Welcome to “Slave to the Wave”

OK, here it is, The NEW evolution of Shrimp Creole Surf “SLAVE TO THE WAVE”!!!

Shrimp Creole will be updated for awhile until the day that Slave to the wave is ready to fully take over the legacy.

Slave to the wave is nothing more than an  evolution of Shrimp Creole.

Basically , if you are a fan of shrimp Creole then you are a “Slave to the Wave”.

Trust me, I am going to miss the name Shrimp Creole and I am deeply indebted to Lance (the originator of Shrimp Creole Surf) for passing on the torch to me years ago. It’s been a lot of fun and a great compliment to the sport I love.

Slave to the wave is in the beginning of its development so browse around the site as we add new features.

I’ve been updating Slave to the Wave for a little while now during the development of the site. You can find the archives of the Slave report here.

Attention. I am looking for some Good Artist  who would like to contribute artwork for the site. You can tell by the header and logo, I aint no Artist.
I’d like to change things up every so often with some new art from local artist. In return for your contribution you’ll get plenty of exposure from the site. Hit me up on the contact page if you’re interested.

If you are Interested in Sponsoring Slave to the Wave Please Contact us HERE.