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Juno Pier Surf Report 4-30-15

Juno Pier Surf Report is small shore break with occasional inside bumps. In the 1-2′ range and clean. No one out. Wind is mellow, a really nice day out.

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Thursday Morning!

Good Morning! Tiny SE swell trace. Unrideable. Winds NW at 2. Low tide at 1:55 PM. Great day for a SUP. Don’t have one…. Come by and we’ll fix that! Adios!


Nicaragua Day 2 – Jellies!

Good morning from Nicaragua.

Good morning from Nicaragua.

I am stoked to be naturally an early riser and become a photographer.  Getting out there early is key to finding really good light or getting skunked.  I alerted the crew that I was going out and no one got up.  Swimming out in the dark is always just a tad intimidating.  The wind was gone from yesterdays afternoon session and was all glassy.  Since I was out by myself I just focused on shooting empty waves.  Shooting full manual with a flash setup as the sunrises is a constant mission changing the settings.  Not long into the swim I started getting tagged by jellyfish.  Really bad.  I held out until it was too light to shoot flash and then had to swim in about 6am.   Went in to change the camera setup and get a top to hopefully keep from getting stung.  Shot with Chip and Matt for another couple hours.  It was time to go in and eat.  I knew I had to put my water time in the morning as the forecast called for onshore in the afternoon.  Jerry and Samer were watching the whole morning from the restaurant.  They kinda missed the best session for shooting so far but also avoided getting stung.

After eating an acai bowl for breakfast the boys head back out.  I shot from land and we really didn’t get much in the not so ideal conditions.  We all went back to the condo and borrowed the owners truck and headed to the local tiny market to stock up on food and try to avoid the American prices on meals.  The market (1 person shack) nearly had everything we wanted to make food the next few days.  It used to be driving almost 2.5 hours roundtrip to getting food in town but the area continues to grow from tourism.  I got a little nap in before working on my housing to try and get a malfunctioning trigger button to work.

The evening sesh was a little disappointing with the conditions not really improving.  I swam out anyway to try and salvage my time here until dark with the flash but didn’t really get anything.  Not very often can I say that down here.  Atleast there weren’t any more jellyfish!

Back at the crib, Matt and I made a big dinner for the crew in the kitchen, hopefully tomorrow mother nature will come through.

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Juno Pier Surf Report 4/29/15

Juno pier surf is 1-2′ shore break in spots, but overall not a good day for surfing. Some skim would be alright. Kiteboarding, the wind is pretty still right now, but you know it always starts to pick up during … Continue reading

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Flat here in South Florida this morning. Ben Hicks and the Boys are scoring some fun ones in Nica (above pics). You can follow their trip here.

The forecast is looking good for the  “Fiesta De Shred / ESA South Florida #2″ this weekend in Deerfield. Skim Saturday and Surf Sunday. According to the forecast it should be waist to chest high for the surf contest on Sunday.

fiesta de shred wide


Wednesday Morning

Good Morning! Ankle high shore break. Unrideable. Maybe later? Winds south at 10. Low tide at 1:15 PM. Time for a new board?


Nicaragua Day 1

Not a bad sunset view.

Not a bad sunset view.

Florida has been hot and flat for weeks – I’m not complaining though as smooth conditions just result in more underwater time to explore south florida’s amazing creatures of the sea.  It severely cuts into surfing though.  We are all accustomed to living on Lake Atlantic this time of year but no one is really ready for it.  This is why you should have a really good excuse to travel and find some waves.


As usual this was a very last minute trip timed around and incoming pulse in swell.  It really wasn’t ideal for me to travel this week, but I was ready to go swim is some real waves and get pounded with 10k worth of gear.  Its photography and I love it.

The trip gathers some new faces and old.  Matt Oberman, chief and potty mouth king, Samer “sledgy”, Chip “sippee” and Jerry, whom will most likely earn a nickname on the trip.  Traveling to Southern Nicaragua which many have you have read about my travels before will always find good waves, no matter what.  We traveled in the middle of the night and arrived at our stay with 1.5 hours until sunrise.  Perfect time for a quick nap before hitting the ground running, or surfing.  The first session is a wake up call for Floridians, especially this time of the year.  I too surfed for a good three hours on my SeaFarer Surfboard, since it was small and not exactly pumping.  Fun waves though.  Thank you to the crew for letting me steal some under priority, according to Matt.  Session tow was followed by a pile of choco banana pancakes.  I shot from land as the wind clocked around becoming onshore.  Naps and then into the sunset session and complete darkness.  Matt and I continued to shoot until we couldn’t even see each other.  It was great to get in the water, but my shoulders were beat after swimming with the flash setup!  Dinner, edits.

Thanks to my awesome supporters!  – Providing me with the best travel bags and gear – Sun Bum – Protecting my skin in the sun! –  Buy one pair of Solve’s and give one person clean water for life! – The boardshop for all your advendtures! –  World class surfboards made in Florida! – Aquatech SLR water housings – Making the best Water Housings for my iPhone!
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Tuesday Morning

Good Morning! Less than Ankle High shore break. Winds SE at 10. Low tide at 11:26. Adios!


POSSIBLE Major Swell Event WaveMasters 2015

Remember this, nothing in weather is absolute until it happens in Real-Time. A difference of 50-100 miles of where an area of Low Pressure spins can have a dramatic effect on swell generated. Over the last several days the GFS has been trending negative. This afternoons run is trending back positive. The EURO has held steady in it’s run. The WaveMasters Surf Contest is on this weekend at the Jacksonville Beach Pier. Forecast remains on track for NE Groundswell filling in Saturday with light winds.

Here’s the first thing we are monitoring and is what the GFS has now trended back positive on. Latest forecast calling for 990 GALE East of New England next 24 hours. This should help get the ocean moving in the right direction.2015-04-27_131427Latest out of the OPC showing NNE winds developing 30-35Kts seas increasing 12-15 FEET. Also on the map is Low Pressure coming across the North Gulf Coast in to SE Georgia NE Florida region. This is a little further South than previously anticipated.2015-04-27_131651Here’s a look at this afternoons run GFS. Forecast window is for the next 5 days.
Showing decent NNE Fetch from Nova Scotia down into the OBX. Very similar to OPC image above.TueWednesday-
The other factor in addition to location is shape. This is somewhat a negative for Right Coasters. NW Winds from New England into Bermuda switching West then SW. Low Pressure over Gulf States on it’s way to the Atlantic.WedThursday- 998 off the Carolina Coast. Gusty Northerly winds behind developing Gale. ESE Flow into OBX and Mid-Atlantic. Shot at building surf West Florida.Thur
Friday- Low moving up North strong ENE winds just off the Mid-Atlantic Coast. But take note here as detailed in last website update. Look at NE Fetch into New Foundland and connecting with Low off the Mid-Atlantic.
FriSaturday- Low of Mid-Atlantic drifts away from the coast increasing NE Fetch. Thats NE winds 40-45 Kts and seas increasing in excess of 20 feet. It should not take long for NE swell generated to get into Florida waters from this location. Again keeping in mind a 50-100 mile shift towards the West would mean less NE Fetch.
Here’s the latest Marine forecast for Cape Cod to Georges Bank2015-04-27_074749
Saturday Afternoon-
NE Fetch widens increasing the area of NE surface winds with seas likely excess 25 FEET and possible excess 30. Would qualify for Major Swell Event Status.
Light winds setting up over Florida as High Pressure settles. From here Low continues to move off towards the ENE keeping NE wrap around groundswell generated as it drifts off. WaveMasters 2015 could be all time Sunday.
Neba Tink Sum-Ting Knot Possible Wheat-Out First Luke-ing at Da Posse-Billy-T
Sat_PMHere it is Tuesday for Cinco De Mayo well NE of Bermuda setting up PR and the Islands for a large NE Groundswell Event.  Also take note of the tan shading from NW Cuba through the Bahamas. GFS was hinting at Low pressure developing over South Central Florida and moving up the coast. It has since dropped it but now shows a trough of Low Pressure. ESE Winds developing into Florida.
COULD BECOME VERY INTERSTING !!!! South Florida been very hot and steamy as of late.2015-04-27_142420Earlier look at GOMEX LOW developing.2015-04-27_120536
Although I haven’t had time to confirm Jayme King Fox 35 says New Orleans had a wind gust today of 112mph. Here’s a radar image of an intense line of storms making it’s way across.2015-04-27_121358For more Real-Time info follow us on our social media feeds.
Stay tuned for the next update.

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Glassy flat and starting off to be a HOT one.

Looks like we might get some waves at some point this week. All the forecasts are conflicting each other, which is typical this time of year. Possible bounce swell Thursday/Friday. And maybe some background swell Wednesday. I’m really hoping we get waves this weekend for the “Fiesta De Shred / ESA South Florida #2”. Kinda seems like we should have a little something. There should be enough north fetch with all the forecasted energy in the North Atlantic.

Fun surf this past weekend in south central Florida. Here’s some shots from Saturday.

And here’s some from Sunday.