Mullet 035

Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

Offshore fishing continues to be hit or miss for most anglers. Some large kingfish have been caught just outside the outer reef by anglers using large live threadfin herring fished in depths from 80 to 140 feet of water. Fishermen that like to troll are using large drone spoons to catch these kingfish. Best action has taken place early in the day. Loads of bonitos are just outside the outer reef and will eat a Vertical jig, whip jig or a ballyhoo hooked to a three-hook rig. Wahoo have been available just outside the reef. Dolphins are being caught from the inside Gulf Streams edge to 20 miles offshore. Nighttime bottom fishing continues to be good for an assortment of snappers.

North Biscayne Bay Inshore

Very hot water in Biscayne Bay is partially responsible for large amounts of bay grasses releasing themselves from the bay bottom. This happens every year but many of our local grass flats seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate. Especially north of the Julia Tuttle Bridge. These floating grasses have made casting artificial lures with treble hooks tough. If you can find some live pilchards or threadfin herring to fish with then fish them under a Cajun Thunder float and cast them along the deeper edges of the grass flats for action from sea trout, mangrove snapper, barracudas and ladyfish. If you can’t find these baitfish then cast ¼ ounce Hookup lures tipped with a Gulp shrimp or Trigger X shrimp in the same areas.

South Biscayne Bay

Low tide will be first thing in the morning in South Biscayne Bay so expect hungry bonefish and permits to be following the cool rising tide right up to the shoreline flats. Head out to your favorite bonefish flat first thing in the morning and expect to see waving tails coming right at you as these hungry fish work into the tide on their way up onto the flats. As the sun and tide gets up high head on in or start looking for deeper muddy water near the flats to help you locate the bonefish schools. Large live shrimp and small blue crabs will get the job done on the bonefish for bait fishermen and a Clouser minnow or shrimp fly are long time favorites for fly fishermen. Hookup Lure skimmer jigs and bonefish jigs tipped with a piece of shrimp, Gulp bait or Trigger X bait cast close to a hungry bonefish can lead to a quick hookup. Small tarpon, snook, redfish and sharks can be found up along the mangrove shorelines and islands on the morning rising tides. Live pilchards, Rapala X Raps, Skitter Walks and SubWalks can be deadly on these predators