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Juno Pier Surf Report 3-31-15

Juno Pier Surf Report is 1-2′ shore break with some 1′ weak mush on the inside. No one out. Wind is calm. Nice beach day though.

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Easter Swell 2015 Super Typhoon MAYSAK

Be thankful for what you have in life as Easter marks a period of rebirth. Others this Easter may be less fortunate as you. Enhanced satellite imagery of Super Typhoon MAYSAK expected to impact the Northern Philippines this weekend. Typhoon forecast to weaken some down to 3 from the current 5 status.2015-03-31_082144Zoomed of the center of MAYSAK. Prayers for all those in the path as this years season is well on the way above normal.2015-03-31_080426Here’s the latest update on the East U.S. Coast. Easter Swell 2015 setting up with season first High Pressure wind swell. There was some hope for a mix of some Easterly groundswell but models have since backed of and looks to be primarily a wind swell event. Will be plenty of ride able surf with fun conditions at the right locations. Gonna have a chill to it as waters begin to shed the cold and begin to warm earnestly.
Here is the latest marine forecast from the OBX into North Florida Waters. 2015-03-31_084721

Cape Hatteras to Murrells Inlet2015-03-31_084621

Murrells Inlet to 31N2015-03-31_084502
South of 31N
Latest model runs now showing a quick rotation to ESE then SSE as High Pressure moves out into the Atlantic.
Moderate SSE Suckup extending into the GOMEX. Would also start the process of Gulf beginning to warm for the season. Image is for Tuesday showing all of Gulf under SSE return flow out to near Bermuda. Would need gradient to tighten up North of PR and VI to get some underlying groundswell going.2015-03-31_091155
Weight and Sea
Stay tune for the next update.


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Tuesday Morning!

Good Morning! Lake Atlantic! Great for a Paddle! Light NW winds with a Low Tide around 12:40 PM. Keep Praying for Surf!!! Adios!



Flat with beautiful beach conditions this morning throughout South Florida. Great day to SUP, Dive or fish!

Afternoon update:

Ended up scoring some fun knee high sliders with the spring breakers in Fort Pierce today.

Juno Pier Surf Report 3-30-15

Juno pier is small minimal inside and shore break. No one out. Not looking amazing by any means, but could be fun with a log.

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Monday Morning!

Good Morning! Almost Ankle High swell trace. Barely Long-Boardable. Maybe some Waves up in the Treasure Coast??? Light NW winds with a Low Tide around Noon. Keep Praying for Surf!!! Adios!


Sunday Log Jam Surf Contest

Fun day at the Log Jam Surf Contest in Juno. The guys at Blueline did a great job with the contest. We’ll definitely be going to the next one.

The winds are forecast to back off tomorrow but there should be some small leftover chop in the morning.

POSSIBLE First Spring Bermuda High Swell Setting Up

Quick Update. Models showing some hope of breaking the small for all that is currently setting in showing the seasons first Bermuda High wind swell coming up for the Florida East Coast in a Double Bubble High setup. First time seeing it in this afternoons run of the GFS model forecast. Here’s next Sunday showing weak Low Pressure moving off the OBX with High Pressure wedging in over Tennessee. NE winds 25-30Kts East of the OBX to start it off.2015-03-29_142715Then High Pressure working it’s way down the coast. ENE winds 15-20kts2015-03-29_142654Then on Monday coming more out of the East into Florida with ENE fetch coming over the top of Bermuda. Notice the AZORE High is stationary. GFS takes and holds this setup for several days after this. New followers think of the Double Bubble High as two wheel spinning in a clockwise direction. So looking at the image this would be moderate Easterly trades through the Central Atlantic producing Easterly trade wind swell with the High moving out over Bermuda grabbing it to bring it on home into East Florida while backing it up with more East, ENE wind flow, This setup typically produces multiple days of ride-able High Pressure wind swell with possibly a week worth of waves and warming surf temps as Caribbean waters get pushed in to the East Coast.2015-03-29_142531
 All for now stay tuned for the next update.

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Juno Pier Surf Report 3-29-15

Juno pier surf report is 1-2′ and choppy. It’s ridable, but the wind is on it pretty hard. One surfer out.

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Sunday Morning!

Good Morning! Ankle High North swell trace. Barely Long-Boardable. Better upcoast? Light NW winds with a Low Tide around 11:00 AM. Better later?? More Waves later this week??? We’ll see! Keep Praying for Surf!!! Adios’