Interesting Times Ahead POSSIBLE Major Swell Event

Hey Morning Everyone, we are back fresh from Spring Break Puerto Rico 2019 Tour. Had the chance to meet alot of people who follow our posts and a few that have attained legendary status. Tanks for Da Kine Wurds and SUP-port. The one legend we got to talk story with was O’l Man Luker.
I say O’l Man out of respect because if you were raised right you were taught to listen to your elders. One of the things we talked story about while standing on Hollowed Ground at Wildo, was this years North Atlantic Winter Swell Season and or the lack there of.

Tom Luker ” I’ve seen it like this before and then March and April will light up”. My response, “Big one setting up in about 10 Days”. That convo took place Monday March 25th. Somebody get Da Wurd to Luker, looks like its setting up now inside the 7 Day Window. Models trying to work their differences out. Was great to meet you Tom. Look forward to seeing you again.

POSSIBLE Major Swell Event Coming. April Fools Swell 2019 setting up and this is no April Fools Joke. If case you missed the post on our social media feeds, homie don’t play dat. As a reminder, please keep in mind what we have been saying in our posts about model runs outside a 7 Day Window and their reliability. Don’t get me wrong. There are times when models can be spot on in the 10 Day Window, but it’s inside the 7 Day Window where model confidence begins to increase. As you get into Day 5 it increases more and at 4 you are moving into the window of a Real-Time Event unfolding. It is at the 7 Day Window where you have to decipher do the models agree or do they agree to disagree. Then, you have to look at the Big Picture and not be single minded. For example, we are calling for a Possible Major Swell Event. The focus at first will be for the MID-ATLC and NE States. Guys in SOFLO be like bullshit what a bunch of Hype. It is important to remember your break is not the only break in the Atlantic. Wait your turn or buy a ticket. Fill up the car up, but what ever you do don’t bitch because you can’t connect the dots and it’s poo poo in your backyard.

Vent Off…… so here we go…..Big Picture. One of our recent post on our social feeds, “The North Atlantic is turning into a Majority Northerly Swell Component” and “It’s been along time since it’s done this”.

Latest 96HR Swell Forecast out of NOAA’s Ocean Prediction Center. For those who don’t get 96HRS thats inside of 4 Days. Easter is Coming and we are seeing the first Ancient Rainbow Warrior signs for the Trinity. The Father Son and Da Holy Ghost. The three arrows that you see with a line through them are 3 different swells from 3 different swell sources. This is turning the Atlantic into Majority Northerly Swell component. In other words the water is at least moving in the right direction. Take note of the 12-13 second NE swell dropping out of the AZORES. The Low that moved off the MID-ATLC a few days ago about to re-invigorate and produce fresh long period NE Swell. The Swell you see East of Florida and NE of PR are a result of all the NE winds we are experiencing in Real-Time last 24hrs or so off the U.S. Coast.

Switch you over to last nights 00Z run of the EURO +168 just inside 7 days. The swell mentioned above dropping in from AZORES was produced by the Low you see on the right in the model image below. Mind you the swell forecast above is for Day 4 and the model image below is going into Day 7 still pumping out NE Swell equals duration. Now look over at the OBX. High Low in Play. Reading the model across the board. Long Period NE Swell East Atlantic. Then Easterly Fetch on top of Bermuda sucking in NE Swell from AZORES and then Low Pressure wrapping up off the OBX. This is 1 RUN of more to come but thats alot of water displacement moving from right to left across the board.

Switch you over to GFS same time frame +168 just inside 7 Days. Reminds me of Sesame Street even though one of these things is not like the other they are pretty darn close. This is called model agreement now inside 7 days. Will it change and by how much over the next several runs remains the question.

Switch you back to EURO +192 thats inside 8 Days.

And back to the GFS as POSSIBLE Major Swell Event Coming.
Again 1 RUN of more to come but the image is just inside 7 Days.

BIG WEDNESDAY for Puerto Rico and O’l Man Luker and the Carib. IF, this run were to verify thats NNW winds cranking out at 35-40KTS wrapping in HUGE NE Swell for magnification. Seas would likely be in excess of 30 Feet in NE Groundswell developing.

Thats it for now…. Stay tuned will add a Youtube video forecast update to this post. Need to wait for the sun to come up for the visual satellite imagery to lay eyes on it.

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So proud of this girl. First surf trip out of the country Spring Break Puerto Rico 2019. Thanks to Rachel Tanner for the fotos.
Stay tuned for the updates. Interesting Times Ahead

UPDATE: Possible SURF ALERT Coming

Morning everyone, quick update. Please take the time to read our previous post on this possible surf alert coming. We are now inside a 7 day window where model confidence begins to increase. Start you off with 00Z GFS just inside 7 days.

In the above image. 1038MB High over SE Canada, 998MB area of Low Pressure SE of Newfoundland. Thats Northerly wind flow dropping out of Nova Scotia with fetch aimed at the Carib, Tinge of NE aimed at Florida. This would get some Northerly wind swell going. Image is for Wednesday March 13th.

GFS then develops a 989MB Storm. IF…..the model were to verify this would get some N-NE Groundswell going. Seas would likely be in excess of 25 Feet in N-NE Groundswell developing 15 plus seconds. Outside shot some of this makes it to East Florida.

Switch you over to the EURO same time frame image for March 13th. Same similar setup so both the EURO and GFS are in a fair amount of agreement. This helps build confidence in the upcoming forecast. Euro with a 1003MB GALE in the above image.

1001 MB GALE on the 15th. IF…the EURO were to verify would likely be seas in excess of 20 Feet in N-NE Groundswell developing and again outside shot some NE groundswell makes it to East Florida. Now watch, on our social media platforms someone will comment, when ? Then you know they didn’t bother to read what we wrote. And someone will comment , what about South Florida. Then you’ll know that person didn’t bother to read our post.

Gunna shift gears on you a bit. We are not a big fan of sharing model images outside of 10 days. The above image is the GFS for March 21st. Thats 2 Weeks from now. If you are a long time follower you have heard us say this before. If you are new please remember it. You will hear it often come Hurricane Season.

” Always watch Tail Ends of Fronts or Along Stalled or Dying Fronts for an Area of Low Pressure to Develop….Sometimes LP likes to Attach Itself to the Tail”.

I like using LP when it comes to defining spin. Put the needle on the record when the drumbeat goes like this 🙂 You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby 🙂

This is the Hi-Res imagery from 2 days ago. Do you see the similarities between the Satellite Imagery and the GFS Above ? Here’s another one for you. Sometimes weather likes to repeat itself. Although nothing has come out of what you see in the imagery above the same pattern may repeat itself with a far reaching different result. It is these Gulf Lows this time of year that can produce some of the BIGGEST Snowstorms. We are approaching the 26 Year Anniversary of the Storm of the Century. That storm started off just like this. NOT SAYING another one is coming. Am saying it’s that time of year.

Thanks for taking the time to read our post. Please spread Da Wurd…Wurd of Dabuh.

Possible SURF ALERT Coming

Morning everyone, We have started posting here on our site again. If you didn’t get the chance, please read the previous update a few days ago to get you in the swing of things. We are primarily a Surf and Marine Forecast with a focus on the NATLC (North Atlantic Basin). We dabble in the NPAC (North Pacific) during winter swell season. During Hurricane Season we track for Tropical Cyclones in both.

With that said, if you are not a surfer or a mariner this post is not for you unless you just want to learn what surfers and mariners look for.

So here we go. Possible Surf Alert setting up. Please do not take this post as the gospel. Don’t want to get accused of hype. All winter long models have not been very good in run to run consistency past the 7 day mark. We hear alot from our followers that we are good at picking out patterns 10 days out. Sometimes we are only as good as the models are unless we can actually see it coming together in the satellite imagery. Ironically we are heading to PR in about 2 weeks so this will be perfect timing.

This first image is the EURO +192. This is the number of hours so divide by 24 that equals days. So this is just inside of 8 Days. Once you get inside of 7, based on what was said above, model confidence begins to increase.

EURO with BROAD low pressure moving off of New England. What I’m showing you above with the Black arrows is fetch. Thats Northerly winds cranking up on the backside of the broad Low.

The above is EURO at +216 just inside 9 days. Notice how the Northerly wind flow is pushing South of the OBX (Outer Banks of North Carolina). Also take not of how the solid small Black lines are closer together (Tighter) this is gradient. The tighter the gradient the stronger the winds. When dealing with fetch like this you have to calculate for length and width along with gradient. As pictured the above would likely be GALE Force winds out of the NNE from Georges Bank to well East of the Mid-Atlc with the fetch aimed at Eastern Carib.

Finally EURO +240 just inside 10 Days, March 15th. The broad low now shifting East. Take note of the 3 vorticity spins within the main ring. Black lines tight with a bit wider fetch of Northerly winds. The wider and longer the fetch the more area of Northerly winds pushing over the surface of the ocean.

So this is what it looks like in the Windy App for week from tomorrow. For those who didn’t see this the Windy App is now following us on Twitter.

Then the below on Thursday

We primarily only follow only 2 models. The GFS and the EURO. to show you the difference between the 2 on this call here is the GFS for Thursday next week. 2 Things to note. The High parked behind the AZORES and the strong Southerly Suck-up along the Mid-Atlc.

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Welcome Back

For those who are NEW followers welcome to
Most, if not all reading this post follow us on 1 of 3 platforms. Twitter, Insta or Facebook. Twitter is were we post all our updates in Real-Time. We then decide what to share over to the other feeds. Twitter is where we follow and are followed by many with PHD and Degrees. Most notable is the former Director of the National Hurricane Center Dr. Rick Knabb. currently the Hurricane Expert at the Weather Channel. What makes this unique is, we have no formal training in meteorology but like to tell people we have a BS from the University of Google Search. Think about that for a minute. Everything that we share is coming from someone without a formal education. Sometimes the best education is repetitive observations. So if you want to be sure you see all our post follow us over on Twitter. We don’t want to alienate the other feeds by blowing them up except during times of Real-Time Events. We are primarily a Surf and Marine forecast entity covering the North Atlantic and a Tropical Weather Forecaster during Hurricane Season.

It’s been a while since we posted here on but here comes the season of change. Today Marks T-Minus 90 Days and counting for the Official Start of the 2019 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season. And today we are already seeing the indicators out in the Atlantic that the season has started it’s long progression into tropical cyclone season in earnest. The first signs came on Feb 6th with the first plume of the Pixie Dust known as SAL moving off the West Afrikan Coast. Google SAL if you aren’t sure what we are talking about. Here’s what it looked like in the HI-RES from February 9th.

Every year around February we start looking for signs that spring is coming. One of the indicators is temperature down in the Western Caribbean. As the season changes from Winter to Spring here’s where it heats up first.
If you have been following our post for at least 30 Days on our social feeds you probably seen our post on temperatures down here in the Western Caribbean, over to Cuba and up through Florida. The month of February has been exceptionally warm and is about 30 days ahead of scheduled averages. The Tip of the Yucatan Mexico has been consistently posting daily highs 95F+ degrees. Same for Western Cuba with Mid 80’s+ into Florida. The East Gulf Buoy approximately 210 NM West of Naples Florida currently has a water temp of 80F Degrees so all the signs are pointing to season change well underway at least South of the Lat 30 Line. The Big Lady doesn’t look like shes warming the pipes yet and March could be a long month for our brethren to the North.

With that said lets catch you up to speed now in Real-Time. Here is the current Water Vapor Imagery. Although the image is still the atmosphere is fluid. If you were to put this image into motion, with movement left to right, what you see on your left…..

Turns into to this on the right. 12Z GFS for tomorrow, Monday

On Wednesday the GFS is showing a weak low trying to develop east of the OBX before racing away. This could, should, open the window for some small surf coming for East Florida. Not for everybody and not much in the form of size but something to break the flatness.

The only other thing of note at the moment is the 00Z EURO for next Saturday. This setup if were to verify could allow for some spring time ESE wind swell as Easterly Trade Wind Season gets underway. Think of the High Pressure as two tires spinning clockwise. The bottom of the tire spinning East Atlantic water this way.

Thats it for now. Just wanted to do a test post and check out this new version of WordPress. Please do us a favor. So we can see if this post is getting out there. Please leave us a comment on Twitter Insta or Facebook that you saw this post. Thanks. Will be be posting more updates in the near future.

Latest on LESLIE Possible MICHAEL Upcoming Forecast Period

Good afternoon everyone. Looks like an increase in possible tropical cyclone activity is now underway. National Hurricane Center now giving a 20% chance of development next 5 days for an area located down in the Western Caribbean models have been hinting at for several days now. If this system where to develop would be given the name MICHAEL. There is also the possibility we could see NADINE coming at us East of the Eastern Caribbean in about 10 days. Still looking into that and the EURO shows LESLIE out in the Atlantic for 10 more days. There is an outside chance LESLIE could perform a loop. Lots of time to watch.

First things first. Heres this area in the Western Caribbean. This has DNA of KIRK.

National Hurricane Center with 20% chance next 5 days. This matches up fairly well with our pinned tweet yesterday. We always try to stay one step ahead of NHC.

Latest European Model Run day 10. 1 Run of many more to come. LESLIE Still out there, MICHAEL Florida East Coast, Possible early sign NADINE East of the Estrn Carib.

Thats all I got for now. Heres the latest video update. Apologize in advance for any errors and technical issues. Thanks for following. Follow us on our social feeds for Real-Time Updates.

Possible Surf Alert Coming Tropical/Sub Tropical Storm KIRK ?

Morning everyone and Welcome NEW Followers. We apologize for the non textual updates on FLORENCE. We did cut 3 YouTube Videos however on our YouTube channel. Prayers to all who are suffering and to those who’ve now lost everything. For those new to we are primarily a surf and marine forecast covering the Atlantic Waters. Many of you that are following now do neither. You will likely be the ones who stop following after Hurricane Season is over. If you followed us FLORENCE and think we did a good job on Pinning where we thought she would go. Give us a review on Facebook let us know how we did. Tell all You Frens…Mo Frens Mo Betta….. Wurd of DaBuh

So you know how it works with us we post all of our Real-Time posts on our Twitter feed @DaDabuh then decide what to share over on Insta and FB as to not blow up those feeds with too much information. Then when confidence builds in what we are seeing in the upcoming forecast, we’ll come here to put it all on paper for you and or cut a video. We have started the backside peak of the 2018 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season. October is a month of monsters as Fall kicks in. It’s called Fall for a reason and the leaves are not the only thing that begins to fall Low Pressure being another. Using $$$ is a forecasters way of saying the forecast is money. We receive no funding here for what we do and have no sponsors. We don’t do what we do for “Clickbait” and we don’t do what we do to make money. We do what we do for the love of it.

Alright so here comes a shot at KIRK. If KIRK where to develop, at the moment, it doesn’t appear that he would affect the United States but this could change. There is so much run to run variability in the models it is hard to say exactly what this will do long term. First we got to get development.

So let me tell you what you are looking at here. This is a moment in time. Although the image is still the atmosphere is fluid. So in your mind looking at the arrows you have to put this into motion. Movement is primarily West to East. We have the Ghost of FLORENCE East of the OBX. We have the tail end of the front coming through Florida. Trough and Northern Extension of Tropical Wave moving through PR. Notice the alignment over Mona Passage. What do we always say here? There is a shot at Homegrown development coming off the East Florida Coast the models may not be fully latched on to yet. The Ghost of ISAAC is still out there. So you will want to stay tuned in on that next several days. The Upper Level Low we were tracking is now about to combine with the Ghost of Florence and way over to your right is the Ghost of JOYCE. It is unclear at the moment what if any roll Ex-JOYCE will play in the possible development of KIRK. Lots of Ghostly images this morning with what appears to be some incestuous behavior coming in the upcoming forecast period.

Here’s the latest 72HR Surface forecast out of the National Hurricane Center. Weak 1013MB Low attached where ? “Always Watch Tail Ends of Fronts Along Stalled or Dying fronts for an Area of Low Pressure to Develop. Sometimes Low Pressure likes to Pin itself to the Tail.” Now look back at the image above. National Hurricane Center is currently NOT highlighting this area and models show only weak low pressure. Keeping in mind nothing in weather is absolute until it happens in Real-Time. This looks to work its way towards the Florida Coast.

Heres last nights run of the GFS for +240. Thats 10 days and it’s along ways out verses time. Distance not so much 🙂 This is one run of many more to come. Again if, KIRK where to develop he would likely remain a Fishstorm. Go back to the IR image above and in your mind combine the Ghost of Florence the Upper Level Low throw Ghost of JOYCE in the mix and….. Wa-Lah. Light winds for PR and NE Groundswell fingers crossed.

National Hurricane Center now at 40%

This is last nights run of EURO Day 6 image +144HRS.

So as you can see lots to watch in the upcoming forecast so stay tuned to our social feeds for updates. Latest 96HR Swell forecast showing the Atlantic moving in the right direction. All we need to do is add the BIG NE Swell maker and it could be. Give me a ticket for an AERO Plane….. aint got time to take a fast train…Lonlely days are gone…. I’mma comin home……my baby she wrote me a lettah.

Uptick in Possible Tropical Cyclone Development SURF ALERT ?

Here we go into the real-time phase of what we talked about in our last update. Start you off with the latest out of the National Hurricane Center with what is likely to become Tropical Storm Florence then Hurricane Florence into Labor Day Weekend. This system will help setup Possible Surf Alert Coming. We will begin dialing that in over the next several days. Lots of time to watch and analyze keeping in mind its swell, distance, travel time and arrival so lots to work out.

Closer to home we are monitoring for Possible Homegrown Development coming to the Gulf of Mexico. This is this mornings enhanced visible.

The overnight run of the EURO is still head strong on this feature and track. Compare the imagery above where the 1st Red Dot is to the image below. This is Day 5 Sept 4th

This is Day 7 Sept 6th. This is pretty much on shore winds for everybody. Don’t complain just surf.

This was early morning visible and is the energy for what you see in the EURO above. As of this update the NHC is not mentioning anything about this system. So while everybody is keeping an eye on the backdoor the front door looks to be wide open.

Latest NOAA OPC 96HR Swell Forecast showing 1st Signs of Winter Swell Season. Northerly Swell dropping in from Storm Force Low currently near the tip of Greenland with building long period ESE Hurricane Swell.

To throw some more in the mix the pattern may be setting up for an OBX Low Coming. This is partially why you see NE Wind swell in the image above pushing South of Newfoundland.

EURO is hinting at a vorticity spin developing dropping SW. Last nights run +240 (10 Days). Thats it tucked under the OBX. Weak in the model run but this is just 1 run but stronger than previous so we will be monitoring model trends next several runs.

Latest Video Update. Stay tuned more coming.

Atlantic Heating Up

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve noticed an uptick in the number of NEW followers, Welcome to We typically see this kind of trend each year around the peak of Hurricane Season which climatologically is September 10th. Then after the season has ended we see a drop of followers.Those followers are typically ones that do not surf or own a boat or make their living on one and are only looking for storm info. I bring that up because we are primarily a surf and marine forecast website/service covering the Atlantic Waters. We are looking for wind and waves first, and or, weather systems that create high seas or long period swell. I bring that up because those that don’t have a marine interest, will often think we are HYPING a system. We don’t HYPE. But we do cover Fish Storms 🙂 For those wondering what a Fish Storm is it is a storm that stays out to sea have no direct impact on land only the fish. So if you see us doing lots of updates on a Fish Storm it’s not because we are hyping it’s because we are focusing in on swell and seas.

With that said the Atlantic is heating up. The models have been hinting at this the last several days but are now starting to turn up the heat. We have verification in the imagery and the players are on the board. First Look todays HI-RES over AFRIKA. Tropical Wave entering East Atlantic with likely 2 more on the way. Flow is from right to left. This is once again a STRONG Tropical Signal.

This leads us into the Atlantic. For those who have seen are recent post on our Social Feeds, “Pattern Developing Known to Produce Tropical Cyclones” this is what it looks like in the imagery. As advertised a few days ago. The ULL (Upper Level Low) over Cuba and the Bahamas along with the UL Trough from the decaying front opens up the door for POSSIBLE Homegrown development coming. The first piece of the puzzle is East of the Islands in the main development region.

We will be watching for the Northern Extension of this tropical wave to break of main wave axis and slip possibly through Mona Passage and into the Bahamas. EURO has been consistant on taking this energy through the FL-STR8’s and into the Gulf of Mexico (GOMEX) This is the last nights run of the EURO going into Day 8. Weak Low Center of GOMEX, Another NE of Central Bahamas with Possible FLORENCE and GORDON in tow.

00Z EURO +240=10 Days. Mind you this is one run of many more to come but the signs are everywhere.

As a descendant of an Ancient Rainbow Warrior we believe in signs. This is this mornings SAL Imagery. SAL=Saharan Air Layer. Yes what we have outlined is actually weather features that may play into the role of possible tropical development coming. When outlined it takes on the shape of a cat face. Here Kitty Kitty.

Sign of things to come ? Here is a look at the current wind field pattern of the North Atlantic. There are Two Low Pressure Centers both Gales in the North Atlantic. Looking at the latest run of the EURO looks like two more coming tropical in nature.

Latest Youtube Video. Best Watched in Full Screen.
Stay tuned to our social feeds for updates. It looks like we will be stepping up the tempo as it appears there are interesting time ahead. Stay Tuned.

Update to Yesterdays Post Canary Low Welcome to August

Whats up everybody. Wanted to take a second as a Native Floridian to let you know, if you don’t know already, that an ecological disaster is occurring in the Southern End of my home state. It’s happening Right Here, Right Now and there’s not a Fat Boy Slim Chance in hell that its going to get any better anytime soon because its not. The waters are about to go still, as in no movement as we are likely headed back to Lake Atlantic conditions with no tropical development in sight. For those of you that have seen the pictures this kill seems to be different. This kill is killing off LARGE bodied animals and I don’t think I have ever seen so many pictures of large bodied fish throwing out that old saying, only the strong survive. It’s one thing to kill off the shallows and the little fish but this one seems like it’s running deep and I’m waking up to find my loves not real.
Not sure who the photo creds go to but this is sickening.

Kind of hard to follow up after that. Don’t mean to be a DEBBY Downer to start the post but
speaking of DEBBY (next name on the list) models continue to show no tropical development through the 1st two weeks of August. If you did not read yesterdays post go read it before continuing….

Heres this Canary Low we are watching for. This mornings Rainbow IR. This is a frontal boundary that is stalling. Rule of thumb “Always Watch Tail Ends of Fronts Along Stalled or Dying Fronts for Area of Low Pressure to Develop”.

Latest 96HR Swell Forecast. There’s the SE S-Hemi Swell into NW Atlantic waters. NE Swell from North Atlantic discussed in yesterdays post with weak Low Developing out near the Canary’s. Again its a shame that that Southern Hemi swell has come in and cutoff the NE that was coming out of the North Atlantic. What ever is coming better get it. Looks like Lake Atlantic about to make it’s return until something rolls off of Afrika. Not saying there won’t be ride-able surf.

One of the other things we talked about in yesterdays post was the RIP Factor. Long time follower Tim Kelly NBC 10 Boston points it out in a tweet this morning. Although its’ a small swell, what lies at the surface does not always reflect what lies beneath.

Stay Tuned to our Social Feeds for Real-Time updates as we watch for this Low coming out of the Canary’s. As a Reminder if it doesn’t pan out don’t shoot the messenger. Consider yesterdays and todays post a dry run for whats to come. Looking forward to stepping up our game in the next two weeks. DEBBY is coming…when is the question.

Welcome to August

Welcome *NEW Followers and thank you to dose who hab bin lub-bing me long time 🙂
We are primarily a surf and marine forecast covering the North Atlantic however we like to say you don’t have to be a surfer or a mariner to follow our forecast as we also forecast tropical weather systems during Tropical Cyclone Season. Welcome to August and welcome to We are T-MINUS 41 Days and Counting to reach the peak of this years Tropical Cyclone Season. Heres where the game starts to step up.

As of right now there is absolutely nothing on the board that could threaten life limb or property anytime in the near future. GFS shows no tropical development for the 1st two weeks of August and EURO has since backed off of its tropical signals it was giving us a few days ago. Some of you on twitter may recall us using “Moderate to Strong” Tropical Signal a few days ago in our feed when looking at Afrika. Yesterdays HI-RES below. Although the image is still the atmosphere is fluid. Set the image in your mind then into motion, movement from right to left. But, just because it’s a moderate to strong tropical signal that doesn’t always equate to tropical development as environmental factors come into play (SAL Cooler MDR H20 Temps) as these Tropical Waves roll into the Atlantic. By count, for the 2018 season, we are now in the 30’s for number of Tropical Waves that have emerged off the West Afrikan Coast season to date. So if your concern is of tropical threats you can stop reading now. Bar any Homegrown Development it appears the first 2 weeks of August will go without seeing DEBBY. Of course terms and conditions are subject to change.
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Surfers…ok so we posted in our feeds a few days ago Possible Surf Alert setting up for East Florida Boys this weekend. Mind you we said not alot of confidence ATM (at the moment). Here it comes trying to setup in the swell forecast. If it doesn’t pan out don’t shoot the messenger. It’s something we are watching for but there’s some anomalous conditions in the North Atlantic right now. Case in point NOAA OPC 24HR Swell Forecast. 15-18 second SE Swell cutting through the water. Is it Southern Hemi Swell ? I don’t know. Certainly wasn’t from a strong area of Low Pressure. What I do know is it’s cutting across, meaning it’s cutting off any other swell source. These periods look to make it to New England. Beach goers beware of the RIP. Its called RIP for a reason. On a personal note, yesterday was the 1yr anniversary of my one and only sisters passing. Love you sis rest in peace.

And what we mean by “Cutting”, we finally get some NE Swell coming out of the NATLC that would of factored into the Possible Surf Alert setting up this weekend now being cutoff at 48HRS.

Jump you to 96HRS. Notice the swell directional change. So there is some hope here but appears to be fading.

It’s at this point where models had been suggesting an area of Weak Low Pressure near the Canary’s would retro back up under Bermuda but have since somewhat backed off the idea. The uncertainty is that it doesn’t mean they cant turn it back on over the next several runs. It’s why we watch in Real-Time. Nothing in weather absolute until it happens in it. Again yesterdays Hi-RES below.

EURO Day 5 Saturday into Sunday.

Thats it for now. Cross U Finga cause thats all we got. Luke-King Bleak….
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