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Friday Morning!

Good Morning! Flat and Calm on the Atlantic once again! Perfect Paddleboard conditions! Low Tide around 2:50 PM. Maybe some small Swell upcoast in Central Florida this weekend? Tropics?? 94L??? Maybe! Keep Praying!!! Adios! 


Thursday Morning!

Good Morning! Calm & Flat- and that’s that! Maybe some more little Sell upcoast this weekend??? Low Tide around 2:00 PM. Keep Praying for Surf!!! Adios! 


Thursday Morning Video Surf Update

This mornings update brought to you by Supreme Stucco and Plastering Inc.
Visit them at Supremestucco.com2015-07-30_071409Will have a forecast update later today. MAYBE a little ESE bump coming setting up late in the weekend. Highly dependent on on what has now become 94L INVEST near the Cape Verdes. Although NHC has placed 10% on area of spin East of NFLA it will be a non swell factor as swell generated is headed out to sea.2015-07-30_073232Stay tuned for the forecast update.

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Wednesday Morning!

Good Morning! Flat and Un-Rideable with light SW winds. Low Tide around 12:50 PM. Go for some Lobster??? Maybe some small Swell up in Central Florida again this weekend! Maybe! Keep Praying for Surf!!! Adios! 


Wednesday Morning!

Good Morning! Flat and Un-Rideable with light SW winds. Low Tide around 12:50 PM. Go for some Lobster??? Maybe some small Swell up in Central Florida again this weekend! Maybe! Keep Praying for Surf!!! Adios! 



Last dance…… last chance….. for love…..
Yes it’s our last chance…… for romance…… to-night.
Oh oh EYE knead you….. by me….beside me….. and to guide me…..
To hold me….. to scold me….. and pump up the surf so bad…..
So lets dance….. the last dance…….. to-niiiiight.

When preparing to go through our forecast progressions to start the day, we often times have songs that pop into our head. It helps us set the tone as we begin to look for any changes in the upcoming forecast from the previous day. Thought we’d share today’s setting it up with a little Donna Summer intro. It felt appropriate as we get closer to the last month of summer when the kids head back to school. So for the groms, kinda appropriate for them to, as this may be their last chance for romance at tropical swell before heading back to start the school year. St Johns starts August 10th. On a sad note,  it is looking more and more likely that two teenage boys won’t be going back to school this year. This, after the discovery of their boat off of Ponce Inlet on Sunday. There’s still hope, still a chance at finding them and the search looks to continue today into NE Florida waters. For those blessed with children, let this be a reminder to hug’em, kiss’em, squeeze’em and hold on to them tight. Cause you never know, it just may be your last chance. Very sad situation. Prayers to the families and safety to all involved in the search. 

Looks like one more shot at an area of low pressure developing off the SE U.S. Coast over the next 48-72 hours. Even if something did spin up into Danny it is unlikely to be a swell producer but more of a localized event for maybe NE Florida through the OBX or West Florida through the Pan Handle. West Florida has broken their small for all by finally scoring a multiple day run of ride-able surf. For those on the East Coast crying worse summer ever, think about how long those guys in West Florida have to wait sometimes to get something over knee to waist high.

There are two areas we continue to monitor this morning. One just off the SE Coast and over in the Eastern GOMEX near Tampa.2015-07-28_072028The one just off the GA/CAROLINA COAST, although not expecting any development has the best chance of producing some more ride-able surf over the next couple of days as it now has the most convection associated with it at this time.2015-07-28_075153Best model for this scenario last nights run of the GFS showing area of Low Pressure trying to close just East of North Florida tomorrow with a POSSIBLE GALE NNE of Bermuda. This a few days ago was the best chance for DANNY and there is a shot that it may generate a small NE groundswell that could add to the mix. Lots of variables.2015-07-28_075640Then on Friday drifting up SSE of the Bank. This needs to develop, be a tad further to the East and suck the energy out of the GOMEX in order to have any hope of larger surf in the near term say from the OBX into NE Florida. The killer has been the bottom side of the front and all the WSW flow blowing everything out to sea.2015-07-28_080151Then Saturday scooting past the OBX. Now here’s where that small NE Groundswell comes in coming from the POSSIBLE Gale. Something we will definately be paying close attention to with emphasis on SMALL. Looking at this setup the SW flow from the Northern Bahamas through Bermuda would be counter productive as the flow has been in place for weeks. The only NE Fetch was that of a few days ago from Frying Pan into Grays Reef.2015-07-28_080741If this doesn’t do it we then must look to the East for the next shot at swell and thats not looking to good either. One Bright spot is this mornings 850MB Vort showing the season is progressing with a little more spin in the atmosphere in the Eastern Atlantic.2015-07-28_052953Up until now the environment has been hostile towards any tropical development in the main development region but this maybe changing up as well as shear has lightened up a bit.2015-07-28_081954Leaving SAL as the biggest hurdle towards anything trying to develop. The hope is a wave can make it across due to less shear, get past the Islands to a more moist environment.2015-07-28_082244Keep an eye on the website for updates next 24-48 hours or follow our social media feeds for Real-Time updates on possible low development East of NFLA. If it happens will happen during this time frame. After that looks to be another extended period of small for all coming as we wait to see what these may do 10 days out from now.2015-07-28_083012


Tuesday Morning!

Good Morning! Calm, Flat and Un-Rideable. Again. Will we ever Surf again?!? Time for a Surf Trip! Fiji??? Low Tide today around 12:20 PM. Keep Praying for Surf!!! Adios! 


Tuesday Morning Surf Update

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Not much in the way of surf outback. There is a little ESE line trying to show but it’s high tide and we are 3 days on the backside of a Blue Moon. Could be a little longboard peeler as the tide backs out around 11 or so. Hope you surfed last couple of days becasue it looks like the dog days of summer will continue. Still outside chance of DANNY. Check the forecast page later this morning for the forecast update.

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