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Fun SE windchop this morning in Boca. Tide had it a little funky but there were some nugs to be had. This afternoon should be fun with the incoming tide push. Get it before it’s gone. The winds are forecast to back off and go offshore tomorrow.

4:30 Boardroom Bar 3rd annual toys in the sun run

15300694_10211277086224539_837545368_n4:30 Boardroom Bar 3rd Annual Toys In The Sun Run

Car & bike show 5 trophies 8pm to 12am check flyer for details

4:30 Boardroom Bar 3343 NE 32st Ft. Laud

T-Minus 5 Days Official End 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season

Hey whats up everybody. Happy belated Thanksgiving. We will likely be stepping up updates through the weekend so stay tuned to the site and our social feeds. Looks like pattern shift coming in the near term behind some shifting High Pressure and a moderate to strong Southerly return flow setting up North Gulf Coast with possible Surf Alert conditions. Image is for Monday. Seas forecast Double Digit North Central Gulf of Mexico and could see seas as high as 15 Feet. Current Max is 12.2016-11-25_125042
Here’s a video update. Did not get to point out all that we wanted to so just go with it for now. Still a little foggy after yesterdays fiesta. Possible First Hurricane Force Low of the season for NW Atlantic waters. Lots of uncertainty past day 7 but the players are on the board. Stay tuned for updates.
This is the GFS for Wednesday something we will be watching for as a possible shot at PAHL-LUH
Stay Tuned



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Flat conditions this morning in Pompano. The winds are forecast to come onshore and give us some small windchop over the next few days.

Here’s a few shots from yesterday morning in Central PBC.


Flawless Beach day with the offshore winds this morning. No waves to speak of but a perfect day to go dive, fish or SUP! High pressure is forecast to fill in and bring some onshore winds for the next few days. We should get some rideable chop out of it.

Looks like we have a real cold front coming this weekend giving us a chance for the first bounce swell of the season on Sunday. Might be time to break out some rubber …they’re forecasting it to be cold Sunday morning.

Here’s a few shots from St. Lucie County this past weekend.

Newly Tagged 90L INVEST GALE E of Mid-Atlc

11:30 AM EST
FRIDAY NOV 18th 2016

Pushed for time. Latest 96HR NOAA OPC Swell forecast showing 8-10 Second NE Groundswell developing setting up Possible Surf Alert standout locations.2016-11-15_144644
Newly tagged 90L INVEST Possible AHT-TOH coming up in the forecast. National Hurricane Center now as 80% Chance of development next 5 Days.
Floater now activated Visible

Rainbow IR
Could be talking about 90L/AHT-TOH for the next 8-10 days.
Latest U-GOT-TUBED Video forecast update.

Will be out of town next couple of days follow us on our social feeds for updates. Next website update coming Friday morning so stay tuned to the forecast.

Video Update added Friday November 18th Please excuse any minor mistakes. Said 17th in video.

Chances Increasing on Possible AHT-TOH Possible Surf Alert Coming

Chances are increasing on the last named system of the 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season in the upcoming forecast period. Models beginning to lock onto Low Pressure developing in the Southern Caribbean. Lots of uncertainty at the moment but looks like another Surf Alert setting up next week behind OBX Low and Big High over in the East Atlantic. Like this last one around Wednesday of next week.2016-11-11_092848
Latest U-Got-Tubed Video Forecast Update. Best watched in full screen. Forgot to mention Possible Hurricane Force Low in the North Atlantic in the video. We will cover it in the next update.
Stay Tuned 

Low Pressure South of Nova Scotia Forecast


1010MB GALE Forecast late in the weekend dropping South in from Nova Scotia as of now 10-12 Second periods developing. Latest 96HR NOAA Swell Forecast.2016-11-04_061344
Video Update best watched in Full Screen

Stay tuned for website updates will be updating through the weekend.

6:00 AM EST

As detailed in the video above. Low pressure currently dropping over Nova Scotia into NW Atlantic Waters now forecast as developing storm next 24-48 hours with winds to 50KTS. Based on model performance over the last several days there is now confidence in the short term forecast with hints of another large swell event coming second week of November.

North Gulf likely heavy rains spreading through TX towards LA. EURO wants to bring Low Pressure up from Bay of Campeche to N-Gulf Shores before moving to an OBX LOW in the extended. Something we are monitoring for so stay tuned. EURO yesterday had some 45KT winds along the North Gulf Coast near the Florida Pan Handle.
2016-11-06_053709Latest NOAA Swell forecast next 72-96HRS showing widespread NNE groundswell 12-13 second periods fanning out through SW Atlantic Waters.2016-11-06_060332
Max Seas currently forecast 8 Meters excess 25 FEET East of the OBX. This elevates this to a Major Swell Event. Storm or Low creating seas in excess of 25 Feet producing 12+ second swell allowing a majority to surf based on local wind conditions. Sometimes there are bonus for some. If you follow the tan line through the Bahamas this is the Northerly Surge that built down the U.S. East Coast over the weekend. Seas 8-10 feet in Northerly windswell with incoming groundswell developing.2016-11-06_060213
Stay tuned NEW U-Got-Tubed video forecast update coming.
Its on because I said its on.
Wurd of DaBuh

MONDAY NOV 7th 2016
930 AM EST



Skim Scare will be on November 5th. Contest starts at 8:00 AM. Contestants can sign up at any of our south Florida locations or the day of. It is $20 if they register before and $30 if it is done on the day of. skim-scare-2