Fun and Play on MLK Day

Started off pretty much flat this morning but we decided to paddle out because of the trippy clouds and fogbank offshore. It paid off. By 9 it was chest high and super fun. Hope you caught some! Looks like waves for the rest of the week!


Some fun waves today in South PBC. The potential was there with the offshore winds early this morning but not enough size. Still a fun day for the loggers and groms even after the winds came onshore.

Here’s a few shots from yesterday.


Fun waves today Around South PBC.

Here’s a few slides from yesterday.



Here’s a few shots from Wednesday in Central PBC. Fun day of surf!

Delray Beach Surf Festival

Fun day at the 5th Annual Delray Beach Surf Festival! Waves were just big enough for the groms to get some good rides. And us big groms managed to get a few maneuvers as well! Big Ups to the city of Delray, the promoters and all the sponsors who made the event possible.

Happy Halloween

Fun run of spooky waves the past few days. Hope you caught some. Here’s some shots from Monday and Tuesday.


Waist to chest high sets this morning with clean conditions in PBC. A little racy and closed out but if you caught the right section there were some fun rides to be had. Winds are getting on it now but there’s still waves.

Her’s a few shots from yesterday morning in Deerfield. Didn’t get any shots when it had size but it got legit for a couple of hours in the morning. Hope you got some. BTW, I’m getting reports now the it’s getting good again…as of 11:30! Go get some if you can!


Some fun windchop out there this morning in the head high range. Find your favorite East windchop sandbar and go get some. Forecast has it starting to back off tomorrow but we should have rideable waves  for a few more days.


Clean swell making it down to south central PBC this morning. Early morning low tide put a hutin on it but there were a few rides to be had. Get while it’s still there. The swell from Maria is fading. Bigger the further north you go as I’m sure you already know ;).


Fun little leftover this morning in central PBC. Intermittent pulses throughout the morning giving us some fun little sets every 20 minutes or so. Might be worth a look again this afternoon.

Here’s the gallery from yesterday