Exploring Indonesia – Below the surface – Borneo – Derawan

A B/W from above the deep.

Indonesia – Trip of Wonders

Part 1 – Derawan

As we arrive after a solid 12 hrs of traveling on the boat, a welcoming site is Maratua Island. A local community inhabiting a small ringlike shaped island lined with amazing dive spots along its shores.
My headache was still in full force. Very hard to think straight forward and concentrate. We would hang out, eat dinner and sleep in our bungalows. My roommate was Mike, an avid adventurer exploring the worlds untapped places (fearless and far on social media). The next day we would all get on a boat and head to Kakaban Lake where it is filled with 3 types of stingless jellyfish. An amazing twist in natures evolution. I would leave halfway to continue my scuba instruction with another attendee and dive instructor Azalia. I started my training in the states but wasn’t able to continue from an ear infection about 2 weeks ago. I will never forget the moment when I was breathing under water looking at hundreds of fish watching me. We finished up as the group was returning. We all headed back to our island and got ready for the next dive Turtle traffic. Seems pretty fitting for my first real dive! For my first open water dive I would obviously not bring a camera, since I was still training. We dove to about 8 meters (25ft) and drifted along the reef seeing lots of green and hawksbill sea turtles. I was a little hard to focus on much more than my training but a great place to learn to scuba. Of course I am very comfortable in the water so it wasn’t hard for me to learn. What I was focused on was my ears. The reason I have never scuba dove is the fact that I can’t equalize very well in one ear. With years of free diving in less than 20ft of water I have learned how to adapt and get my ear to equalize. When I grew up I had more ear surgeries than you can count on two hands, so my ears had scarring inside. Now it just takes me a little longer than others to equalize.

I came up after the 30 min dive achieving something that I had hoped to do when I was young but doctors recommend I not do it. We all headed back to the resort for lunch and then the next dive. I would skip the channel dive as I wasn’t ready to go deep and have a ton of current to deal with. Instead myself and some others took a boat to another reef where I would free dive with tons of fish turtles and a teeming reef. Return back to the dock, fly my drone and I discover a mecca of juvenile green sea turtles feeding on grass in very shallow clear water. Check out the video in my gallery.

Day 4…. Whale sharks.
I am so grateful that my headache left before all these amazing experiences! This morning we did something I have always wanted to, in fact who wouldn’t want to!? We took a 2hr boat ride out to off shore fishing areas where the whale sharks hang out nearby. Swimming alongside and 20ft graceful harmless shark was such an amazing experience. I spent almost 2hrs swimming around. I felt a little guilty as this is something my wife has also always wanted to do. I hope I can take her with me again!
We then traveled to a small island called Manta point. Here is a breeding ground for green and hawksbill sea turtles. We explored and learned about the conservation program they have to protect the turtles. Always great to see conservation efforts around the world.
We then dove to see the Manta Rays. It would be my second dive, this time bringing my camera down with my for the first time on scuba. After a strong current would take us along the point we didn’t see one manta! Thats ok, the whale shark was amazing, hopefully I will get to see a manta in some of our other destinations. We stopped at an island to have lunch on the end of a dock. Entertainment from this crew is always happening. Chris would get a crew together for a dance party on the dock while he flew his drone up. Mike would gather the dare devils to do flips off the dock (12ft) for his channel. I usually sat back and enjoyed the show. I would take my drone up as soon as we spotted a pod of dolphins offshore. They slowly swam along the deep water channel gracefully coming to the surface to breathe.

Day 5 – Departure day.

Today we pack up and start the 24hr journey to Raja Ampat, one of the worlds top underwater natural wonders.

For more on where I went and how you can go visit: indonesia.travel



Hurricane Irma Saturday

Kinda fun Hurricane Irma session this morning . Pretty much just a washing machine out there but good enough for a drop and a pop.

Cops are running everyone off the beaches now in Broward so if you didn’t already get a session in looks like you’ll have to sneak in. Really not worth the hassle …too much ocean moving anyway.

Better off saving it for next week. Between the leftover Irma and the potential Jose swell, next week could be real good!!!

BC Surf & Sport Board Swap May 13th

BC Surf & Sport’s Board Swap is back!  Turn your unwanted surfboards, skateboards, paddle boards, and wakeboards into cash.  Please call us with any questions at 954-564-0202.

BC Surf & Sport’s Board Swap is back!  Turn your unwanted surfboards, skateboards, paddle boards, and wakeboards into cash.  Please call us with any questions at 954-564-0202.

Day 5 – solo sessions

Another one goes unridden

The clock ticked to 515 and my brain was awake!  I am an early riser, great being a photographer and even better for my wife now that we have another early riser, Carson our son.  One last chance effort to try and figure out the flash before I break it down and just shoot without.  No avail.  :(.  You win some and you lose, this trip the flash won.  It wasn’t the first and won’t be the last the equipment failure haunts me.  Just have to roll with the punches.  I decided to shoot with a 50mm 1.2 prime lens, which can produce some amazing results.  My dad and I headed down to South Jetties in Venice Florida about 615.  Not a soul in sight, my favorite time of the day!  Still clean long lines coming in and was about waist high.  Looked super fun to surf.  Such a great moment to get out there with my dad.  Having my best friend as my dad is something I hope that can happen one day with my son.  I swam out while he surfed.  We had it to ourselves for over and hour long after sunrise.  It amazes me there were not more people out.  On the east coast it would have been packed and we get way more wave oppourtunites than they do.  I shot for almost 1.5hrs.  By the time everyone showed up the tide was too high and was really only longboardable.  Since longboarding is way too boring for me (although I have a couple longboards) we got our shortboard SUP’s and headed back out for another 1.5hrs.  It was tough for me with my back issues but always have a blast getting out in the water with my dad.  After the morning session it was time for me to head back to the east coast as I had a ton of work piling up.  Thanks for following along!

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Glassy flat with a little trace of leftover south swell in the water on this beautiful Wednesday morning. The forecast is looking good for Friday and the weekend. I’m hoping to get a little offshore winds Friday morning but it’s probably wishful thinking.

What a Great time we had on Sunday at Art Basel. Kulcha Shok put on a great event with some of the best bands I’ve seen in a while and an Artist workshop for the kids! Pure STOKE!!!





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Sunshine SUP Series race #1


ALOHA! Who’s ready for some summer action?

The dates have been set for the 2016 RK Sunshine SUP Series and plans are already being made to make this years event bigger and better than ever. Sick trophies, new course challenges and just an overall fun beach day!

Last year’s series we had over 120 racers and over 150 Extreme Kayak fishermen along with thousands of spectators at each event.

One of the biggest races in Florida, the Sunshine SUP Series race showcases Elite racers from all around the country.
The race will be on Saturday June 18 and Saturday August 27, 2016 on Pompano Beach, and includes an elite 6 mile course, a 3 mile rec course, sprint races,kids races, and more.

Live music will be playing on the big stage on the beach, D Fit beach challenges, Board demos, Vendors, Free food and drinks with entry!

This event benefits the Broward Childrens’ Center.

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Labor Day

Another flat day in South Florida. Great day to be on the water tho! SUP, fish, dive or just chill on the beach!

Not looking like much for waves in the forecast for us down here this week. DaBuh is hinting towards a little North swell filling in for Northern Florida in his latest update. It doesn’t seem like it’s worth the drive but if you were planning on going up anyway it might be worth it.

We have some tropical activity coming off Africa this week. TS Grace is the first one to keep an eye on. Here’s what Dr. Masters has to say .The tracking models are NOT hyping Grace much but they are keeping her a tropical system once she reaches the Caribbean. As of now The long range WAVE models have her coming thru the Bahamas this time next week. Way too far out to speculate our wave potential but at least it’s something to keep an eye on!

Tales from the Underground: Episode 3 “The Dreaded LayDays…Well…Sort of…”

One by one we awaken in the dark…battle weary and mentally drained from all the tunnel time the afternoon before. We head straight back to the scene of yesterdays crime…typical behavior of a mutinous group of scurvvy dawgs. Its smaller and 2 boats are already there. After last night…they can have it. We head over to another island (theres no shortage of islands and atolls to break up the swell and accommodate the winds round’ these parts), this island playing host to a shallow left hander on one side and a down the line right hander. The right is a bit onshore and fast yet on the right board super fun. The left is smaller, hollower, and perfectly groomed by the light offshores. The crew casually splits and has a go on each. TImmy, the culinary wizard, takes a moment between serving up 5-star feeds to show the boys a thing or two at the left on his booger. I opt to take my 6’6″ 80s Tom Curren Black Beauty inspired “Dark Beauty” out to the right to get some time on it before its truly needed. It’s a unique craft that excels in bigger down-the-line type waves, with quite a bit more meat than a modern concaved shortie and a full length vee bottom and hard edge…the thing is a cadillac that glides into bombs with ease and melts into the wave face all while effortlessly cruising at warp speed. All in all…the swell is a bit slow and everyone is taking advantage of just cruising before the next round of swell and its actually quite neccesary because our wave count from the first few days has taken its toll. Cliff and Nader took off to the “other” left up the way and got a few before we reconvened to pull anchor and motor off a few clicks up the way to another setup.
Our destination is epic setup at the edge of the open ocean. We moor up in a deep channel carved into a two sided reef pass. Theres an deep water outside left thats a little overhead but can get very menacing. When it starts pushing 2x overhead it turns into a full on ledge keg that may as well be Teahupoo to us mortal Florida boys. Theres also two inside waves that, though shallow as can be, are perfect little skateparks. Since the premier wave isn’t doing its thing…the crew opts to have a little fun on the inside. We trade off little funpark style rights that would attract everybody and their mother to come out of the woodwork if this were South Florida but luckily for us…the only pests are each other and the random horsefly. We all get our fill and donate some blood to the reef before we head in for another Bintang fuel cruise into the Mentawais sunset followed by Aussie barbie on the top deck. It’s a hard life…
We awaken the next morning to my favorite sound…clunk…clunk…clunk…clunk. The soothing sound of a heavy duty anchor at 5am…we’d have it no other way. We return to our edge of the earth oasis and the swell is still down but plenty fun by our standards. A riphouse morning sesh goes down at the skatepark followed by a late morning chill/decompress. Some take this time to steer clear of the searing Indo sun as theres better ways to slow cook meat while others hop the tin boat and go for a fish. The boys return with two GTs and that puts our fish count at 3 including a Wahoo yesterday. We’re gonna have to do better than that! Says me from the lounge. With a few hours to go til dark we hit the outside left and snag a few. Everybody gets a good one or too and Nader got the best beating he’s had since his Puerto Escondido days as a wee lad. Another successful day or surfing, fishing, and livin’ is celebrated as we motor off into the sunset. Will more swell show? Will the fun and games come to end? Will will we be forced to slay behemoth and beast alike? Find out soon on NightmareShapes presents Tales from the Underground…
…and if it doesn’t happen soon…just wait longer…