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Fun waves this morning in Central PBC. Short window for the good stuff but there were waves right on thru the high tide. The winds are on it now and the swell seems to be fading. Typical South Florida. It’s only good for an hour…if that..

Waist high pbc


Still some chest highers coming in even with the high tide. Winds are offshore.  Go surf!!!


Fun waves this morning in the waist high range at Deerfield Beach . Most everywhere I checked looked about the same this morning. High tide put a little bit of a hurtin on it early but still plenty rideable. It should be getting better now with the dropping tide.



Waist to chest with some bigger sets this morning in North Broward. Just before high tide this morning Deerfield had some good form. This afternoon with the incoming push should be good.

2ND STREET BOARD SWAP! Sunday March 30th


Waist to chest with bigger sets in North Broward


Fun peaks out there this morning. Se winds are actually working good this morning with the high tide. Go surf.


Well, the swell is gone in Broward county and the local east windchop is starting to fill in. Barely rideable this morning even though I did get a couple shots of people on waves. It’s just super muddy out there right now. Incoming push this afternoon might be good…. for what it is.


Sorry about the late update. Long day of surf and work.

Here’s some photos from this morning in south central PBC. Really not all that good with the relentless sideshore winds. Hopefully you scored better than I did today.

Waist to chest wind swell PBC


Now that the winds are on it the size is picking up. Gotta love south Florida.

7th Annual South Florida Surfers For Autism Beach Festival

The Surfers For Autism mission is to unlock the potential of people with developmental delays, support advocacy for autism issues and scientific research. Our focus is to eliminate stigma through public awareness and education and to unite communities through volunteerism.

April 25 thru the 27th. Deerfield Beach. More info here.




2ND STREET BOARD SWAP! Sunday March 30th

2ND STREET BOARD SWAP!! (Trade in your board for a Brand new board or credit towards one!) It’s Sunday Funday and no better place to be than with your 2nd street Crew! LOCAL Artist, LIVE Music, Food, and Board shaper KB!! Come on down it’s from 12-6 or whenever the fun stops!  Sunday March 30th.

3159 E. Atlantic Blvd.

Pompano Beach, FL 33062