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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Spooky sunrise surf in Lauderdale by the Sea at the BC Skim Scare.

Low Moving Out of Texas Towards the OBX

We apologize for the non post as of late. We have begun monitoring for an area of Low Pressure forecast to move out from Texas across the Southern States and up towards and off the OBX during the upcoming forecast period. This is the time of year we go into reverse from Tropical Season. Instead of watching Lows cross the Atlantic from East to West we now watch them move across the U.S. and out into the Atlantic. Think Lows moving across Afrika into the Atlantic but in reverse. You have to wait to see them get over water to see how they setup and pay close attention to the models inside of 96 Hours. IR from earlier this morning.2015-10-30_083858Latest 72-96 hour surface forecast out of the OPC showing a slight Southerly track to just South of the OBX before drifting out away from the coast a bit.2015-10-30_094835Latest wind forecast setting it up Monday into Tuesday just ESE of the OBX with a decent fetch of NE winds that could help produce a POSSIBLE Fun Surf Alert coming. Remember nothing in weather is absolute until it happens in Real-Time.2015-10-30_112552This low prior to hitting the Atlantic should also provide a decent Southerly suckup for North Gulf waters. Latest out of the National Hurricane Center showing seas increasing along the Texas coast to 10 feet next 24.2015-10-30_121356And the Southerly fetch rotating into the Florida Pan Handle next 48 seas 4-6 Feet.2015-10-30_121540Long term going into the second week of November back to back runs of the GFS continues to suggest a late season Tropical Cyclone NE of PR. The EURO is just starting to hint at it again long ways out but the pattern is setting up for the possibility.2015-10-30_114624This will likely move up out of the Southern Caribbean and is not the Tropical Wave currently West of the Cape Verdes. NHC currently giving that system a 10% chance of development next 5 days.2015-10-30_122612
Stay tuned for the next update. We will be stepping them up over the weekend so be sure to check back for the very latest.

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Friday Morning!

Good Morning! It’s FRIDAY!!! Small Ankle High swell trace out of the North. BARELY Long-Boadable. Light NW winds with a High Tide around 11:10 AM. Better Upcoast? Next week?? Ever??? We’ll see. Keep Praying!!! Adios! 



Fun morning up coast with some much needed clean swell. We couldn’t resist getting into the holiday spirit with Halloween quickly approaching.

Thursday Morning!

Good Morning! Ankle to Knee High South well leftovers. High Tidey and breaking near shore. Good for a Paddle or a Skim. Go Upcoast!!! I heard some good reports. Light NW winds here with a High Tide around 10:20 AM. Next week? We’ll see. Keep Praying for Surf!!! Adios! 



Looks like the last day for small chop before the winds go offshore. There should be some rideable surf with good winds tomorrow North of the Bahamas blockage as this front pushes thru. NWS is call for moderate east winds for the weekend down here in the 10 to 15 knot range. Hopefully enough to give us some longboardable surf for Halloween.

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Tuesday Morning!

Good Morning! Knee to Thigh High plus SE wind swell. Super High Tidey and barely Surfable. Better later??? SE winds at 10-15+ with a High Tide around 9:30 AM. Looks like this might hang around for a while! We’ll see! Keep Praying!!! Adios! 


Morning Morning!

Good Morning! More ESE wind swell! Knee to Waist High plus and High Tidey. Probably better this afternoon. ESE winds at 10-15+ with a Low Tide around 1:50 PM. Tomorrow? We’ll see. Keep Praying!!! Adios! 



Another day of knee to waist high windchop today in South Florida. looks like we might have another couple of days of small chop before the winds go offshore and it goes flat down here. Thursday might be a good day for clean longboard surf upcoast. It’s been a nice run of windchop down here but I’m ready for something clean.