Fishing Report May 1, 2011

Dade, Broward, Palm Beach

Offshore fishing was hampered by a very strong north current and winds from the west and northwest. That current has weakened a bit and the winds are trying to move into the east and that could push the dolphin in closer. Anglers that were able to get way offshore were catching nice dolphins on the surface and golden tilefish and deep-water scorpion fish, both that make great eating.

Closer to the outer reef sailfish have made a nice showing and anglers fishing live goggle eye jacks, threadfin herring and large pilchards are getting multiple hookups. Best action has taken place with baits fished under a kite in depths from 110 to 150 feet of water. Big blackfin tuna and a few large kingfish are hitting the same baits intended for the sailfish. Anglers trolling big Rapala deep running plugs and drone spoons are getting a number a wahoo and a few kings. Some fishermen have had good success with large mutton snappers fishing large live baits on long leaders along the outer reef edge.



Biscayne Bay

Tons of mullet continue to hold almost everywhere in North Biscayne Bay. Unfortunately not much is feeding on the mullet schools and that may be a reason that they haven’t felt the need to move north. Last week I encountered a school of jacks in the six to 15 pound range that stretched from one shoreline to the other near Haulover Inlet. These jacks were chasing anything and everything near them. We hooked one of the smaller fish on a Rapala SkitterWalk and quickly released the fish only to find no signs of the jacks anywhere nearby.

Spanish mackerel and bluefish seem to have vacated the area and I find this quite disturbing because April is usually the best month to catch the largest Spanish mackerel in the Bay. Seatrout are spawning but scattered throughout the Bay. Hit one area that the fish are holding and it’s easy to catch a limit of trout in the 16 to 20 plus inch range. The fish we caught this week were landed using a live pilchard fished under a Cajun Thunder float and on Rapala Twitchin Raps. Tarpon and snook have been active at night around the bridges and dock lights.