Day 3 – Getting in the groove


Day 3 – Getting in the Groove

As we leave our morning anchorage and depart back south to Meat Locker the sun rose as I played my Ukelele on the front deck of the boat.  Not a bad way to start the day!  The swell was small again today but atleast the wind was somewhat calmer.  We all got out for the morning session and I jumped in to shoot with the 50mm.  Really nice light!  Not for long as a morning storm came in.  The Baron Joey, another boat moored with us at Meat Locker and waited for their turn until our crew was done surfing in the morning.  Lots of respect down here from the aussies.  Nearly everyone had booties on today except the veterans Doug and Scott.  The rest are not completely comfortable with the reef yet, justifiably so since it is pretty shallow on the inside!  Conditions were fun but not epic, huge or firing.  Skylar came out, caught a couple and on a paddle back out snapped his brand new stick on a duck dive.  What a bummer!

We all came in for breakfast and a rest.  The heat between Andy and Noel continues and we all egg on the rivalry between these two great friends.  I egg them on every chance I get, yelling out wave scores.   My stomach was finally able to take normal amounts of food.  What a relief!

After lunch we all headed back out as the aussies headed in.  I swam out with my fisheye but soon after the dark clouds came in, with a rain storm and a lightning strike got me out of the water quick.  Dave and I chose to wait it our rather than fry ourselves.  With the clouds rolling I went back out to shoot long lens in the tin with my 500 hand held.  The boys all got some fun ones into the afternoon and were getting into the groove of things.  Like getting up from a great nights sleep, surfing, eating  a killer brekie (as what the aussies call breakfast), surfing, eating a killer lunch, surfing, napping, and surfing.  Not too bad of days.  Its a wonder why everyone is always in a great mood!

We headed back to our mooring up north into calm waters as a killer sunset painted the sky.  Dave called it mother natures fireworks and I couldn’t agreed more!

Noel wins the day with the best barrel shot of himself with his board mounted camera, the best wipeout shot and the best barrel shot!  Not bad Noel.  Andy, his rival and warrior of the sea got some gems as well!  Scott, was ripping but that is expected!  He looked like a mean pirate out there with his double black eyes and white faced sunblock.  Dave, wins again for most stoke possible and a great guy to have on a surf trip.  He is also my roommate with the bunk above me edjucating me on his collection of whitey tighties he brought!

We ended the evening with a quality thai wahoo dinner mix served up from Tim and Banana cake with ice cream for desert!

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