Monday mobile report

Surprisingly there is some size in South PBC. Get it before the winds go offshore and it goes flat.

Friday Mobile update

Knee to waist high around South PBC. High tide and onshore winds are on their way. Get it before they do.


Fun waves today in the PBC! Shot three locations from central county down south to the county line.

Check back later for a photo update from the last few days.

Fun and Play on MLK Day

Started off pretty much flat this morning but we decided to paddle out because of the trippy clouds and fogbank offshore. It paid off. By 9 it was chest high and super fun. Hope you caught some! Looks like waves for the rest of the week!


Some fun waves today in South PBC. The potential was there with the offshore winds early this morning but not enough size. Still a fun day for the loggers and groms even after the winds came onshore.

Here’s a few shots from yesterday.


Fun waves today Around South PBC.

Here’s a few slides from yesterday.



Here’s a few shots from Wednesday in Central PBC. Fun day of surf!

Delray Beach Surf Festival

Fun day at the 5th Annual Delray Beach Surf Festival! Waves were just big enough for the groms to get some good rides. And us big groms managed to get a few maneuvers as well! Big Ups to the city of Delray, the promoters and all the sponsors who made the event possible.

IWS Veterans Day Surf and Sup Sale 11-11-17

Join us for our Veteran’s Weekend Surf and SUP Sale. Used surfboards starting at $50. New surfboards starting at $299. Used paddleboards starting at $299. NEW SUPs starting at $599. Huge discounts on skim boards, body boards, rash guards, wet suits and board accessories.
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Happy Halloween

Fun run of spooky waves the past few days. Hope you caught some. Here’s some shots from Monday and Tuesday.