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Some fun Knee to waist high waves this morning in Central PBC. Well, Fun until the winds got on it around 9. Marine forecast has it picking up throughout the day today and tomorrow. Too bad the onshore winds are here to stay. Kinda hard to find shelter from east winds.

The wave models are showing some intense swell heading our way for next weekend. Hope the forecast holds!

Here’s a few from yesterday in central PBC. Thanks Bob from Boca Surf and Sail for working the camera!!!

Juno Pier Surf Report 1-31-15 9:34am

Juno pier has a little Gaspirilla in it. 2-3′ and mushy. Not looking too good, just a few people out, but we just missed LoxahatcheeBob who was supposedly shredding the southside on his 9’6″.

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Saturday waist high pbc.


Offshore winds and fun for the log with the high tide early this morning. There’s a few plus sets and there’s potential to get good with the dropping tide. Go surf!

Juno Pier Surf Report 1-30-15 8:07am

Juno pier’s surf is looking really good overall, 2-4′ and clean with off shore winds. Not too crowded, about 20 guys to the north and 8 to the south. Conditions are nice, only bad thing is the waves are closing … Continue reading

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Friday Waist high central pbc


Little wait for the sets but they are coming in nice. Bigger the further north yo go.

Juno Pier Surf Report 1-29-15 8:34am

Juno Pier is 2-3′ average with some occasional larger sets, but it’s choppy and mushy. Not perfect conditions at all, but still looking fun. 11 surfers out. 9:50am is low tide, high tide is at 4:13pm.

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Thursday Morning!

Good Morning! Ankle to maaaaybe Knee High plus NE wind swell mix. Long-Boardable. Better later? NE winds at 15-20+ with a Low Tide around 10:00 AM. More waves this week??? We’ll see! Keep Praying!!! Adios!



Some fun longboard waves this morning in North Broward and South Palm Beach. I was really hoping for a little more from this swell event. I heard a few spots got really good in South Florida but not when and where I was. Hopefully tomorrow will have some size.

Art on the Slide Feb 6th

10806341_813731898687317_6169016950813817777_nHeads up! we will be having a Art on the Slide mini pop up at Surf World Friday February 6th 6-9pm // valentines disco // come by and get your sweethearts some heartfelt handmade gifts from the local surfers // sale in the shop all day.

Latest Atlantic Swell Forecast

Here’s the latest Atlantic Outlook.

Previous swell forecast pretty much spot on as New York City’s snowfall forecast. Other than a few select locations along the East Coast it was a bust with Juno. Storm ended up effectively riding the coast eliminating the NE Fetch detailed in last website update. As with other forecasters in New York, I’m sorry. The old saying is,
Nothing in Weather is Absolute Until it Happens in Real-Time. Keep that in mind as you review today’s update. Just like in Hurricane Season, and Juno, a change in track of 50 miles in either direction will lead to very different results.

Hope on the horizon as a new area of Low Pressure is developing off the SE U.S. Coast. This Low forecast to race up NE towards Bermuda. Before it does high pressure building in on the Backside is increasing Northerly flow. As of report time (12:30PM) Grays Reef NNE 20-25Kts-Fryin Pan Shoals North 20-25Kts Diamond Shoals North 25-30Kts and East Canav NNW 15-20Kts2015-01-28_120656High Pressure¬†Northerly Flow expected to continue through Thursday leading to bump in surf for East Florida out to PR by around Monday. Nothing Big just fun ride-able surf. Last Nights run of the GFS for Thursday showing developing low currently off the coast NNE of Bermuda with NNE High Pressure wind flow on the backside in decent NE Fetch and a Big Blocking High in the East Atlantic.2015-01-28_122406Then the next storm comes rolling through for the NE on Saturday with a decent NNW Fetch setting up for Bahamas out to PR.72And reinforcing on Sunday before a big shift as High Pressure builds in and creates SE return Flow over the GOMEX. This will lead to increasing surf for the Gulf. Will do a seperate GOMEX forecast shortly.96Pretty much same setup later on Sunday as¬† Southerly Suck Up in the GOMEX and off the SE U.S. Coast begins in front of the next POSSIBLE Bomb for the NE U.S. beginning to enter middle left of image.108This is it beginning on Tuesday2015-01-28_124232Then on later Tuesday. Does not look to be a major swell producer but notice High Pressure returning setting up NE flow from OBX down into Bay of Campeche.2015-01-28_124342Then on Wednesday High centered over OBX with a tight gradient coming into Florida. ESE winds 15-20Kts.2015-01-28_124658Looking at the Longer range Euro for Thursday. Euro Started hinting at this yesterday this is last nights run.192Then Up coast on Friday. LONG LONG WAYS OUT. But models once again showing very active phase. This too because its so close to the coast does not look to be a Major Swell maker South of the OBX but could set up Jersey and points North with their usual freight trains.216Here’s this mornings IR Look and a look at the Big Picture.2015-01-28_063407And a Look at the setup for Saturday. Lots of rain coming with chance of a significant snowfall event coming.2015-01-28_093043
Stay tuned for the next update

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