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Juno Pier Surf Report 8:40

Juno Pier Surf Report has some mall inside waves. Pretty weak, but enough to push a log. 2 surfers out. 8:36am was low tide, high is at 3:20pm. Wind is WSW at 10mph.

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Friday Morning!

Good Morning! Flat & Un-Rideable. Light SW winds with a High Tide around 3:10 PM. A strong cold front is pushing through and we should have some Surf starting this weekend! Keep Praying!!! Adios!









Happy Halloween

Starting off flat with a trace wave in the water. Forecast is looking good for Sunday now. I’m still hoping for wave tomorrow but we’ll have to wait and see. A cold front pushes thru today and another one again tomorrow. Good chance of NW winds on Sunday morning! Hope it pans out because it could be good!

We did our S2TW Halloween Surf on Tuesday. Figured it was the only Chance for waves this week. FUN stuff!

Juno Pier Surf Report 8:29

Juno Pier Surf Report is 1′ inside and shore break. Looking very weak and no one is out. Might be good for skimming, but that is it. Wind is low about 3mph from the West. 7:28am was low tide, high … Continue reading

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Thursday Morning!

Good Morning! Almost Rideable North swell micro trace. Real Low Tidey. Bigger up coast? Light NW winds with a High Tide around 2:10 PM. Maybe some wind swell starting early next week?? Tropics??? We’ll see! Keep Praying for Surf!!! Adios!







Wednesday Morning!

Good Morning! Knew to Thigh High plus ESE wind swell. Long-Boardable. Better later? ESE winds at 10-15+ with a High Tide around 12:20 PM. Keep Praying for Surf!!! Adios!









Juno Pier Surf Report 8:31

Juno Pier Surf Report is high frequency 1′ unorganized chop. Maybe good in places for skimming, but it is weak for anything else. Wind is ESE at 4mph, no one out , and the tides are high at 12:37pm, low … Continue reading

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Art on the Slide at Daytime Radness // Island Water Sports

Art on the Slide had a blast being apart of all the Radness that was Daytime Radness this past Friday October 24th. It was an all day event started at 5am and ended 9pm. Featured art work by local surfers Chris Beeman Slave to the Wave, Rachel DeJohn Surfy Birdy, Ben Hicks Fine Art, Patrick Robert Art, Alain Eagles Art, Thomas Frezza Frezz Art, Ryan Heigel  SurfThis, Tina Vanzwol and skater Blair Hess Project. Live board art by Frezz Art on 9ft longboard donated by Global Surf Industries.

Art on the Slide

Much thanks to all of the contributors that made this event a success: Island Water Sports with special shout out to Linsey Cotrell. She pours her heart into this event each year and she is made of magic, great job getting this event together! For those that helped us get this Art on the Slide exhibit secure and strong for the winds and possibility of rain (100% chance of rain for Friday earlier in the week by great luck we only had minor sprinkle) Surfrider Broward , Eddie Nott Surfboards Mike and Janice Nott, Scotty Shaw, Alain Eagles, Tom Frezza, Ben Hicks and Mary Wright.

Big thanks to the photographers on deck for the Slave to the Wave photo booth area with Teepee by Surfy Birdy.

Photogs: Slave to the Wave, Living Exposure Carl Dawson, Roseanne Photography.

Photo Booth


Board Art Winner

Congratulations to Karina for winning the Board Raffle! She won a board painted by Tom Frezza (Frezz Art), the board was donated by Global Surf Industries and glassed by Michael Pechonis (Bird Surfboards). Proceeds benefiting Surfrider Broward and the Phil Pechonis Family.


I wouldn’t call it ridable this morning even tho we tried. We did manage a few slides out of it. Kinda fun for what is was. Maybe it’ll pick up some later but I doubt it.

Forecast is still looking good for this weekend and into next week as a cold front pushes thru. We could have a shot at some offshore winds and a bounce swell Saturday morning.


“Art on the Slide at Daytime Radness”

Photos and Shout Outs are up. LINK

Juno Pier Surf Report 8:19

Juno Pier Surf Report is looking really bad. Onshore wind is kickin’ at 20mph and making some really unorganized wind chop. 1′ for the most part. Not rideable.

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