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More of the same knee to waist high swell in central PBC this morning. Really wish we were getting the swell that upcoast has been getting this week but I’ll definitely take what we got.

Hopefully with hurricane Joaquin getting into a real good swell window over the next couple of days we’ll score some chunky surf soon.

Wednesday Morning 

Good Morning! More Ankle High plus North swell lines. Breaking near shore. Barely rideable. Just go Upcoast!!! Light NW winds wit a High Tide around 10:40 AM. Tropics??? Keep Praying!!! Adios! 


Wednesday Morning 

Good Morning! More Ankle High plus North swell lines. Breaking near shore. Barely rideable. Just go Upcoast!!! Light NW winds wit a High Tide around 10:40 AM. Tropics??? Keep Praying!!! Adios! 


Wednesday Morning Surf Update

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Surf outback yet to fill  this morning. Looks to be about waist to chest. Winds are offshore but once again its a funky break.2015-09-30_073910Long wait between sets and the swell looks to be non existent at times. Right tide location could be super fun as the swell should fill in through the day.2015-09-30_073900Central Florida South is banging as East Canaveral Buoy now 10 FEET 11 seconds out of the East 2015-09-30_074058
And Grays Reef showing  3-4 at 112015-09-30_074232
Did not get a chance to do a forecast update but will have one today.
Last nights run og the GFS one of many more to come. Image is for Sunday.
Again one run of many. Impacts would be devastating. It is not the storm but the storm surge.
With a 986MB NATLC Storm off  Newfoundland, Hurricane WAH-KEEN into the Mid-Atlantic with Here I am Ex-EYE-DUH stuck in the middle with two thats a lot of Ocean Swell. You can now see the reason for the call of a POSSIBLE Major Swell Event Coming we started announcing last week.
Thats an AMAZING fetch of NE GROUNDSWELL coming from NATLC STORM with West SW Winds blowing over Florida.2015-09-30_062955

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Tuesday Morning!

Good Morning! Ankle High plus North swell. Go North my Friend! Go North!!! Light NW winds with a High Tid around  9:50 AM. Late? Tomorrow?? Tropics??? We’ll see!! Keep Praying!!! Adios!  



Small but fun longboard waves again this morning in Central PBC. I guess all the size was north of the Bahamas blockage. Wish I had time to get up there the past couple of days. Heard it was  some of the best that Florida has seen in a while.

Here are some shots that Ben Hicks took this morning before I got to the beach! Sick Sunrise shots! Thanks Ben!

A morning in Delray Beach.

This morning I had about an hour to get some shooting in before heading off to shoot another project.  Nice warm water, awesome sunrise and no bumping by any big fish!

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Tuesday Morning Surf Video Update

Here’s your Tuesday Morning Surf video update brought to you by Sliders Seafood and Grill, Neptune Beach2015-09-20_072959
Not impressed at all out back this morning. Based on what Central Florida South has been getting and what the buoys are showing somehow some way either the swell has not filled in here yet or some mis-direction has worked into it with the development of what has become Tropical Storm WAH-KEEN in the overnight East of the Bahamas. Click Image for larger view as active phase continues with models continuing to setup a POSSIBLE Major Swell Event starting with developing GALE out towards the N-Cent-ATLC.2015-09-29_073008Don’t get me wrong there is swell in the water about waist high tad larger with some long wait outside sets around shoulder high. Was bigger last night before dark.2015-09-29_081747Winds were out of the East maybe NE light with a light chop on the water. Mostly dumping on the inside as tide is going full2015-09-29_081814
Here’s this morning video stay tuned for the next forecast update on WAH-KEEN and the GALE Developing. Swell models continue to show a building NE Groundswell to start the process. Stay Tuned to the forecast page2015-09-29_082552

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Scored some fun ones in central PBC this morning. Even with the super high tide there were some fun ones on the log. Hoping for the same tomorrow morning!!!

Active Phase POSSIBLE Major Swell Event Coming

Sorry for the NON forecast updates as of late. We’ve been experiencing website issues but we are back up and running now. We are currently in an active phase this side of the Northern Hemi with lots of activity on the board. Models have been hinting at a Major Swell Event setting up in the Atlantic in the upcoming forecast period. Start the update over in the GULF with 99L INVEST Upper Level Low (ULL) near Texas that has been trying to work towards the surface. May get an INVEST out of this and Tropical Storm MARTY in the EPAC.2015-09-28_125225
ULL dragging up tropical moisture into the Bay of C connecting down to Tropical Storm MARTY expected to become Hurricane MARTY next couple of days. Then there is 99L INVEST North of the Eastern tip of the YUKE. This is moving towards the Florida Pan Handle and both features look to produce a round of surf for standout locations along the Florida Pan Handle and an outside shot coming for West Florida.  Still lots of uncertainty in the forecast about other areas of Low Pressure in and around the Gulf up coming forecast period. We will continue to monitor the latest model runs and will do a separate GOMEX Update next couple of days if necessary. For now catch what you can. Not the tropical storm that models were suggesting last week but at least something for you to ride with hope for the future as pattern setup for repeat performance so stay tuned in for that.2015-09-28_130311 The Big News is over on the Atlantic side as we now have TD #11 forecast to become Tropical Storm JOAQUIN (WAH-KEEN)2015-09-28_132016Then on top of that there is Ex-IDA (EYE-DUH) both have an outside shot at development.2015-09-28_132430Then there is what is happening in Real-Time and what could ultimately lead to a Major Swell Event. Keep in mind we do our best to provide you with the most optimistic forecast we can. GALE Forecast to develop near the AZORES next 72 hours.2015-09-28_133159NE Groundswell already showing in the latest 96hr swell forecast out of the OPC2015-09-28_095008This would be behind already large swell in the water now. Latest out of the TAFB 24-48hr wind wave showing wide area seas in excess 10 Feet. With TD #11 Expected to become Tropical Storm and seas increasing to excess 15 Feet with this system.2015-09-28_133832Indicator Buoys are banging already. Paul West Bermuda 7-10 Feet 11 seconds.2015-09-28_134554
NE Bahamas  8 FEET 11 seconds
And the South Bermuda Buoy  10 FEET 11 Seconds.2015-09-28_134329
All this setting up PR with the first Large Swell of the season. Also can’t forget our followers along the Mid-Atlantic as a Mid-Atlantic GALE now forecast. Latest surface forecast out of the OPC ahowing most of the Mid-Atlantic under coastal storm conditions behind NE winds 35-40Kts this weekend.2015-09-28_070644We are waiting to analyze the 12Z run of the EURO. Heres last nights run for Saturday showing POSSIBLE WAH-KEEN N of the OBX SSW of New England and the remnants or partial remnants of Ex-IDA fired back up.
2015-09-28_064602Needless to say I think you get the gist of active phase.

Forecaster note for those entered in the Salt Life Big Wave Challenge. There is a couple of shots at having an named system in the Atlantic as your qualifier according to the Image of the EURO above. The thing we will be looking for in this next run of the EURO (Out about 3:30 is the Black circle over NE Florida into Georgia and the area of Low pressure in the Bahamas. Lots of time to watch stay tuned for the next update. Click the image for Official Contest Info.


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