South Florida ESA Contest #3 Photos and Results

And here are some shots from Scotty Shaw.

Copy and paste from South Florida ESA Team. Great Job, BTW!!!

Here are the results from the 3rd South Florida Esa contest held at Deerfield Beach Pier. Huge thanks to all the competitors and the parents for sticking it out in the windy conditions. Stoked to have waves and be surrounded by such a stoked group of groms. See you next year.

Shortboard Divisions
New Surfer:
1st – Sam Eastaugh
2nd – Julia Rock

Menehune u12
1st – Reef Coote
2nd – Corbin Buckly
3rd – Shane Figas
4th – Sam Eastaugh
5th – Julia Rock

Boys u14
1st – Reef Coote
2nd – Nicholas Calice
3rd – Corbin Buckly

Girls u14
1st – Raina Clark
2nd – Chiara Hannan

Boys u16
1st – Chris Caldwell
2nd – Nicholas Calice
3rd – Dylan Crawford
4th – Ben Altschuler
5th – Jesse Beady

Girls u16
1st – Raina Clark
2nd – Kaylee Berryhill
3rd – Sereh O’Keefe
4th – Chiara Hannan

Junior Men u18
1st – Marco Grisei
2nd – Jack helveka
3rd – Ben Granath
4th – Chris Caldwell

Womens u18
1st – Raina Clark
2nd – Kaylee Berryhill
3rd – Chiara Hannan

Men 18 – 29
1st – Keahi Kam
2nd – Cappy Cheshire
3rd – Kevin Alzate

Womens Shortboard 18 – 34
1st – Marina Lefkimiotis
2nd – Kimberly Crawford
3rd – Sydney Osborne

Masters 30 – 39
1st – Casey Coote
2nd – Cappy Cheshire
3rd – Chip Hunt
4th – Ryan Fernandez
5th – Matthew Santana
6th – Justin Williams

Senior Mens
1st – Matthew Santana
2nd – Darlan Lopez
3rd – Bernardo Gamboa

1st – Jerry Gruhur

Mens Open shortboard
1st – Cappy Cheshire
2nd – Casey Coote
3rd – Keahi Kam
4th – Darlan Lopez

Longboard and SUP Divisions

Menehune Longboard u12
1st – Corbin Buckley

Junior Longboard u18
1st – Billy Marshalll
2nd – Jack Helveka
3rd – Mason Cummings
4th – Jake Fairbanks
5th – Ben Altschuler

Womens Longboard 18 – 34
1st – Kimberly Crawford

Masters Longboard 35 – 49
1st – Rolando Williams
2nd – Chris Beeman
3rd – Ian Halliday

Tonight, gather at the table!

IMG_2030It was Tuesday night and Chris Beeman and I decided it was time to catch up on life. “There is a restaurant that I have to take you to” Chris told me. “It’s right in Pompano. I just know you will love it!”

He was right!…

The experience I had that evening at The Rusty Hook Tavern with Chris was exactly what I needed. I left that evening with a little more joy, a little more love, and a feeling that this place is unique from anywhere else I’ve been.

I knew I would be back for a second visit. Next time, I would be prepared to explore the menu some more, add a couple more friends, and bring a camera.

…I arrived at 7:45pm and was promptly greeted by the staff and joined immediately by my good friends Sarah and Mandy. We decided it might be a good idea to sit at the bar while our table was getting ready. The three of us soaked in the atmosphere and began to look over the drink menu. We chatted briefly, said our hellos, and quickly glanced at the specialty drinks. We were told our table was ready and gladly moved our excitement into the dinning room.

We commented on the decor, lighting, and view of the intracoastal. Although the restaurant is nautical/ocean themed, there is also a clean modern feel. I love how the atmosphere is relaxed and still refined. I feel completely comfortable coming to eat dinner here in jeans and a casual shirt after a long day surfing, as well as dressing up to meet someone special for dinner.

I found the view of the water calming and quiet and began to fully appreciate The Rusty Hook Tavern sitting just far enough back from any road having heavy traffic. I sat outside during my first visit with Chris and was enjoying the different perspective tonight at a cozy window seat. We were greeted by our waitress and gave her our drink orders. We decided it would be best to sample off the specialty drink list. We would enjoy or cocktails while sharing a few items that immediately sparked our attention.

Looking back, I chuckle over the thought of what it might have been like to see us receiving our martinis. We practically squealed when we saw the dIMG_1971rinks coming toward us in three distinctly exquisite colors. We not only ordered the 3 most popular drinks on the list, but in my opinion the most visually appealing as well.

I’m a sucker for cucumber martini’s and this one hit the spot. It was flavored to perfection. Mandy enjoyed the Thai Basil Martini that was slightly sweeter than mine, due to the grapefruit juice and Svedka Clementine Vodka. Sarah dove right into The Guilty Plea which was divinely spicy and satisfying. (I will be ordering this one my next visit)


The Crispy Chicken Schnitzel was the first item we ordered off the main menu. This salad was bright and fresh with just the right amount of chicken, mozzarella, salami, and gigante beans. This was exactly what we needed to kick start the evening and lead us right into the goodness of our meal and conversation.

We were equally impressed with the soup of the day, a tasty cheesy potato soup, and the Graham Cracker Calamari.

To be honest, the soup blew my mind. I am not generally one to order soup , but I am glad I stepped out of my box for the occasion. …I think I may have sneaked a few more bites than my friends.

I thoroughly enjoyed the nice kick the piquillo peppers and the spicy aioli added to the Graham Cracker Calamari. However, to my surprise, after squeezing lemon juice onto these delicious creatures is when the distinct flavor of graham cracker took ownership and made this dish unique and enjoyable.

Next round, bottle of wine and entree! We chose a Malbec to accompany the Surf & Turf which took our dinning experience to the next level. What can I say…I am still talking about this dish!IMG_2008

The surf, a porcini crusted seared tuna. The turf, braised oxtail. Thoughtfully paired with whipped potatoes and tempera onion, each bite celebrated the pure taste of the tuna and the epiphany of braised oxtail. I will remember this dish, conversation, and the company for years to come and I will re-order this dish over and over again…so long as it is on the menu.

We still had wine left in our bottle, so, their was no alternative left but to carry our dinning experience into desert. We ordered the White Russian Cake, and like everything else, melded right into our conversation and our dining experience. The Malbec couldn’t have joined the chocolate in this dessert more divinely. Even after we had finished eating and continued to linger at the table, enjoying our last sips of wine, our dinning experience left us satisfied with a feeling of indulgence. IMG_2051

We were welcome here. We left with a little more than we came with. We all knew we would be back, together or with more loved ones, and it would be soon.

The Rusty Hook Tavern is local, relaxed, and delicious. I intend to go back again and again, knowing that I will not be disappointed. Thank you Rusty Hook Tavern for coming to Pompano beach and being my favorite “local place to gather at the table”! Cheers!


Art on the Slide at Daytime Radness // Island Water Sports

Art on the Slide had a blast being apart of all the Radness that was Daytime Radness this past Friday October 24th. It was an all day event started at 5am and ended 9pm. Featured art work by local surfers Chris Beeman Slave to the Wave, Rachel DeJohn Surfy Birdy, Ben Hicks Fine Art, Patrick Robert Art, Alain Eagles Art, Thomas Frezza Frezz Art, Ryan Heigel  SurfThis, Tina Vanzwol and skater Blair Hess Project. Live board art by Frezz Art on 9ft longboard donated by Global Surf Industries.

Art on the Slide

Much thanks to all of the contributors that made this event a success: Island Water Sports with special shout out to Linsey Cotrell. She pours her heart into this event each year and she is made of magic, great job getting this event together! For those that helped us get this Art on the Slide exhibit secure and strong for the winds and possibility of rain (100% chance of rain for Friday earlier in the week by great luck we only had minor sprinkle) Surfrider Broward , Eddie Nott Surfboards Mike and Janice Nott, Scotty Shaw, Alain Eagles, Tom Frezza, Ben Hicks and Mary Wright.

Big thanks to the photographers on deck for the Slave to the Wave photo booth area with Teepee by Surfy Birdy.

Photogs: Slave to the Wave, Living Exposure Carl Dawson, Roseanne Photography.

Photo Booth


Board Art Winner

Congratulations to Karina for winning the Board Raffle! She won a board painted by Tom Frezza (Frezz Art), the board was donated by Global Surf Industries and glassed by Michael Pechonis (Bird Surfboards). Proceeds benefiting Surfrider Broward and the Phil Pechonis Family.

Shaping Experience

It was time for a new surfboard. I had felt like my surfing had plateaued and I was ready to expand my ideas and abilities of longboarding.
After reconnecting with Mike Pechonis from Bird Surfboards in the water after a morning surf session (I first met Mike back in 1996), along with trying out a couple of his shapes that he was making for Chris Beeman…I knew I wanted a version of the “stout.”
The stout is a template based on Donald Takayama’s “In the Pink”. By taking out some of the nose rocker and adding a tail rocker with more V, we were able to enhance performance. The nose rocker was relaxed for better nose riding as well as easier wave entry when paddling. The board works great in sizes from 8’6″ to 9’6″ and fun in waves from 1ft to 8ft. From beach breaks to point breaks, this is a “go to” board!
To start, it was easy. I told Mike I wanted a board, a “Stout”, and that I wanted to paint some artwork on the bottom. He said, “Sure” and we went to work. He was excited about the board as I believe he is with all his clients. He asked me if I wanted to be there for the shaping and of course I replied, “YES”! After the board had been cut, we set up a day for shaping. I was able to bring my two girls with me to watch. …That is exactly what I expected to do, watch. To my surprise, Mike allowed us to put our hands on the board.All three of us got to touch and feel the process along with watching this art form take its shape.

Once the board was shaped, it was time for the art room. Joe Sessa (Dec Surfboards) was going to be doing the glass work on the board and I asked him if he could airbrush a background for me to paint on. After explaining my vision, Joe was able to get the colors I needed on the board.IMG_458320131118-IMG_5160

Now, it was my turn to get the paint on the foam and get the board back to Joe so he can finish the process.Painting the board took longer than I had expected. I had never painted a 9ft piece of foam before,so I really didn’t know how long it would take. Plus, like any art project, I translated the design different than I had originally planned. All in all, when I was finished, I was happy.



Joe had the board for the rest of the process. He glassed the board, airbrushed a pin strip around my artwork, and buffered the board to perfection.

After the board was cured, I couldn’t wait to get it in the water. I have surfed the board a few times now and couldn’t be more satisfied. Each time out I am able to learn a little more about the board and myself.


Thanks Mike Pechonis and Joe Sessa for your hard work and making the process so rewarding.

See you in the water!

Start your Shaping Experience today at Bird Surfboards.

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