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NEW Pulse ESE Swell on the Buoys


Wednesday December 28th

Christmas is over Santa is gone and its time to ring in 2017. Models last couple of days have been hinting at a LARGE Atlantic Swell Event coming and looks like swell generation to start up in about 5-6 days. This is last nights run of the EURO DAY 8 GFS starting to come on board. Still some uncertainty.
We have been talking about “Weather Weirding” last couple of updates. It continues, and as advertised last update pattern shift still looks to be coming after the first of the year opening the door for a switch from this RARE ESE trade swell that continues this morning to more of a Northerly Swell component. What continues to draw our attention is these LARGE anomalous areas of High Pressure. One right after another. And its just not in the Atlantic, the Pacific is experiencing it now as well. How would this be for weird. 2016 saw RARE January Hurricane Alex. Two years in a row ?
Will cut a Youtube video forecast update later this morning so  check back for the update on the extended period with what looks like Da Boom coming.

For now, get what you can next couple of days as a mini flat spell looks to set in before this next event sets up. ESE trade swell looks to continue next 24-48 hours or so.
NE Bahamas showing secondary pulse. Had dropped to 3 Feet from pulse generated the other day and is now back up to 5 Feet ESE Swell 10 seconds this morning.

South Bermuda Buoy hinting at things to come. From 0 to 7 -10 Feet more importantly NE instead of ESE. Hang in there PR and Islands its coming in the extended period however you will still have to deal with ESE winds.
Latest NOAA 48HR swell forecast showing fresh rotation of ESE swell from High Pressure sliding out towards the East Atlantic. Multiple days offshore winds Mid-ATLC through NE kicking off the mini flat spell mentioned above before this next Possible LARGE Atlantic Swell Event coming.
Grays Reef is back up above 3 Feet showing some flash 10 second periods redeveloping. Watching for trend.

Wednesday December 28th

Didn’t get a chance to cut a video yesterday. They are building a house next door and the video would have a constant BOOM BOOM in the background.

NE Bahamas Buoy showing a nice pulse of swell energy this morning and looks to have maxed near 8 feet of ESE swell height. Without the East Canaveral it is hard to gauge how much is out there. Move up to the Paul West Bermuda and moderate WSW winds 20Kts have developed and looks like its trying to come up a bit 4 feet ESE 10 seconds.
Latest NOAA swell forecast continues to show pulse of ESE swell heading towards the SE U.S. Coast next 24 hours or so. The pulse above is a positive. We have begun monitoring the data on for the first time. Although a fan of everything they are doing as a forecaster I want to see it coming from afar verses arrival on the beach. Here’s their location map on buoy locations.
Check’em out tell’em you heard it from DaBuh.
Models continue in the overnight hinting at a Large Atlantic Swell Event coming.
Below is the 00Z EURO DAYS 5-6-7

DAY  5
This is flow and fetch. Southerly Flow into GOMEX. Increasing Southerly wind swell. NNE Flow dropping South and the backside of Bermuda and Anomalous 1040 MB High North Atlc creating Easterly wind and fetch. The further the fetch can develop from a line South of Newfoundland over to Portugal puts more ocean aimed at this direction.
DAY 6 NNE flow coming off NF behind GALE/POSSIBLE Storm 988MB
DAY 7 Double Barrel Low
Stay tuned for the video update. Will let the models cycle one more time.
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Merry Christmas

I was fortunate enough to run into Santa and his helpers yesterday as they took a break from their Christmas deliveries to catch some south Florida surf. I was even fortunate enough to find Rasta Claus catching some waves.

There are some fun waves out there this Christmas morning so grab your new Christmas stick and go catch some surf!!!



Small but building winchop this morning throughout South Florida. We should have something rideable by this afternoon and lasting thru the Christmas weekend. The marine forecast has us with waves for most of next week as well.

Here’s a few shots from Thursday morning in North PBC.

Juno Pier Surf Report 12-22-16 12:45pm

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Juno Pier Surf Report 11:00am 12/19/16

Juno Pier Surf Report is small 1-2′ waves about 4 long boarders out. Waves are mushy. 

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Quick Update Leading Into Xmas

Effective around 1PM

Here’s a quick updated look heading into Christmas Week. Will likely cut a video later today so stay tuned. Northerly Surge now under way as the next Big High rolls out into the Atlantic.

We have gone into a Buoy Watch. First time since MATH-YOO. This is the Frying Pan Shoals NNE winds 25-30KTS and gusty. This Northerly surge extends all the way up into the offshore New England waters. It will be a quick pulse that at times can put a positive charge in the water giving window where that pulse can show up on local beaches. Winds have yet to rotate to NE on the South Hatteras Buoy. Buoy reporting South winds around 15-20KTS. We are monitoring this morning for the turn.

Couple of things to point out. GFS wind forecast for Friday the 23rd. This is the strongest the ESE trade we have been detailing in our updates. Large area of winds 25KTS and gusty. This will be the pulse from the East.
Latest 72HR swell forecast National Hurricane Center showing wide area 8-10 second swell periods developing.
Latest 96HR Swell Forecast out of NOAA’S OPC.
Latest wind wave matching the swell direction in seas into double digits, Thats “seas”. Will be monitoring the buoys to see how much swell verifies. Right now think about the Atlantic as a swashbuckler with these Northerly Surges rotating in as these Highs shift out into the Atlantic. For further reference see Bermuda High, Azores High.2016-12-19_055939This pattern cant last forever. For Island followers be patient. We are in search of Northerly Swell and
are monitoring for the change. First hints in the overnight. Image is for the 28th of December. Please note that the image represents a ?. Still long ways out so stay tuned for the update. 2016-12-19_053621 An update to this post and or YouTube video will likely be added later today.

Effective around 1PM

Quick Look Weekend Wind Forecast POSSIBLE Fun Surf Alert

Morning everyone will repost YouTube video from two days ago for those who may have missed it. Not much change in the overall long term discussion so check it out as active phase continues.
Current look Hurricane Force Low over NF. This is number 4 or 5 now for the North Atlantic in the last 7 days.
Here’s a look at this weekend wind forecast. Southerly Suck-Up POSSIBLE Fun Surf Alerts select locations. Image is for Sunday as first in series of LARGE High’s shift East out into the Atlantic. Winds will begin to increase on Saturday going into Sunday.2016-12-16_092115Monday quick turnaround to offshore winds for Southerly facing beaches.2016-12-16_093545
Tuesday begins development of a tad longer ESE swell periods as a consistant Easterly Trade wind flow develops and becomes more pronounced.2016-12-16_100056Latest NOAA Swell forecast 96 hours out of the OPC. 8-10 second Easterly Swell developing.2016-12-16_095826
Here’s the latest marine forecast AMZ 121. Large Area of Easterly swell developing2016-12-16_105928

Heres AMZ 115


Here’s the map depicting the locations of both zones.

Here’s the video posted 2 days ago.

Stay tuned to our social feeds for upcoming updates.

Pattern Shift Coming

After a long lapse in forecast updates finally something to get excited about. Here’s a video forecast update for now. Stay tuned as we are likely to step up forecast updates as the forecast begins to unfold in Real-Time. Anomalous areas of High Pressure working into the Atlantic next 7-10 days. Stay tuned for  updates. Extended period rideable surf coming portions of U.S. East Coast. Unfavorable for Island surf as a predominant Easterly Trade Wind flow develops behind these large Highs moving into the Atlantic.

Stay Tuned.
Latest wind wave forecast next 72HRS out of the National Hurricane Center.2016-12-14_110238
Latest Video Update best watched in full screen. Long video but lots to talk about.

Juno Pier Surf Report 12/14/16 

Juno pier is basically flat. No one out, maybe okay for some skimboarding, but even then it is pretty nil. Report was made at 10:38

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Juno Pier Surf Report 12/14/16 

Juno pier is basically flat. No one out, maybe okay for some skimboarding, but even then it is pretty nil. Report was made at 10:38

The post Juno Pier Surf Report 12/14/16  appeared first on Jupiter Surf Report.