Trace wind-swell down south this morning. North of the Bahamas blockage still has some waves tho.

Here’s a few shots from Yesterday in St. Lucie County.

Here’s some shots from the SingleFin Showdown in Stuart on Saturday. Super small choppy sloppy for a contest but the talent showed through. Great event for a great cause! Big Ups Ohana Surf Shop for putting it on!


Tiny leftovers this morning in North Broward. You might find a decent wave with decent winds upcoast but even that looks to be on its way out.

Here’s a few shots from the 2 dollar contest in LBS last Saturday. These guys were actually killing it in closed out windchop.

Wednesday Surf Report and some photos from Costa last weekend

Fading SE windchop this morning in Pompano. With the winds backing off and the high tide this morning it’s pretty much done now.

Marine forecast is calling for some sizable NE windchop this weekend. Could be fun if you find some protection from the wind.

Booked a last minute flight to Costa Rica for a quick hit last weekend. Scored some sick longboard waves at a point break in Quepos and managed to find some decent size beach breaks that weren’t totally closing out. Fun little two day surf trip!



Small and unridable windchop pretty much through South Florida this morning.

Marine forecast is calling for the winds to pick up and clock around out of the SE tomorrow. Hopefully we get a little size out of it. If we do, Thursday morning could be fun as the winds are forecast to go offshore.



Not much going on surf wise today in South Florida. The above pictures are from yesterday in central pbc.

Gulf Coast – hit or miss Day 2

solid set comes through.

Hitting the road on my first trip of the year across the Florida coast to the West side.  The largest storm this winter is hitting early this week across the coasts, slatted to bring waves to both coasts.  I drove over on Sunday afternoon to get a session in before dark and the swell was already showing pretty strong.  Nokomis, Florida is not exactly a wave magnet compared to the rest of the world but has its moments with a set of Jetties that extend out with Venice to the south.  A little hint of red tide welcomed me but wasn’t enough to keep me out of the water.  Surfed until dark as it wasn’t ready to shoot yet.

The wind blew really hard as many of you experienced across Florida all night.  Waking up this morning to the buoy offshore in the Gulf at 20ft, the largest its been for a couple years.  I linked up with an old friend and ripper Jake to give it a go in the morning.  We checked it at dark and decided to go out at Venice public beach.  Since the winter has been so mild this year the water is actually pleasant and not super cold.  Pretty solid sets were coming through.  Pretty sure we were the only ones out for miles.  I swam out with my flash housing while we both tried to get into position to lineup for a shot.  It was great to get in the water again after having a back injury the last week.  We didn’t get much but had fun out there.  Couple bombs came through, pretty rare size for Venice beach.  After about an hour we headed in as it was too light for the flash. As the wind clocks more NW the waves will change and the spots to surf will change.  Time will tell what the conditions will evolve into!

Photos from Friday the 13th

Here are some photos from Friday in South PBC. Fun round of windchop we’ve had this week. Looks like we have a few more days of wind and waves before they start backing off towards the middle of next week.


Fun waist high wind chop with some bigger sets to be had out there this morning. Low tide has a hurtin on it now but the incoming push later this afternoon should be fun.


No waves to speak of this morning but it’s starting off to be a nice beach day. Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I should be able to get back into my routine here soon.

The forecast for Sunday is looking good! There is a chance for offshore winds first thing Sunday morning. If not, it looks like we’ll have straight up big windchop for a few days next week.

Here’s some photos from last week in St. Lucie County.

Merry Christmas

I was fortunate enough to run into Santa and his helpers yesterday as they took a break from their Christmas deliveries to catch some south Florida surf. I was even fortunate enough to find Rasta Claus catching some waves.

There are some fun waves out there this Christmas morning so grab your new Christmas stick and go catch some surf!!!