Glassy Flat with a little background swell in the water throughout South Florida this morning. Looks to stay flat down here for a few days but Central Florida should have some longboardable waves this week. As of now some of the waves forecasts are calling for waves down here this weekend, with Saturday having a little size. Hope the forecast holds!

I’ve been in the French Caribbean for the past week working with this cool new company called FlyDive. I just got back late last night and have a ton of photos to go thru. Got some pretty cool shots. We didn’t score any waves to speak of but we had a blast FlyDiving. More photos to come.

Trust me, I know! How can I leave the Island the day before the swell shows up from TS Danny. And trust me, I want to shoot myself right about now! Lol All good. Hopefully we get something down here this weekend.