Exploring Indonesia – Below the surface – Traveling there

Heading here!

Indonesia – Trip of Wonders

During the next two weeks I hope to share my experiences here with you all, along with more images on instagram stories, along with posts on instagram and facebook.
Indonesia is one of my favorite places to explore in this world. When the Ministry of Tourism approached less than a month ago about this trip it was an extremely hard decision to make. I had never been to nearly all of the areas we were headed, all some of the top places in the world to see and photograph marine life. On the other hand my wife and I had just had our second child just 2 months ago. Leaving her with a two year old and a new baby was one of the hardest decisions I had to make in a long time. I could only do it with the help of both our parents. We couldn’t ask for better grand parents to our children. They both have bought condos within 2 miles from where we live to see their grandchildren more often. My wife did not want me to go, and I don’t blame here the least bit. So if you don’t hear from me for a while after the trip, it is because there is no wifi in the dog house with our dog carmella.

I started the journey with flights to DC, Tokyo, then Jakarta, Indonesia. There will be 24 people traveling with us. Hosted by Indonesian tourism, providing us the best opportunity possible to see the best of underwater Indo. We all met at a hotel in Jakarta, 10 of us were international influencers from every part of the world, literally… US, Canada, Columbia, Australia, South Africa, Russia and England. There would also be 4 indonesian influencers joining us, also expert divers. A handful of staff members and also a video crew documenting all our journeys. 25 total!

The fun part….
On the last leg of my tokyo flight, 3 hrs left to go. I get sick. Bad. High fever, throwing up. We land in Jakarta at midnight and they have to roll me out in a wheel chair. Checked that one off the bucket list! The crew welcomes me in baggage and then at the hotel, cameras rolling. Hey, I’m Ben, nice to meet you, wheres the bathroom… I need to go throw up. Luckily we were put up in a nice hotel and I had 24hrs before our journey officially began. Thankfully I got it all out and the fever went away. By morning I had a stinging headache, like a college freshman dorm keg standing party next morning kind of headache (although I didn’t really drink much in college). Fast forward the next morning at 2:25am. My alarm goes off, our flight leaves at 445am. Feeling good except that headache. By this time I had drank over 2 gallons of water, trying to rehydrate. Next will be two flights followed by a 3hr boat ride to get to Borneo, Derawan, Maratua. Hear we go, suck it up buttercup!