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Clipper Pattern Setting Up


For those who saw yesterdays video update here comes the Clipper Pattern and the explosiveness coming to the North Atlantic. First signs of Northerly Swell directional change showing in the latest NOAA 96HR OPC swell forecast. 2017-02-28_180324
12Z GFS for Saturday with first in a series. 960MB CANE Force Low with Rapidly developing CANE Force Low passing to the East SE of the Cape. High pressure moving into the Mid-ATLC2017-02-28_180935
Strong Northerly fetch developing as the day progresses.2017-02-28_181607Sunday Northerly Fetch stretching out as High Pressure settles through the SE Coast. This will switch the winds to Easterly along the Florida coast and should aid in adding an Easterly swell component to the Northerly swell.2017-02-28_182914
Then on Monday 2nd Clipper kicks off2017-02-28_184458Intensifying to storm going into Thursday day 8 so all inside of 10 days. There are positives and negatives.  Positive Large NE Groundswell likely 15-18 seconds. Negative is 8 days out lots can change and the second system moving into the Atlantic. 2ND would in effect behind strong offshore winds either cut the swell off and or reduce the size significantly while maintaining long period.2017-02-28_184743
For now its a waiting game. What ever is coming better get it as it looks like the Majority of Atlantic switching to predominantly Westerly swell component after this pattern shift leading to a period of flatness. If you missed yesterdays video update the idea is still valid. If you look at the image above and watch the beginning of the video re GALE off the East Florida and the main swell producer maybe we can get another wild card.

Latest 96HR NOAA Surface forecast Hurricane Force Low and Developing Hurricane Force Low2017-02-28_190754
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Youtube Video Forecast Update

Go with this for now will add still images later today.

Juno Pier Surf Report 2/24/17 1:00pm

Some small 2′ waves, they look clean, but then mush out. About 15 surfers out. Not looking amazing, but some short little rides are obtainable.

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Juno Pier Surf Report 2/23/17 12:15pm

Back flips, babes, and waves. Some nice little clean sets in the 2-3′ range. 20 surfers out. Most successful bunch are the long boarders, but some shorties getting a quick drop into a one turn then sink quick…so we suggest … Continue reading

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Small and unridable windchop pretty much through South Florida this morning.

Marine forecast is calling for the winds to pick up and clock around out of the SE tomorrow. Hopefully we get a little size out of it. If we do, Thursday morning could be fun as the winds are forecast to go offshore.


Juno Pier Surf Report 2/21/17 10:32am

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Jupiter Surf Report 2/20/17 12:32pm

Nothing going on at the Jupiter inlet, small shore break that could be okay for a skim sesh, but for the most part it’s just a no go. They are dredging, so parts of the shore are off limits. 

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Juno Pier Surf Report 2/20/17 12:10pm

Some really small weak waves north of the pier. A couple long boarders out getting a few 2 second rides before the wave mushed out on them.

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POSSIBLE Surf Alert Coming

Sorry for the delay. Possible Surf Alert Coming. Models trending back on Coastal Low East Florida Coast.
National Hurricane Center 72 Hour forecast showing weak Low Pressure cutting across the Central Gulf towards the Bahamas. There are still some uncertainties in position and strength however models appear to be in excellent agreement its coming.
Latest NOAA 48 hour surface out of the OPC Developing storm South of NF and SE of Nova Scotia.
Latest 96HR Swell forecast now showing 12-13 second swell periods fanning out. Exact position and strength will determine how much size can make it it to the East Coast with the NEW GOMEX Low the wild card. As of now majority of the swell looks to be headed for the Islands.2017-02-20_122519
Imagery around 12 Noon2017-02-20_123053


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