.


Flat and rainy. Hopefully not for long. The forecast is calling for the swell to start filling in by tomorrow morning with good winds. It doesn’t look like the winds will stay good for long tho, so try to get it early. The buoys are already starting to show fetch with a decent swell aimed at us. All we can do is wait and see how far south it makes it. PBC looks like a sure thing first thing in the morning and hopefully Broward and Dade will get the swell before this winds do.


Little south bump in Broward this morning but it’s unrideable. Looks like there’s waves for Thursday with good winds early morning.


Waist high with bigger sets in North Broward. Glassy offshore winds with great air and water temps made for a killer session this morning. It’s bigger the further north you go.


Knee to waist high with sideshore winds in South central PBC this morning.  Definitely bigger the further north you go.

 Be sure to check out Ben Hicks presentation tonight a IWS.  And tomorrow is the “Indie Craft Swell” Art show.

Waist high with bigger sets in central PBC.


Winds are sideshore and its a little sloppy but there are waves to be had. Bigger the further north you go.