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UPDATE April Fools Swell 2017

FORECASTER NOTE: What ever is coming better get it. Looks like pattern shift coming with up coming forecast period with several rounds of WSW Flow setting up along the Eastern Seaboard.

The area previously tagged as 90L INVEST that produced some solid surf for select locations along the U.S. East Coast has now morphed into a Hurricane Force Low near Newfoundland with OBX Low inbound.2017-03-31_065823
Current Max Seas 33 Feet increasing to near 40 Feet next 24Hrs or so. This confirms our call in our video updates on 2 Hurricane Force Lows for the Atlantic in a 7 day period, and 2 Hurricane Force Lows in the Pacific in a same 7 day period.2017-03-31_070639Latest NOAA swell forecast showing wide spread 15-18 seconds 20 seconds front runners developing next 48HRS. If you have been following our updates, with the exception of a few along the U.S. East Coast it looks like we got fooled this year. 2017-03-31_070729
The timing of the OBX Low and system behind will likely impeded swell heights South of the OBX. Majority swell energy headed towards the Islands and Eastern Atlantic. OBX Low putting strong SW flow into incoming swell. 2017-03-31_064904
We will go into a buoy watch. For now only a few select locations will have Fun Surf Alert conditions along the U.S. East Coast. For Florida surfers buoy to watch for incoming swell energy is the South Hatteras Buoy.

Pushed for time this morning with the day job. Stay tuned will update this post this evening with buoy obs.


Flat throughout south Florida today.

Sunday Funday at the Log Jam contest in Juno last weekend. Great contest, great surfers but not so great waves. Here’s a few pics…

April Fools Swell 2017

Forecaster Note: We do not play or do April Fools Jokes when it comes to weather. Forecast video update coming later today. Our call for the massive swell Pacific side, unfolding in Real-Time. See last video update for more detail.

In the Atlantic, A MASSIVE SWELL by Atlantic Ocean Standards is about to develop in Real-Time as well. In FACT, this looks to be the largest swell for the entire Winter Swell Season in both theaters, so stay tuned for the video forecast coming. Forecast for West Afrika Surf Camp NGOR pushing 15-25 FEET by Friday.

Big Ups to Chetri Dimitroff Supreme Stucco and Plastering. Yesterday, our computer monitor crashed right at the height of waiting for an announcement by the National Hurricane Center on what has now become 90L Invest North of Hispaniola. Guys we receive no funding and no sponsors for the information we pump out. We will be launching a T-Shirt Campaign shortly for those who wish to show your support. Stay tuned in for that. Again, many tanks tu Bruddah Chetri. 808+DaBuh is like Volcom Stone who is Tru tu Dis an Let da kids ride fo free. Love you long time bra.

Start you off in the Atlantic. What is about to happen in the Atlantic basin has not been seen in a very very long time. Regardless of weather or knot 90L INVEST gets tagged as AR-LEEN the Atlantic is about to EXPLODE. Please remember just because it’s not breaking at your house, doesn’t mean its not going off at someone else’s. Get a ticket for an Aero-Plane, cant do that, take a fast train.

Gunna number these features.
#1, Low Pressure just East of NF kicking it off. Seas increasing to 40 FEET setting up in WNW swell 15-18 Seconds developing. This is the incoming for Surf Camp NGOR mentioned above for Friday. GFS Showing Sub 960MB with a 21MB drop in the next 12hrs or so.
Go back to the satellite imagery. Area’s 2 and 3 merge with 90L sucking up.
Image below is for Thursday March 30th next 72HRS. This is going to get Northerly Swell going between 1032 MB High. Take note a #4 has been added.
Image below for Friday March 31St. 90L INVEST and (2+3) combine for another Sub 960 #BOMB. Seas likely again 40 FEET with OBX LOW incoming.2017-03-27_095448
Pushed for time this morning. Stay tuned for the YouGot Tubed Video forecast update coming. Will post it here so check this post later today for that update. Stay Tuned to our social feeds for Real-Time updates via our mobile device on 90L INVEST. Please consider making a donation by visiting this paypal link and thanks for following DaBuh Surf Forecast. We are approaching the 60 Day Mark for the Official Start of the 2017 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season and it looks like the season is already getting started. Stay Tuned.2017-03-27_075722


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Massive swell developing in the North Pacific behind area of low pressure  that moved off Japan over the last several days as developing Hurricane Force Low. Max seas forecast to near 50 feet in WNW Swell. It now appears a repeat performance is coming with NEW Hurricane Force Low coming that will put another solid burst of swell setting up another massive one in size.2017-03-23_101533
NOAA 48HR Swell Forecast. Seas are forecast to remain above 30 FEET as the system pendulums up towards the Aleutians. 20 second front runners creeping out. 2017-03-23_101638
At 96HRS slamming the U.S. WestCoast. 2017-03-23_101705Now factor in NEW Hurricane Force Low in coming depicted above. I wonder if there is a bounce factor with the first swell no place to go. Stay tuned for more updates for above. Could possibly go down as one of the Top 10 Swells of All-Time.

Jump you to the Atlantic. Our last update models were showing a series of OBX Lows the first one kicked off 48HRS ago. The next one now appears to get shoved NE away from the Mid-Atlantic. What replaces it is a surface low now forecast to develop North of PR and the Dominican Republic. Lots of uncertainty however wide spread GALES developing. Seas increasing 12-15 FEET next 48-72 Hours. There is an outside shot at seeing Tropical or Sub Tropical Storm AR-LEEN coming.2017-03-23_070252
Interesting to note that NOAA has activated a floater for a surface feature and has given it a designation of 14L on their Floaters Page. Latest surface forecast out of the National Hurricane Center. X marks the spot where surface low is suspected of developing in the next 72HRS.2017-03-23_071444
Lots of uncertainty as to the exact outcome. Recent wind model runs of the GFS showing gust as high as 45KTS. Image is for Sunday.2017-03-23_050833
Lots of time to watch. Heres the latest forecast video update.
Stay Tuned

Latest NOAA Swell forecast showing ESE Swell developing 12 -13 seconds.2017-03-23_091324

Spring Fling 2017 Possible Major Swell Event

Here comes the Real-Time Phase of possibly the last winter type caliber swell event for the Pacific we have been detailing in our Social Feeds. Hurricane Force Low developing moving off Japan. Three things to note here. Low moving over Japan (Hurricane Force next 24-48HRS) GALE to the NE up towards the Aleutians which has been in place for 72HRS or so. This GALE has started the NPAC into a predominate WNW Swell component. An third is the area of Low pressure right hand portion of the image. This moves off towards the East as developing GALE West of the Central California Coast.2017-03-20_101301
Latest NOAA 96HR wind wave forecast showing two systems producing large WNW Swell. Developing Hurricane Force Low seas increasing to near 40 Feet (12 METERS) in WNW Swell and 20-25 Feet ( 7 METERS) developing GALE West of the Central California Coast. The 40 line runs through Central Cali and is just on the other side of the pic frame.2017-03-20_101940Latest GFS showing 965 Aleutian BOMB Day 5 (Friday)2017-03-20_102412Latest 96HR NOAA Swell Forecast with multiple systems producing WNW Swell.2017-03-20_103011Heres a look at the Western U.S. study the pattern and the flow. This pattern is known to produce OBX Lows. Flow is from left to right so heavy precip is returning to the Western United States during the upcoming forecast period.2017-03-20_103358Heres the look over the U.S. this morning. Again flow is from left to right. We have the Storm off New England headed for Newfoundland. This pattern is known to drag low pressure across the U.S. and over the OBX.2017-03-20_104009
Latest forecast models showing 2 weak lows exiting in the upcoming forecast period. 1st one in about 48HRS Putting another charge of NE in the water.2017-03-20_104420And another one week from today. Thats 7 Days from now where confidence begins to increase with forecast models.2017-03-20_104605Image for next Monday NE Winds 40Kts with perfect NE Fetch.
IF MODELS WERE TO VERIFY. Seas would likely increase to excess 25 Feet. With swell direction and period would qualify for Major Swell Event status for Atlantic Waters.2017-03-20_104859
Latest Video Update best watched in full screen

Stay tuned to our social feeds for Real-Time updates and stay tuned to the forecast.


Little leftovers this morning in South PBC. Longboardable at best.

Looks like another round of waves for the beginning of next week. The wave models show it filling in Sunday night with a chance of offshore winds Monday morning.

Here’s a few shots from yesterday in south PBC

And here’s a few from Wednesday

Incoming Clipper Developing Storm

Active phase continues this side of the Northern Hemi. The Big Swell we hinted at in our video update 2 weeks ago looks to be setting up in the upcoming forecast as the Pacifics last winter type swell event of the season. Swell forecast continues to show the majority of the Pacific setting up in predominately WNW Swell starting off with the current GALE.2017-03-17_030123
This JMA Image is from yesterday. Models continue to show a Large Scale Low developing with COR moving off Japan in the next 4-5 days and blowing up near the Aleutians.2017-03-16_085756
EURO yesterday inside of 7 days. Sub 960MB LOW ? Image is for this coming Thursday. Keep in mind the GALE kicking it off to start this post began the WNW swell component, now this next Thursday. Thats 55KT + WNW winds aimed at Hawaii along with a concentrated NNE Fetch of winds to GALE Force from Low off the Washington Coast. More importantly you have an already established Westerly Swell component from Japan across the Pacific. Add the WSW flow of winds West of the California coast back towards Hawaii and this becomes alot of energy aimed at the Western U.S. Coastline. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to this event.2017-03-16_074004
Over in the Atlantic side. Well Stella didnt turn out to be Stell R for everyone but wow what a storm. The lesson learned as we also pointed out in our video update a few weeks ago is that “Some of the Biggest Snowstorms come in the month of March”. The reason for this is this time of year you get the draw coming up out of the Gulf of Mexico as moisture starts its return in the tropics.

Out with the old in with the new. Heres comes the next clipper in line. This is this mornings imagery taken around 200AM EST 3-17 Luck of the Irish. Area of low pressure moving to the Mid-Atlantic now forecast as storm to devlop next 96 hours or so.2017-03-17_024934
Latest out of NOAA OPC swell forecast already showing the swell directional change.2017-03-17_033154
Still some uncertainty on exact location and track of Low. Latest NOAA OPC 96HR Surface.2017-03-17_033329
Florida Surfers unclear at the moment how much swell energy can get past the OBX. The positive is last couple runs NOAA has bumped to seas in excess 20 FEET in NNE swell and 15-18 FEET in NNW Swell East of the OBX a negative for FL Surfers. Dont shoot the messenger just pointing it out. Will go into a buoy likely Sunday so stay tuned for Real-Time updates on that. At the moment we just have positive swell production.2017-03-17_033725
Because the winds become a wild card starting around Wednesday where it could get BEEFY with models bringing in an area of weak low pressure sliding through the OBX pinching the gradient in front of High Pressure moving into replace it. Look at Central Florida South. Offshore winds with NE winds on top of already generated NNE Swell aimed right at SOFLO, a positve.2017-03-17_034631
Negative, High pressure settle in on Thursday turning winds onshore. Good news for PR and Islands as another Northerly Swell surge develops. Bad news is here comes mosquito season as a wet pattern looks to develop over the Eastern Caribbean as the seasons clock continues to tick towards tropical season. 2017-03-17_035347
Looking at the extended it looks like the next big event will be a moderate to strong Southerly Suck-Up. Image is the 00Z GFS for Day 9 (+216) Sunday March 26th.2017-03-17_035848
Sticking the neck out just a little past 10 days obviously lots will change just pointing out active phase. Image is for March 28th setting up April Fools Day Swell 2017. As a reminder to our long time followers does not participate in April Fools jokes when it comes to weather.2017-03-17_040722
Stay tuned for the next update.

Juno Pier Surf Report 3/16/17 7:45am

Juno Pier Surf Report is looking fun, but don’t expect it or last. 5 surfers out, mostly longboarders are getting after it. 3′-5′ waves on average with a 17mph winds. Several close outs, but some nice rides. 

The post Juno Pier Surf Report 3/16/17 7:45am appeared first on Jupiter Surf Report.

Surf Muzic Festival NEW Date April 8th

The 2nd Annual Kulcha Shok Surf & Muzik Fest has been rescheduled for April 8, 2017. Held at Pompano Beach on the Southside of the pier. The contest will start at 7am with pre-registration taking place online here at for $40 per division.

The contest will have several facets: music, vending, and the many divisions of the multi-faceted surf contest. Those include 13 & under, 14-17, 18 & over for the males, open Longboard, open Women’s, open Stand Up Paddle Surf, open Skim and more if the contestants enter or we see a need to differentiate the different divisions to separate age groups. Each division will win a new board as always & custom trophies. There will be free Muzik on the beach all day. Some of the music on the beach will be Djs & acoustic acts: JohnLee, Mike Maytin & Tasty Vibrations (all surfers).

Entry fee for everyone will be $40 into the surf contest otherwise its free to watch. There will be grab bags for every pre-paid entry.

Sponsorship & vending is available. We can email details or call 305.534.6110….MORE DETAILS  HERE


Trace wind-swell down south this morning. North of the Bahamas blockage still has some waves tho.

Here’s a few shots from Yesterday in St. Lucie County.

Here’s some shots from the SingleFin Showdown in Stuart on Saturday. Super small choppy sloppy for a contest but the talent showed through. Great event for a great cause! Big Ups Ohana Surf Shop for putting it on!