Fishing Report July 9, 2013

Cubrea Snapper
Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

Snook have moved into the ocean inlets and can be targeted for catch and release only. Fishing live baits and jigs near the bottom is how these snook are being caught. Offshore boats have been catching a mixed bag of kingfish, bonitos, some large blackfin tunas, barracudas and a few sailfish. Early and late in the day working depths from 100 to 200 feet of water many of these fish are feeding near the surface whereas the remainder of the day you need to work the middle or bottom of the water column for best results. Quite a few small to medium size dolphins have been in the area but most of these fish have been under size. Look for the birds out in the blue water to help you find the action. Bottom fishermen working the wrecks and ledges during the daytime are catching groupers, mutton snappers and jacks. Nighttime fishermen are doing well on mangrove, yellowtail and mutton snappers.

North Biscayne Bay Inshore

Small baitfish schools have moved into the bay and are attracting the attention of large and small sea trout, barracudas, a few bluefish, jacks, ladyfish and pompano. Most of these baitfish are too small to use for bait so if you can’t find a few big enough to put on your hook then cast a Rapala Twitchin, Clackin or X Rap in the area that the baitfish schools are holding. I found some diving terns working an area of a grass flat the other day and had non-stop action from sea trout in the one to four pound range. We caught these fish on twitch baits as well as live baits fished under a float. As we traveled from one spot to another we had a one pound pompano skip by the bow of the boat. We also caught small bluefish, barracudas and jacks that day. Nighttime fishing for snook, tarpon and snapper has been good during the late evening outgoing tides. These fish are going for large live shrimp or medium size baitfish.

South Biscayne Bay

Captain Mo Estevez told me the other day that he has seen and had action from lots of early morning tailing bonefish in South Bay. Most of this action has taken place along the Oceanside flats on the incoming tides. On the western shorelines permits are working the flats but only on the calm mornings. You won’t have a great tide or conditions this weekend for tailing fish so look for the fish to be in deeper water on the incoming tide and mudding. Tarpon have been scarce in the bay.

Fishing Report June 20, 2013


Dade and Broward

Great tarpon bite this past week fishing into the night. Using live crabs and shrimp around Government Cut. Snook are also holding in the ocean inlets but remember it’s all catch and release. Bait has been very tough to come by recently. Get your calls in early if you plan on buying bait this weekend. Offshore green blue water has been from the reef out to 900 feet of water. Usually this is a bad sign for fishing but in this case there are a lot of fish feeding in this green blue water. I fished this past week starting offshore of Government Cut and trolled my way north to Haulover Inlet before heading back in. We trolled because after looking for two hours for bait and not finding any that was Plan B. Trolling blue and white and purple and red plastic Williamson trollers in depths from 200 feet out to 900 feet of water we landed five schoolie dolphins and a blackfin tuna. This may not seem like a lot of fish but one dolphin was followed by a school of fifty that we landed only two and the others were loaners or small groups that would not stay with the boat. Terns were dipping on small baitfish that tunas and dolphins were actively feeding on throughout the day but rough conditions made it hard to stay with them. Two different times we had large hammerhead sharks swim right to the boat but they were not on our target list. We found the best action was from 260 to 500 feet of water and there was only scattered grass but this grass all had small bait hiding under it. There were large amounts of flying fish some big and some small and all were getting chased. With little to no current we made two drops in 600 feet of water and landed two nice tilefish before heading in. Nighttime bottom fishing is producing nice catches of yellowtail snappers.



Biscayne Bay Inshore

With little bait in North Biscayne Bay your best bet this weekend is try the grass flats with an assortment of artificial lures for sea trout, small tarpon, jacks, ladyfish, barracudas, snappers, snook, and sharks. A good stating off point would be to rig up a float with a one foot thirty pound monofilament leader and attach a ¼-ounce red Hookup lure and a Gulp! shrimp. Cast this rig out on the flat and work it back in short strokes as you pop the float. This works for my clients. You can also use a Rapala Skitter Walk or Twitchin’ Rap. Nighttime snook and small tarpon action has been fair.


Fishign Report May 7, 2013


Broward and Dade

Tarpon are slowly thinning out along the beaches and in the ocean inlets. Still plenty are being caught and released along with some big jacks, ladyfish, bluefish and snook. Live mullet, large shrimp and crabs are the favorite beach and inlet baits but a large Rapala X Rap or a one ounce Hookup lure jig tipped with a soft plastic tail will get you hard strikes. Offshore fishing has been good. Grouper season is now open on the Atlantic coast. Fishermen are allowed three groupers per person. Only one can be a black or gag and the others can be red groupers or all three can be red groupers. Gags and blacks must be 24 inches total length and red groupers must be 20 inches total length. Plenty of amberjacks and groupers are on the wrecks and each will hit a large pinfish, speedo, small bullet size bonito or a large strip of bonito fished near or on the bottom. Vertical jiggers will get their fair share of groupers and jack while working the deeper wrecks. Sailfishing has been consistent and some very large kingfish are migrating through our area. You can drift with three hooked rigged ballyhoo or live baits in 100 to 200 feet of water for best results. Some blackfin tuna are also showing up. Dolphins have been scattered but some large fish continue to migrate through our area. Look for the dolphins along the edge out to 1000 feet of water. Nighttime bottom fishermen are finding an assortment of snappers and small groupers plus some over size kingfish.

Biscayne Bay Inshore

Fishing continues to be steady in North Bay. Seems there was a run of sailfish in the canals this past week. At least one sailfish that is that somehow made its way up into a Keystone Point canal and was filmed chasing a school of mullet. Anything is possible. You can watch the video on Florida Sportsman Magazines South Region Forum. Besides the sailfish, large sea trout are thinning out but are still available on many of the grass flats in North and South Bay. Along with the trout have been bluefish, jacks, ladyfish, barracuda’s and a few snappers. Casting ¼ ounce red Hookup lures tipped with a Gulp or Trigger X shrimp is a great way to locate the fish. Fishing live pilchards and small pinfish under a Cajun Thunder float is another way to get in on the action. These fish are also hitting Rapala X Raps and Twitchin Raps. A few snook have been feeding in the day time and there are some large tarpon working many of the shallow grass flats where mullet schools are present. Late night snook and tarpon action has been good around dock lights and along the bridge shadow lines.

Fishing Report April 4, 2013


Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

Tarpon continue to please the silver king enthusiast in and around all of the Oceanside inlets. Best action has been at night with large live shrimp being the top bait. Spanish mackerel are making their Spring migration run back to the north and can be found in depths from 10 feet out to 40 feet of water. These fish are not holding for any length of time in any area. Trolling feathers, silver spoons and Rapala X Raps continues to be the best way to locate the fish. Large spawning kingfish have moved into the south Florida area and can be found in depths from 40 feet out to 120 feet of water. Large live baits like threadfin herring and horse pilchards have been the top kingfish baits. A few sailfish are available just outside the outer reef and are eating large live baits fished under a kite. Dolphins are scattered with some large gaffer size fish being caught outside of 200 feet of water. Best action has been when the current is running north. Wreck bottom fishermen have had groupers for catch and release, mutton snappers to 15 pounds, amberjacks, almaco jacks and cobia. Nighttime bottom fishing is producing steady catches of snapper, jacks, bluefish and a few large kingfish.

North Biscayne Bay Inshore

Plenty of bluefish, a few Spanish mackerel, small kingfish and lots of sea trout have been biting in the Bay. Best action has come by blind casting ¼ ounce red jigheads tipped with a Gulp! Shrimp, Rapala X Raps and fishing live shrimp and pilchards under a float. Look for the birds and concentrate your efforts in areas that birds are hovering and diving. On recent charters and trips we have had some nice gag groupers eat our artificial lures and live baits. Groupers are protected until May 1st. Nighttime tarpon action has been good around the bridges especially on the late outgoing tides when shrimp are running.

South Biscayne Bay

Fishing the Finger Channels recently my clients had action from mackerel, mutton and yellowtail snappers, porgies and plenty of grunts. Live shrimp and pilchards fished on the bottom and on the surface was how we got our action. Bonefish, permits, small sharks and barracudas can be found on the mainland flats south of Black Point, on both sides of the Oceanside islands and in the areas of Cutter Bank, the Arsenicker Keys and Totten Key. Use live shrimp for the bonefish and sharks, silver dollar size blue crabs for the permits and silver flashy plugs for the barracudas.

Flamingo in Everglades National Park

During windy cold days the best fishing in Flamingo has come late in the day in the creeks and channels on an incoming tide. On the nice days redfish and seatrout have been active on the shallow flats, run offs and in the channels in Florida Bay as well as up close to the shorelines and islands on the high tides. Live shrimp fished on a jig or under a float or a ¼ ounce jighead tipped with scented bait have been the fish catchers recently. Tripletails have been free floating in open water on the warm calm days and there is still some Spanish mackerel to be caught ion the outer fringes of Florida Bay.

Fishing Report Feb. 20, 2012


Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

Snook season is now open along the Atlantic coast and snook have been holding along the rocks, jetties and bridge pilings near the ocean inlets on the outgoing tides. A large shrimp hooked to a 3/8 ounce red Hookup lure jig head and cast in these areas is a sure way to get a solid snook hookup. Spanish mackerel, bluefish and jacks continue to cruise along the beaches where waters are a little dirty. Trolling silver spoons and Rapala X Raps in these areas is a great way to locate the fish and then you can cast live shrimp and jigs once the fish are found. Kingfish to 30 pounds have been caught in numbers recently outside of Haulover Inlet. Best depths have been from 40 feet out to 150 feet of water. Offshore fishing has been a bit slow but a few sailfish, blackfin tuna, wahoo and dolphins are being caught on live baits and trolled feathers and spoons. Wreck fishing has been slow. Deep dropping in 650 feet of water out to 1000 feet of water is producing limits of golden tilefish plus some black belly rosefish. Nighttime reef fishing has been producing mutton, mangrove, lane and yellowtail snappers. Its seems the sailfish bite has turned on and large schools of Spanish macs have be on the shallow reefs.

Biscayne Bay Inshore

Baitfish schools continue to play hide and seek with fishermen. Once you locate a school of baitfish there is a real good chance you will find mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish and jacks feeding on them. Casting Rapala X Raps and Twitchin’ Raps around the baitfish schools will get you into the action. Find the baitfish schools over a grass flats and you can expect bluefish and sea trout to be feeding on them. Fishing a live shrimp or baitfish under a Cajun Thunder float over the deeper grass flats is producing sea trout, jacks and bluefish. With warmer temperatures there have been some snook feeding along the baitfish schools. Nighttime snook and tarpon action continues to be fair late at night. There have been no significant shrimp runs as of now.


Dade and Broward

Tarpon can be found along the beaches especially at Government Cut. Large shrimp slow drifted behind the boat is the ticket for these finicky tarpon. A few Spanish mackerel can be had along the outside of the beaches but they are scattered so trolling spoons and plugs is the best way to locate them. Offshore in depths from 100 feet out to 240 feet of water a few kingfish, bonitos, blackfin tuna, wahoo and sailfish are being caught. Live baits fished under a kite or free lined is the best way to target these fish. Outside of 300 feet of water a few schools of dolphins have been caught. Bottom fishing the wrecks is producing an assortment of jacks; Deep dropping in depths from 600 to 900 feet of water is producing golden tile fish and a black belly rose fish. Strips of bonito fished with two pounds of lead and a glow stick is what getting the deep dropping done. There are some swordfish biting day and night for those interested. Waters from 1200 feet of water at night and 1800 feet during the daytime have been active for swords..

Biscayne Bay

Schools of baitfish continue to be chased by schools of small bluefish, mackerel, jacks and small kingfish in the open waters of the Bay. As always look for the birds to find the action. Trolling crankbaits has been getting the strikes. Over the grass flats that have birds diving sea trout, bluefish, ladyfish and snappers are biting. Live shrimp and pilchards fished under a Cajun Thunder float continue to catch these fish. Jigheads tipped with a Gulp! or Trigger-X shrimp or casting Rapala X Raps is working for the anglers that like to fish the artificial lures. A few snook and some large jacks and tarpon are scattered throughout the bay. Late night tarpon fishing With a late morning incoming tide expect bonefish to be active on the Oceanside flats. Look for tails early and fish pushing wakes and mudding later in the day. Place a nice live shrimp in front of a bonefish’s nose and hold on. Gag groupers have been feeding along the deeper mangrove shorelines in South Bay. This is all catch and release. Chum the fish out from the cover with live pilchards and then throw one of yours into the mix and hold on. There are a few Spanish mackerel being caught in South Bay on live pilchards and shrimp.

Flamingo and Florida Bay

Redfish, large seatrout, and a few snook are being caught over the mud and grass flats in Florida Bay. Best action has come in areas that have muddy water created by feeding mullet. Cast a jighead tipped with a scented soft-plastic shrimp in the area and bounce it off the bottom and you should get hit pretty quickly. Many of the trout are over 20-inches.


Fishing Report Jan. 3, 2013

Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

Offshore anglers are finding a few large tarpon along the beaches and in the inlets. On the way to the offshore reefs trolling feathers and Rapala X Raps is producing a few Spanish mackerel. Outside of the outer reef anglers are catching a few nice kingfish, a few dolphins and a few sailfish. With a full moon this weekend there could be a great early morning wahoo bite. Bottom fishermen working the reefs, ledges and wrecks are catching a lot of lesser amberjacks, quite a few gag groupers, red groupers and a few black groupers. Fishing in rough conditions with a current going into the wind my son and I released seven groupers and an amberjack. We had a small gag, four red groupers one being legal, a scamp and a legal black grouper. All of the fish were caught on live threadfin herring fished on or near the bottom.

Biscayne Bay Inshore

Plenty of sea trout are available throughout the bay. Best action is coming from areas that have grass flats in four to six feet of water and baitfish schools nearby. Fishing live baits under a float, and jigs tipped with scented shrimp has been the most productive trout catchers recently. Schools of bluefish, small jacks and a few small kingfish and mackerel are roaming the Bay. On a recent charter we tried to feed these fish live baits but the birds were so aggressive it made it very hard for clients to keep the baits away from the birds. Trolling Rapala X Raps worked much better.

FISHING REPORT Dec. 26, 2012

Tarpon have been active along the beaches from Port Everglades south to Government Cut. Large live shrimp have been the top tarpon baits. Large jack crevalles have been eating live mullet on the outgoing tides at the mouth of the inlets. With snook season closed there have been few snook reports. Pier fishermen working the Commercial Pier during the daytime have been doing well on Spanish mackerel, lesser amberjacks and mutton snappers. At night plenty of bluerunners and bluefish are being caught. Offshore anglers have had mixed results with some anglers catching a few kingfish and small blackfin tuna outside the outer reef. A few sailfish are being released everyday but so far no big numbers. Live threadfin herring have been the top baits for the kings, tunas and sailfish. Anglers working the wrecks are catching gag groupers to 51 pounds on the bottom and dolphins to 38 pounds. Best action has come on days with east winds. Swordfish are being caught during day trips out in 2000 feet of water. Nighttime bottom fishing has produced red and gag grouper, mutton and mangrove snappers. Low tide at Government Cut Friday night will be at 9:19.

 Biscayne Bay

This past week there have been schools of threadfin herring, small groups of pilchards and mullet of all different sizes in North Bay. Bluefish, large and small jacks and a few Spanish mackerel have been feeding on these baitfish schools. Lots of small to medium size seatrout have been eating live baits.

Fishing Report Dec. 17, 2012

Offshore Dade, Broward

Offshore fishing continues to be hit and miss. Along the beaches from Port Everglades south schools of finger mullet worked their way into the bays and Intracoastal Waterways. These are the bigger schools of finger mullet that normally arrive in late October early November. Better late than never! Tarpon were seen feeding on these mullet in the bays and along the beaches. Large jacks, bluefish and some mackerel are feeding on them as well. Offshore a few kingfish, bonitos, blackfin tuna, an occasional sailfish and some wahoo have been feeding on trolled baits and live baits fished in depths from 100 feet of water out to 240 feet of water. Schools of dolphins and small groups of dolphins continue to feed along scattered weedlines. Bottom fishermen were catching a few black and gag groupers over the reefs and wrecks. Nighttime bottom fishing continues to be decent with a mix of snappers, groupers, jacks and bluefish. Lots of Thresher Sharks have been seem cruising sailfish alley.

 Biscayne Bay Inshore

Big schools of medium size finger mullet are attracting the attention of lots of large jack crevalles, bluefish and a few mackerel and large tarpon. Look for diving pelicans to help you locate the mullet schools and then fish live mullet, Rapala Skitter Walks, Sub Walks and soft plastics in the area. There are schools of small bluefish chasing what’s left of any pilchard schools in the bay. Look for diving terns to find the bluefish. Cast soft plastics and live baits in the area and you should catch all you are looking to catch.


Broward Dade

Spanish mackerel and lots of small jack crevalles are chasing pilchard and mullet schools and ballyhoo. Look for the frigate birds that are trying to steal the ballyhoo from the mackerel. There have been reports of pompano and bluefish being caught off the piers and in the surf as well. Offshore kingfish in the 10 to 15 pound class are eating live baits fished free lined and near the bottom. In depths from 90 to over 100 feet of water decent size mutton snappers are eating large live pilchards and threadfin herring. Sailfish are starting to show up along current rips and along the edge of the Gulf Stream. Dolphins have been scattered. Swordfishing has been good during day trips in 1800 to 2200 feet of water. Nighttime bottom fishing continues to produce limit catches of yellowtail snappers plus a lot of ribbonfish.

 Biscayne Bay

Baitfish schools continue to move around in North Biscayne Bay. One day they are north of Haulover Inlet, the next at Haulover Inlet and on other days in the middle of the Bay. Look for diving birds to help you locate the bait. Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks, ladyfish, snapper, barracudas and ribbon fish have been feeding on these baitfish schools. Snook and tarpon have become hard to find since the storm.