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Juno Pier Surf Report 5-31-15

Junobpier is small 1 foot mush over the sand bar. It’s basically no good unless you weigh 98lbs and have a tree under your feet. Happy Sunday y’all.               

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Sunday Morning

Good morning! Ankle high barely logable leftovers light onshore breeze High tide at 8 AM    Great day for a SUP   


Juno Pier Surf Report 5-30-15

Juno Pier is small 1-2 mush. LB and SUP city today as there isn’t much power behind ‘em today. 17surfers out.                        

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Saturday Morning

Good Morning! Ankle high left overs. Barely logable. Winds are E at 7. High tide at 7:15 AM. Great day for a SUP or a lesson. Adios!


Saturday Morning

Good Morning! Ankle high left overs. Barely logable. Winds are E at 7. High tide at 7:15 AM. Great day for a SUP or a lesson. Adios!


From The Beginning, A Far Back Friday

This is to let you all know we are thankful for everyone’s support, we have been out of town and the posts have suffered because of it, but we are not gone forever. Reports will resume tomorrow We figured it … Continue reading

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10 Seconds Starting to Show Latest on Possible Bill

Quick Update on our current GOFUNDME
For those who have donated  T-Shirts are being printed next week and we will start shipping out as soon as they touch our hands. We were able to get a 30 day extension through an emergency motion and have to be out by June 15th. There are two sayings we try to live by. “The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways” and the Ancient Rainbow Warrior Creed, “Neba Tink Sum-Ting Knot Possible Wheat-Out First Luke-ing at Da Posse-Billy-T.”

Found a small apartment at the beach. This means, for North Florida Surfers, we will be able to provide you with a daily surf report and possible live surf updates through our Twitter Feeds. We are considering adding a phone line for call in reports with an added twist. I have to come up with the money to move in. First month, security deposit, deposit for electric ect. Got two weeks. North Florida Surfers who follow our forecast now is the time to Rally Round Yo Family With a Pocket Full of Shells. North Florida Surfers will be the ones who benefit most from this move.
KA WIT IT NOW and help us become Bulls on Parade. Please Donate we need your help. Read More Here

Update to yesterdays post. As we mentioned in yesterdays video update, models have not been reliable as of late outside of the 72 hour mark. This is common within them as the models transition into the change in seasons. Speaking of which Hurricane Season is here, and always starts with Homegrown Activity followed by the transition into Cape Verde Season in September, peak of season. The trend over the last several years has been for a call in increased homegrown activity versus those long lone distant travelers that emerge from the Herds of Cape Verde. This year is no different and we may be looking at the next opportunity for it.  Here’s a first look at the SW Carib this morning. We continue to monitor as models continue to suggest in the overnight that a piece of energy may move up and lift the seasons first tropical rains for SE States. The atmosphere operates in waves. Think of longitude lines when thinking of pattern shifts and the line moving to the East. Not suggesting that SE States will see flooding such as Texas just did but a slow moving tropical system can at times dump copious amounts of rain. Just ask Palm Beach County and South Florida residents over the last couple of years.Keep this in mind as a slow moving Tropical Depression can have the same impacts as a fast moving Tropical Storm/Hurricane. Will be able to get a better picture by late this weekend on this as the models move closer to the 72 hour forecast period.2015-05-29_075950Quick look at the buoys this morning and the Atlantic. East Canaveral showing signs of 10 second periods previously forecast. East Winds 10-15Kts ENE Groundswell 5 Feet at 10 Seconds. Paul West Bermuda Buoy seas have bumped into the 8-10 Feet range behind ENE Winds 15-20Kts. 5 foot Easterly Swell 9 seconds. Most noted is the South Bermuda showing solid ENE Groundswell 7 Feet at 10 Seconds.2015-05-29_093922Latest out of the TAFB still showing a wide Easterly Fetch of 10 second periods next 24-48 hours.2015-05-29_102624OPC for an expanded view. Check your local forecast for winds.2015-05-29_102831Latest on the front mentioned in yesterdays forecast update. GFS Flips overnight and is now showing an area of Low Pressure developing and racing off towards the NE instead of building back down the coast. Images is for Wednesday showing a lighter NE Surge than previous update. Take note of the two tan shadings one in the SE Gomex/Florida Straights and Central Bahamas. If something does lift out of the SW Carib models have hinted at two solutions. A split, either up the Florida West Coast or along the East.2015-05-29_103135TAFB 72 hour surface forecast already trying to set it up.2015-05-29_110312

Stay Tuned for the Next Update. Current Max Seas

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leftover Knee high chop this morning in Deerfield. Probably could of got a few slides out of it but it was too deep with the high tide this morning.


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Friday Morning

Good morning! More ESE wind chop in the knee high range. Winds ESE at 7 and a low tide at 1:15 PM. Go! Adios!


Tropical Storm Andres Possible Bill 1st Week of June

Pushed for time. Seasons first Tropical Storm has formed over in the EPAC. Tropical Storm ANDRES Likely to remain a Fish Storm. Last week models were showing a potential Land Fall into the Baja Peninsula.2015-05-28_104128The surface trough and Mid to Upper Level Low we have been watching is fading today.2015-05-28_093247Should be a fun Bump going into the weekend. Have not yet broken down the buoy data but will do so tonight and update. Latest out of the TAFB showing a solid swath of 10 second ENE periods impacting the coast next 72 from OBX down into Central Florida.2015-05-28_140532Will have a buoy report up later this evening so check back in for that. Models continue to hint that a possible BILL is coming up in the forecast. Will likely see the seasons first Tropical Rains coming for SE States as an area of Low pressure may try and lift Northward towards Florida. GFS for next Friday showing weak Low Pressure NE of the OBX and a Possible Depression of the Florida Coast.2015-05-28_140950More here in the latest video update. Stay Tuned.

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