Labor Day

Another flat day in South Florida. Great day to be on the water tho! SUP, fish, dive or just chill on the beach!

Not looking like much for waves in the forecast for us down here this week. DaBuh is hinting towards a little North swell filling in for Northern Florida in his latest update. It doesn’t seem like it’s worth the drive but if you were planning on going up anyway it might be worth it.

We have some tropical activity coming off Africa this week. TS Grace is the first one to keep an eye on. Here’s what Dr. Masters has to say .The tracking models are NOT hyping Grace much but they are keeping her a tropical system once she reaches the Caribbean. As of now The long range WAVE models have her coming thru the Bahamas this time next week. Way too far out to speculate our wave potential but at least it’s something to keep an eye on!