Day 3: Day 1 On the boat with (Thanks to Ocean Surfari, and Otterbox)

Day 3: Day 1 On the boat

As mentioned in my last post, the driving force behind this trip was a winning image of mine “Snook Hunters” got me an all expensed paid fishing expedition from and Otterbox.  Today is our first day in St. Thomas and we head out early to meet up with Ocean Surfari, a badass charter company with some of the nicest guys and gear in the business.  The other winner and crew were still traveling to St. Thomas today so it was just Cristina and I on the Davis Yacht.

Many of you would torture me for revealing what we did today on this boat, hardly fish, which is what it is made for.  We actually searched for bait balls along the cliffs of the coast.  These are ample opportunities for me to jump in an shoot whatever may be inside the ball as well as the bait itself.  We gave the crew Sharp and Walt a break from their usual full on fish hunting missions and searched for stuff to shoot most of the day.  We would searched for diving birds, boobies or pelicans in this case, which would indicate a bait area or even ball.  Next I would get in while someone was on the Tower about 25ft up and direct me where the tarpon where in the bait.  It worked but the water was a little mercy, as we had found throughout most of these islands (comparing to Bahamas, Indonesia, Fiji, etc).

It was a mellow day, nothing too intense, which is just what Cristina and I needed after traveling and driving so much in the previous days.  I had chosen to do this because I knew the next two days were going to be fishing days where i would get plenty of action.  Towards the end of the session I saw a ray deep below.  Not many people know but I have had ear problems my whole life, in fact deaf in my right ear, which doesn’t equalize.  Of course this means I can’t scuba dive or go too deep.  Over the years though my body has gotten a bit more used to going deeper.  This ray was about about as deep as I can go, before making any problems for my body.

We ate lunch on the boat and continued in until the late afternoon.  Nothing too great but it wasn’t for lack of trying.  Ocean Surfari put in the right place thats for sure!  Towards the end of the trip we busted out a few poles and did some bottom fishing, catching all types of brightly colored snapper.  It would of been pretty sad to go out on this boat without atleast touching a pole!

Back to the American yacht harbor we went, where the 4-5ft tarpon roamed below the docks waiting for fish scraps.  Tempted to get it, but the merky fuel soaked waters kept me at bay!.

From about 4 pm on, finally Cristina and I went and passed out on the beach under the trees, something I don’t do too often.  Staying at Sugar Bay resort was interesting.  An all inclusive  package meant eating free at all the restaurants and free people watching for all the ridiculous drunk tourists.  Its a good thing we will be busy all day because this was a world of difference from the Eco resort from just a day ago.  Iguanas roaming the pool deck was pretty interesting though!  Tomorrow we fish.

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