Day 4: (Fishing)

Day 4: (Fishing)

Today we met up with the rest of the crew in the morning at breakfast, meeting the other Fishtrack/Otterbox Ultimate Angler winner, Cody Spinadel whom is also a photographer, his friend and pro fisherman Skye with Blue Heaven Charters from Islamorada and Charlie from  We all headed to the American Yacht Harbor with Kevin from Ocean Surfari in a pretty tricked out wrapped graphic Toyota truck.  Feeling confident they were the guys to get fish with.

Kevin captained the boat while Sharp and Walt from Ocean Surfari were there prepping when we arrived.  Today they would work their butt off hunting for fish for us!  These guys live to fish, just like I live to explore and shoot.  Throughout the day it was interesting to watch how determined they are to find fish.

It was an overcast day with 2-3ft rolling seas, which according to them was somewhat better for fishing than calm waters.  Cristina instantly wasn’t feeling too hot but pushed through it and started feeling better after a couple hours.  What a tough wife I have, I don’t think anyone even knew she was sea sick.  Captain gave her a magic Jolly Rancher and it helped, who knew!  Throughout the day we tried just about every type of fishing you could do off this boat, and even did some catching as well!  To be honest though, it was just one of those slow days.  The crew seemed a little bummed but the rest of us had fun being out on the water.

We caught atleast 20 fish, including Yellow eye Snappers, Tuna and Bonita, nothing to brag about (or even share pics with but I did anyway!).  The bill fish just weren’t biting or even Mahi.  Towards the end of the day we decided to give it a go at catching a shark.  Excitement arrived when a large Great Hammerhead surfaced while investigating one of the Bonita we had put on a large hook.  No bites but it was pretty neat to see such a large animal come up!  Cristina and I were perched up hi on the tuna tower giving us a great view.  We had put in a solid 11 hours on the water and the session was capped of with a solid sunset, while the seas pretty much completely laid down.   Pretty great day for me and stoked to have the chance to be out here with all these guys, watching and learning.  After getting into the harbor the rest of the night consisted of two things, stuffing ourselves and sleeping.


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