Hurricane Irma Saturday

Kinda fun Hurricane Irma session this morning . Pretty much just a washing machine out there but good enough for a drop and a pop.

Cops are running everyone off the beaches now in Broward so if you didn’t already get a session in looks like you’ll have to sneak in. Really not worth the hassle …too much ocean moving anyway.

Better off saving it for next week. Between the leftover Irma and the potential Jose swell, next week could be real good!!!


Little knee to thigh high east windchop this morning throughout South Florida. The winds are blowing so hopefully it’ll pick up throughout the day. Hope it does! It’ll be cool to get a session with the eclipse this afternoon.


Fun waves today up in St. Lucie County. Definitely a nice break from this summer flat spell!!!

NWS is calling for a little SE breeze to pick up on Thursday and last a few days. We might get some longboardable waves out of it.


Besides the gnarly amount of seaweed we caught some fun waves it Pompano yesterday. Looks like we’ll have some rideable leftovers this morning before the winds start backing off. Looks to go flat for the rest of the week so you might want to get some tossed salad before its gone.


Flat throughout south Florida today.

Sunday Funday at the Log Jam contest in Juno last weekend. Great contest, great surfers but not so great waves. Here’s a few pics…


Little leftovers this morning in South PBC. Longboardable at best.

Looks like another round of waves for the beginning of next week. The wave models show it filling in Sunday night with a chance of offshore winds Monday morning.

Here’s a few shots from yesterday in south PBC

And here’s a few from Wednesday


Trace wind-swell down south this morning. North of the Bahamas blockage still has some waves tho.

Here’s a few shots from Yesterday in St. Lucie County.

Here’s some shots from the SingleFin Showdown in Stuart on Saturday. Super small choppy sloppy for a contest but the talent showed through. Great event for a great cause! Big Ups Ohana Surf Shop for putting it on!


Tiny leftovers this morning in North Broward. You might find a decent wave with decent winds upcoast but even that looks to be on its way out.

Here’s a few shots from the 2 dollar contest in LBS last Saturday. These guys were actually killing it in closed out windchop.

Wednesday Surf Report and some photos from Costa last weekend

Fading SE windchop this morning in Pompano. With the winds backing off and the high tide this morning it’s pretty much done now.

Marine forecast is calling for some sizable NE windchop this weekend. Could be fun if you find some protection from the wind.

Booked a last minute flight to Costa Rica for a quick hit last weekend. Scored some sick longboard waves at a point break in Quepos and managed to find some decent size beach breaks that weren’t totally closing out. Fun little two day surf trip!



Small and unridable windchop pretty much through South Florida this morning.

Marine forecast is calling for the winds to pick up and clock around out of the SE tomorrow. Hopefully we get a little size out of it. If we do, Thursday morning could be fun as the winds are forecast to go offshore.