Merry Christmas

Fun little Stocking Stuffers to be had this morning around South PBC. The winds were good this morning but are sideshore now. Still some rideable windchop to be had if you didn’t get it this morning. Merry Christmas!


Fun Chest to Overhead waves in South Central PBC this morning. Still some fun ones to be had this afternoon if you missed it this morning. Looks to be fading tho.

Here are some random photos from Sunday and Monday taken from Delray down to Deerfield. Like I said before, Man What a fun run of waves we had!


Fun little log session this morning in South Central PBC. Still some sliders out there to be had if you don’t mind the cold and the rain.

Photos From Tuesday December 11th Boca and Pompano

Here are a few photos from Tuesday taken in Boca and Pompano.


Turned out to be some fun waves between tides this morning in South PBC. Nothing big but fun nonetheless. Hope you got some.


Little leftovers this morning in South Central PBC. Not as good as yesterday but fun for the log, nonetheless.  


Fun little session this morning despite the freezing cold. The photos are all from South Central PBC.


Hope you scored some of the swell we had over the past couple of days. 

Big thanks to John Wellmeyer for taking the photos this morning. Check out some his awesome work here!

Above photos are from this morning in Boca and the ones below are from yesterday in Juno.




Nothing rideable, just little trace background swell this morning in South PBC.

We ended up with a fun little swell on Friday and Saturday in South Central PBC.

Here are some shots from Friday and down at the bottom of the Gallery are a few from Saturday morning.

Here are a few from Saturday morning

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all you Spooks and Kooks! Little windchop this morning in the knee high range. Not really rideable but it has potential to pick up throughout the day if the winds hold.

Here are some photos from our annual Halloween Surf Session. First group is from Boca and the second group is from LBS.

Here’s some from Lauderdale-By-The-Sea