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GULF Update TD 9 Soon to Be HER-MEEN

This update effective 6:00 AM August 30th 2016
Updates will be added through out the day bottom of the post. When visiting this website any thing that is in loop mode ALWAYS VERIFY date stamp and time Black Bar of the image.


Alright GOMEX Fans here we go. Few days ago people were laughing at a lone thunderstorm over the Island of Inagua as 99L invest passed.2016-08-25_192110
First look at TD 9 just NW of the Western Tip of Cuba. So take a look at me now there’s just an empty space. Phil Collins. Looks like HER-MEEN2016-08-30_045812
Latest 24 hour surface out of the National Hurricane Center. Subscribers are reminded forecast subject to change. At this time no real change in past forecast track.2016-08-30_05583272HR Surface has HERMEEN over NE Florida and exiting the coast.2016-08-30_060309
Heres the current winds. Easterly Flow over Central GOMEX2016-08-30_061857Pan Handle Surfers I might be coming. Heres that YUKE Channel Swell Event setting up we advertised. Still some uncertainty however models back on overnight on stronger Easterly Trade flow developing. If winds as depicted in this image can sustain for a long period of time this can create a Yucatan Channel Swell Event. The water has to go some where. Image for Thursday.2016-08-30_062508Heres the North Gulf for Thursday. OP CHORES ES COMING !!!!! Hope you got your chores done.


We will be adding updates to the bottom of this post. Check for UPDATE in RED BOLD coming for notification again always verify time and date stamps located in the black bar or refresh page after 10 minutes. As of this update. MAX SEAS forecast 15 Feet first Pan Handle next 48 then another 15 MAX just off Tampa.

Stay Tuned

Major Hurricane GASTON TD#8 and 9


Heres the latest video update. Gulf of Mexico surfers. We will be doing a separate wind and swell forecast for you later this afternoon. East Coast we will be adding still images and updates yo this post. Pay attention to the top of the post for “UPDATES BOTTOM OF THE POST” when revisiting the website.

Best watched in full screen




24HR NOAA Swell forecast


Start you off with NEWLY tagged 92L INVEST in the East Atlantic. This was referenced at the end of the video update above. If you didn’t watch the video watch it before you go any further. Latest run of the EURO has it clipping NE Caribbean as a small storm at +168. Lots of time to watch over the next several days and is one run. It has obstacles first up SAL. However because it has such a large over all footprint it will help offset the layer, HOPEFULLY2016-08-29_195312Heres a zoomed in look at that. Again there are obstacles.2016-08-29_21125112Z EURO +168 ONE RUN GUYS !!! No need to go any further than this at the moment. Image is for next Monday Labor Day. Hopefully offshore after everybody goes back to work 🙂 This is the system moving out of the Gulf over NE Florida past the Banks. 12Z GFS has it currently as a Coastal Runner with incoming Tropical Storm clipping the NE Caribbean. Again one run GFS shows diffrent. Lots of time to watch.2016-08-29_213037GOMEX FANS I promise I will have a more detailed look for you in the morning first thing. Latest out of the Hurricane Center showing MAX SEAS Tropical Storm 9 12-15 FEET next 48-72 hours.2016-08-29_170736
OBX FANS here you go. NOAA OPC showing Seas increasing 22 FEET next 24 Tropical Storm 8 With offshores coming. Tropical Storm Warnings now in effect. 2016-08-29_214124
Stay tuned as we will likely cut another video again tomorrow.

Video Update on 99L INVEST GASTON and Swell Forecast

Heres the latest update on 99L Invest we will be adding updates with still images to this post so please check back for the updates. Lots of uncertainty remains in the upcoming forecast.

UPDATE on Tropical Storm GASTON Forecast to Become ATLC 3rd Hurricane

Heres is the latest update on Tropical Storm GASTON. GASTON now with 55KT winds and strengthening. Forecast is for GASTON to become a Hurricane possibly a Major. No threat to land at this time but a Major Swell producer The East Atlantic has become quite active over the last week or so and the action doesn’t look to stop as we should have 91L INVEST moving off the Afrikan Coast in about 4-5 days. As pictured, 99L INVEST far Left, Tropical Storm Gaston just West of the Afrikan Coast, with two more tropical waves from the Afrikan Wave Train station preparing for departure. It is the one in the right hand portion of the image that should eventually become 91L INVEST.2016-08-23_071717
GASTON to the Right of me 99 to the Left here I am stuck in the middle with you. 99L Possible HERMINE likley to get stuck in the middle of GASTON Swell arriving on U.S. Shorelines. SEE the most recent update on 99L on the forecast page.2016-08-23_122303Changes in the swell forecast map from our last update on GASTON. Along with cooler temps it is nice to see Fall Colors return to the swell forecast map. 15-18 second Southeast Groundswell developing rotating to E and NE as GASTON comes out of the hole.2016-08-23_123343Seas increasing to 30-35 FEET next 72-96 hours likely excess 40 and qualifies as a Major Swell Event. Seas in excess of 25 Feet in long period swell. Looking back up at the swell image it is less than 2 day travel time for the swell to arrive at the coast because of the speed it is traveling of.2016-08-23_123655This means swell arrival around the 29th next Monday. If we follow the EURO in this post as with our update this morning on 99L INVEST SEE that post for more detail. This is what Sunday looks like. Again for those who follow this is ONE RUN  but inside of 7 days.2016-08-23_124254
Will leave you there with it due to all the uncertainties with 99L INVEST the Remnants of FIONA and the dying front. SEE Quick Update 99L INVEST for more info.


Stay Tuned for the next update

Quick Update 99L INVEST

We are now entering the Real-Time Phase of the possible development of a Tropical Cyclone off the SE U.S. Coast during the upcoming forecast period. We here at “CAN NOT” tell you exactly what is about to unfold, no one can. Key Phrases “Nothing in Weather Absolute Until it Happens In Real-Time” and “Forecast Subject to Change: The uniqueness of this pattern that is developing makes it hard to predict the eventual outcome of the tropical system we are monitoring designated by the National Hurricane Center as 99L INVEST. In the event a Tropical Cyclone Develops during the upcoming forecast period, please consult the National Hurricane Center at for “ALL Official Watches and Warnings.” If Watches or Warnings are issued for your location, please heed the advice of all local and county management officials. Make NO decisions for you or your family on life limb or property based on anything you see or appears on this website.

Update Effective 11:30 AM August 23rd 2016

Ok, Air-force Reserve Hurricane Hunter Aircraft have begun their recon mission into 99L INVEST. The system is quite remarkably different from 24 hours ago with nice convective flare.
2016-08-23_101242We have begin focusing our observations over Florida where models continue to suggest a Tropical cyclone is coming. This pattern posses a serious threat to Florida and is the first serious threat of the 2016 season. Folks you just witnessed in Baton Rouge it doesn’t take a named system to create pain and financial loss. Set this up for you. One, always watch tail ends of fronts or along stalled or dying fronts for an area of Low pressure to develop during tropical season. What you see near the OBX is sinking towards the SW. Tail end of front in the Bahamas with the remnants of FIONA to the East. FIONA is officially dead by the NHC.2016-08-23_105358The Interaction may play a part over the coming days in reference to 99L INVEST and or setting up extremely dangerous maritime weather. All Mariners with travel plans through this region should rething the travel plans based on the latest marine forecast out of the Tropical Atlantic Forecast Branch. Latest NOAA surface setting it up. Mind you 99L INVEST is still incoming.2016-08-23_114135Giving you a zoomed out view of the region.2016-08-23_092013This next image I’m going to share with you is last nights run of the EURO. It is one run and will change. I by no way no means am suggesting that this is the exact outcome. I present it as a possibility. Image is for next Monday inside of 7 days
00Z EURO +144
2016-08-23_092251I’m gunna repost the first image again so you can see top to bottom. Look at the Bahamas now Look at the EURO above. Coincedence ? Keep in mind while looking at the image the atmosphere is fluid and always in motion. I’m just trying to put 2 and 2 together. In this case maybe 3. 2016-08-23_105358Again ONE RUN of many. More updates to come.

How bout this for a phrase. Sometimes in weather history repeats itself. The last August Hurricane to make landfall in Florida. Hurricane Katrina (2005) Also 99L INVEST. Stay Tuned for the next update. Follow us on our social feeds for Real-Time info.2016-08-23_095014



This update effective around 1PM. In the world of forever changing forecast 99L INVEST starting to become a problem. Start you off with a long range wind forecast. Mind you we are doing our best not to post images outside of 7 days where model confidence DECREASES. Sometimes you cant help it though. Image is for next Monday a week out and is not good. Well…for some yes, others no. At least the Indian River may get a clean up set and may be the best hope of trying to restore livable water for marine life. The worst would be more fresh rain water dumping on the Okeechobee. This will not be a good boating day needless to say day for surfing for anyone thinking of traveling to surf. Gotta wait for the cleanup here as well. Models continue to indicate along with visual satellite imagery the likely hood of a moderate to strong tropical feature moving into the Bahamas then North towards Florida over the next 5-7 days is increasing. In the image 99 located just off SOFLO with GASTON well SE of Bermuda. We need to wait to see what the afternoon model runs do before we feel confidant enough to do a tube video but didn’t want to leave you hanging. This should put us inside of 7 days vs Real-Time Event. If image below was to verify, thats seas likely EXCESS 30-35 Feet, ESE Swell Hurricane GASTON, An UN-believable NE Fetch sweeping down from Nova Scotia down into North Florida with a GRINDER trying to setup off the South Florida Coast. AT THE MOMENT tops Low end tropical storm. Thats based off last nights run of the EURO and the model put a little more emphasis on spin. Most it has verses any previos run in dealling with 99L invest. Weight and Sea.2016-08-22_111953
For now lets take a look at the now cast. For those unaware the East Canaveral Buoy has gone adrift. This means in addition to loosing Canaveral there is No East Hatteras, No Onslow Bay, and No Edisto. Kinda hard to track swell we you can see it on the buoys. St Martins Buoy as of report time reporting winds less than 10Kts 5 Feet East swell 10-12 seconds with first round of tropical swell in bound to South Bermuda Buoy. Image is current winds as of this post.2016-08-22_114940Latest 96HR wind wave forecast out of NOAA OPC showing seas associated with Likely 3rd Hurricane 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season GASTON. Seas increasing 8 Meters, Excess 25 FEET next 96 in long period SE-ESE groundswell developing. 3 Meters, Excess 10 FEET coming out of the Bahamas towards the Florida Coast. This is for days. Go back to the top and go look at 7 days out. Will help you understand the Red Arrows in this one. If the storm (if develops) moves off towards the NE and can get away from the coast while intensifying, the NE wrap from already established NE fetch North of the OBX would be insane. Lots of time to watch. 2016-08-22_052606
Latest NOAA 24HR Swell Forecast showing some 12-13 second swell periods  Combination of the 3 features. You can see developing Northerly wind swell off the Mid-Atlantic and NE swell from previous North Atlantic Low cutting into the backside of ESE Swell but at least theres waves on the way as Northerly flow now kicking in on the Nantucket Buoy, NW 15-20KTS, Long Island, NW 20-25Kts all the way down into Diamond Shoals OBX currently reporting North winds 15-20KTS.2016-08-22_122647
Latest NOAA Swell forecast showing 15-18 second SSE-ESE swell developing. This map although does not look all that impressive its fixing to change colors over the next couple of runs.2016-08-22_122111
Visible 99L


You can see 99 looks sparky and the wild card it spin up quicker than anticipated and then could be a whole different ball game once in the Bahamas. Definitely a system all residents central Bahamas through Florida should closely monitor stay tuned for the update.


Here’s an update to this post. As advertised above, the swell forecast map is changing color. Latest 96HR NOAA Swell forecast showing 15-18 second ESE Groundswell developing out of what has now become TD#7. TD 7 On its way to Tropical Storm GASTON then on to the 3rd Hurricane of the 2016 Season. GASTON Possibly become seasons first MAJOR Hurricane later on down the road. As before no threat to land at this time as GASTON looks to remain out to sea.
2016-08-22_210917Latest NOAA 96HR Wind Wave Forecast as called in the earlier update seas increasing 30-35 FEET over the next 4-5 days with 35-40+ likely at peak intensity. Image is in meters. Now take note. If you look at the image used in this mornings update gone is the 10-12 FEET coming out of the Bahamas. This is because NOAA is currently following the GFS which has completely backed off any development of 99L INVEST over the last two runs.2016-08-22_210813Now I know we said up thread we were going to try and stay in a 7 day window but I’m trying to find the right image with the best winds. This is 9 days. This would give time for 99L to either develop or get out of the way. At this point non development would be better in the Bahamas. In this image Florida Got Da Oranges Jersey Gets Da Juice. One run long ways out.2016-08-22_212818What is certain at the moment is soon to be GASTON. Best looking feature season to date with two more waves getting ready to exit the Afrikan Coast. Should see 91L INVEST in about 4-5 Days. If we don’t see HERMINE in the Bahamas or Florida Coast will see him right here in about 7 days.2016-08-22_215853Going back to the very first image up the post and the NE Blow. GFS is still on with that same setup. The lightest or offshore winds I could find would be in the image posted above for Wednesday. Obviously that far out things could change especially if 99L INVEST does develop. To see what 99L looks like this evening scroll back up to the animated loops. Rule of thumb always verify date and time stamp to ensure latest images. If unsure refresh the page. We will be back tomorrow with another update.

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Stay Tuned to the forecast

NEWLY Tagged 90L INVEST Latest on 99L FIONA Naked and Afraid

Morning everyone sorry for the delay. After showing a massive hurricane on either side of the Florida Coast the last several days from what is currently 99L INVEST, (I’m sure everyone has seen the images by now) some shifts out in the Atlantic changed all that yesterday and the reason we decided to delay an update for 24 hours. The GFS has backed away from this scenario with 99L but 99 may play a role further down the road in about 10 days East of the Florida Coast. The previous call for NE Blow working its way down the Eastern Seaboard still on. All zones showing NE Winds developing next 72 15-20KTS seas increasing 10-12 Feet East of the OBX next 96. Follow us on our social feeds for Real-Time updates.

Start you off with FIONA, naked and afraid. “Naked”, “No Clothes” and “Exposed” are all meteorological slang for tropical systems as they degenerate to non or Ex status. “Naked” means the center of rotation is clearly visible because of the loss of convection. “Afraid” because sometimes afterwards they can go and hide. Its the sometimes when they come out of hiding is when you can go back to having issues. This is the first visible of the day, FIONA, “Naked and Afraid.”
If you look closely (left hand portion of the image) you can see “Dark Shadows” from the sun rising to the East, hitting the cloud tops casting linear lines of shadows to the West. Keeping in theme, who remembers the popular TV show called Dark Shadows ? We will come back to FIONA later down in the post. As of right now, as advertised, a non factor as a swell producer for the U.S. Coast unless some regeneration occurs. St Martins Buoy as of 8:30 AM only showing 3 foot of swell height out of the NNE, South Bermuda only showing 3 foot as well. So not much out of this system, For all who HEAR Tropical Storm and immediately associate it with surf coming, It don’t work that way.
Why we watch you follow @DaBuh2016-08-21_065414Next up 99L INVEST. National Hurricane Center is DECREASING chances of development. Thats FIONA in the upper portion of the image. If you are a Real-Time tracker and you watch longer loops, the area on the 15 line was/is the main center of rotation for 99L. GFS along with most all other models had this rotation further South below the 15 line. It appeared yesterday that this spun out of the broad area of low pressure and took a more WNW track towards 15 instead of dropping below. Thats why 12Z GFS dropped the massive hurricane on either side of Florida in our opinion. As a Tropical Wave, basically, you have the main wave axis South of 15 with the Northern Extension of the wave on the 15 line. As of right now it appears the Islands will only experience just some squally weather similar to the vigorous tropical wave, “97L”  the Islands experienced a few weeks ago. Nothing alarming mind you this could change. Main impacts expected Wednesday through Thursday. 20-25Kt winds higher gust in any T-Storms that may develop. This too could play in a larger roll once in the Bahamas. More on that below.2016-08-21_054856Next up 90L INVEST off the Afrikan Coast. This is the Real Deal Holyfield. 90L likely to become the 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Seasons 3rd Hurricane, possibly a MAJOR. National Hurricane Center increasing the odds of development as of the 8AM  currently 90% chance next 5 days. Our current call is for Tropical Storm GASTON in 72, Hurricane GASTON next 96 (Thursday) intensifying to a MAJOR Hurricane however remaining OTS. At this time no threat to land but again this could change down the road. It will be GASTON that will produce seas in excess of 30 FEET getting what should be a solid swell going giving chance at the first pics for this years Salt Life Food Shack “Big Wave Challenge”. One surfer One Photographer One Picture biggest wave ridden. See for details follow for the forecast.2016-08-21_060303So heres last nights run of the EURO. Mind you the EURO has been a stand alone model from the beginning on 99L INVEST and the GFS has now bowed before the EURO and both models in the overnight come into fair agreement over the next 10 days. Image is for next Sunday. Mind you NE Blow next 4-5 days to get some wind swell action going. Should get down all the way into SOFLO.
What you see East of Florida is comprised of, remnant FIONA, remnant 99L INVEST and a piece of frontal Low energy from the front.  1014 Ex-FIONA, below that remnant 99L Southern Bahamas and Frontal Low South Florida Coast.
2016-08-21_062835This is the EURO at day 10. Essentially what the model suggest is that GASTON will quickly pull up North leaving behind the trop energy off the Florida Coast. Look over at AFRIKA 91L ? Now back over towards Florida. Notice how I stacked that down into the Southern Caribbean. 2016-08-21_072543Used this image 4 days ago as a past track of a hurricane and the reasonning for using it as a possible coastal runner coming. Sometimes models show you whats coming way to soon. Kinda like expecting swell to show up one day but actually shows up two days later than expected. Compare both images.2016-08-21_073002Big Picture. All that you see East of the Islands is coming WNW the front is there. Rule of thumb during Tropical Season always watch tail ends of fronts or along stalled or dying fronts for an area of Low Pressure to develop.2016-08-21_062221GFS at 10 Days2016-08-21_071136
EURO at 10 Days2016-08-21_070743This is what we call “Models Coming into Agreement” As for exact outcome, Weight and Sea.
Subscribers are reminded nothing in weather absolute until it happens in Real-Time.
Latest out of NOAA OPC 96HR wind wave forecast. We will be stepping up our updates this week. Mind you updates will likely come in the evening hours as during the day we will be conducting water quality checks and in the field forecast verification. As advertised period of elevated seas coming for Atlantic waters. Seas increasing 10-12 Feet in NE wind swell East of the OBX. Seas 10-12 Feet associated Post Tropical Fiona and LOOK OUT BELOW Seas increasing 12-15 FEET ESE swell developing from soon to be GASTON with Max Seas likely Excess 30 Feet. Image in meters.2016-08-21_092108Latest 96HR NOAA Swell forecast. Keep in mind that although the image shows 12-13 second ESE Swell along the Eastern Sea Board, 1 its small 2 it aint for everybody as NE blow drowns it. Trace NE wind swell in the image East of OBX down into Florida. But here it comes East of 502016-08-21_092807

Atlantic Wide

Will do a video update this afternoon after the PM Models come out for an update on NE Blow coming and updated tropical outlook. Stay Tuned.

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99L INVEST 90L ? FIONA and the Salt Life Big Wave Challenge

So some interesting developments with this afternoons model runs. I know everyone is getting excited about upcoming surf. The 2016 Salt Life Big Wave Challenge is on. The upcoming forecast looks to provide a chance to get the first pics for the 2016 Contest. Click the image below for terms and conditions and entry form and remember, Get Shacked at the Shack….Salt Life Food Shack.
Jacksonville Beach and St Augustine.

Gonna start you off with the latest NOAA OPC 96HR Surface Forecast. High pressure forecast to move into the Mid-Atlantic region behind the front around Sunday into Monday this will get some NNE Flow going all the way down into Florida as the week progresses with 1 little 2 little 3 little Indians associated with Ex-Tropical Storm FIONA. Image is for Tuesday.2016-08-19_152500NOAA OPC 96HR Swell Forecast. You can see FIONA did create some small ESE 10-12 second swell periods but as we discussed in previous updates the Northerly would likely drown it out. FIONA was/is a small storm with limited area of winds 35-40KTS with no real fetch to speak of. NEW NNE wind swell developing along the Eastern Seaboard. If you look behind the FIONA swell you can see swell direction turns back NE.2016-08-19_153754Latest winds forecast for Tuesday showing NNE winds 10-15Kts right now looks like max seas 5-8 feet of the Mid-Atlantic.2016-08-19_154107Wednesday into Thursday is where things look to get interesting. Image is for Thursday with what is currently 99L INVEST moving WNW under PR with what should be 90L INVEST by tomorrow trailing behind. Notice light NE winds from OBX into Florida. If the model verifies on Thursday front runners from what should be Tropical Storm GASTON and the INVEST or Possible TD trailing behind should start arriving along the U.S. Coast with NE states getting a taste of FIONA.2016-08-19_154230I say if the model verifies. The one hold out is the famed EURO model which. Hard once again shows nothing coming from 99L. Hard to believe when all other models are fairly adamant that a storm is coming. PLEASE TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. It is important to remember not to focus on one single model run or a single image but to recognize the pattern and the possibilities. As noted in our previous updates and in our latest video the Island of Hispaniola is none as a storm killer. Looking at the image above the center of 99/GASTON looks to go right over the top of it where the high mountanios terrain can destroy or disrupt the circulation center. Image is the 12Z GFS for 10 days. Again one run of many more to come. The GFS is not the only model that has shifted West today and is not the only one showing a Hurricane coming.2016-08-19_130635We are gonna leave it right here for now do to uncertainties past Thursday mentioned above. Thursday puts us within a 7 day window where confidence in models increases.
Visible 99L INVEST

IR RAINBOW you can see most of convection is gone at the time of this update 4:40 PM EST on Friday. This is because of the system bumping into an area of moderate shear.

Stay tuned and check back for additional updates. Will post them here later tonight if necessary along with possibly another youtube video. Stay Tuned.

98L INVEST Upgrade to Tropical Storm FIONA Coming

Here we go guys. Real-Time Phase of Tropical  Storm developing and an increase in tropical activity coming over the next couple of weeks as we head into September. If you’ve been following along on our social feeds, you know that a couple of weeks ago we saw signs of the reemergence of the Afrikan Wave train coming and an increase in tropical activity. Well, here it is. 98L INVEST expected to become Tropical Storm FIONA at the 11 AM Update in about an hour. This post effective around 10 AM.
Real-Time Loop Always verify date and time stamp located in the black bar.
There are some uncertainties with the eventual track an outcome of this system. GFS and EURO split overnight. GFS keeps it a fish storm and non swell producer and EURO sends her NE of PR but dissipates back to TD. This would be the better solution for surf along the East coast. I hate to be a downer, but right now the negatives out weigh the positives as far as surf. First, that Massive Low that was over Hudson Bay that re-intensified and stormed out near Greenland a few days ago has created a far reaching Northerly Swell component. Latest NOAA 24hr swell forecast. Any ESE created from FIONA will have a tough time going against the grain. Mind you Northerly swell will continue to push South into the 48 hour mark. The positive at the moment is notice the arrow direction change right at the 30 line but dont confuse it with the periods. Although the arrows are pointing out of the SSE the Northerly Swell looks to drown out the SSE UNLESS……. EURO is right and system gets NE of PR. Weight and Sea.2016-08-17_094030The better chance for swell along the U.S. Eastcoast looks to come from what should be 99L INVEST moving off the Afrikan Coast next 24 hours or so. Again the models flip on this as well. GFS takes a West-NW track all the way across and EURO keeps it OTS (Out to Sea) and a Fish Storm.2016-08-17_064011Needless to say its why we have been hesitant in doing a website update. Either way we are entering an active phase in the Atlantic as we head towards the climatological peak of Hurricane Season, September 10th. Take note of this pattern. This is this mornings imagery. Although nothing will develop now, we will likely see this same pattern again 1st week in September. This type of pattern can suckup Low pressure out of the Caribbean up and over over Cuba and into the Bahamas as developing tropical system.2016-08-17_084150I wont name the storm or the year or I’ll get accused of Hype but this is what it looks like in track. This pattern repeats itself through the back-end of the season.2016-08-17_084652More on this coming up gonna be a long 10 days coming and uncertainties remain. Right now we are leaning towards the EURO with a more Western track which would ultimately open up some ESE swell once North of PR and the combination of what looks to be GASTON trailing. Image is for next Tuesday and now you can see why there are better opportunities with the second system and why we say tropical waves are just like as in surfing. A true surfer never takes the first wave in the set unless its a cleanup.2016-08-17_052735The sets are starting to stack up.2016-08-17_100939We will be stepping up forecast updates here on the site. Youtube video coming. Follow us on our social feeds for Real-Time updates. Tell All U Frens Mo Frens Mo Betta. Stay Tuned.

The slight convective outburst NE of PR as of 10AM is associated with a Westward moving tropical wave. This is helping to enhance Easterly flow over the top of St Martins Buoy currently East winds 15-20Kts into the South Bermuda Buoy as it moves West. This should aid in the SMALL Easterly bump coming. Now Picture FIONA there in a few days and cross your fingers.

Here was this mornings first visible and why in our opinion FIONA to take a more Westward track.2016-08-17_074158
Stay tuned



Fun little waves in St. Lucie County this morning. Winds were on it a bit but we did manage to get a few fun thigh to waist high waves out of it.


iws mark richard's sumer tour

To say we are excited for the Mark Richard’s East Coast tour would be a complete understatement. It’s not every day that surfing icons walk into your shop, but on August 15th we will have 2 of the biggest influencers of our industry with us for the night.

Quiksilver CEO Bob Mcknight and legendary board shaper Mark Richards will be grillin and chilling with us on Monday August 15th at IWS.

Come check out a video of MR, then hear Bob chat with him on then, now and whats ahead. Grab a picture with the legends, hang with local surfboard enthusiasts, eat some grub, drink some craft beer and remind yourself why we love this sport as much as we do.