Waist high WindChop. “Better then flat”

Tuesday dawn patrol

Waist high glass!

Sandy’s Tuesday

She still brings waves. Its head high plus on sets. A few fast ones. The pic sucks but that’s Tresspass in the distances. Maybe a few waves before work.

Sandy’s Monday

Head high with still some overhead sets. Looks like a few of the wave don’t require rocket boosters. Grab a few before work. Also you might need some rubber, its a bit chilly!

Sandy’s Sunday update

Pic is opal towers in Hillsboro Beach. It is Huge. I surfed SOBE in the am, not like yesterday. Have fun be safe. Find an inlet or ski.

Sandy’s Sunday AM

Same as yesterday!!!! Amazing

Sandy’s Saturday Update

Still insane, if you have a ski your having so much fun. I have seen 15+ plus wave run by. This the smallest wave I have seen. All perfect way overhead but FAST.

Sandy’s Saturday

Over head barrels. Walls just pealing off the sandbars! Today should be amazing, be safe and have fun.

Sandy’s Friday

Double Over Head Easy! Maybe some sets plus I have seen out the back. Winds are off shore and swell is just pumping. WOW. Years since I have seen waves like this outback. Wow.

Monday madness

Winds light off shore. Over head nugs. Still drifting.