Monday Super Bowl Swell

Photos are from a couple spots around central PBC. Set waves are in the overhead range. Definitely waves everywhere from South Miami all the way up through South Florida tho. Only a handful of spots are holding the size from what I’m hearing. Find a good sandbar, reef, or something to breakup some of these over lined waves and you’ll score it today! Happy hunting!

Looks like waves for the next few days. A mix of leftover North swell with some of our local bounce swell. Could be interesting…

Afternoon Photo Update:

Bro, it got big this afternoon! Too big for most spots to handle. But that one spot in South Central PBC was holding it with epic posture! Ive never seen so many makeable barrels with a swell this size at this break.

Most of these are sequence shots of these guys coming in and out of barrels and carving the shoulder. I know it’s a little redundant but I’m sure these guys will be stoked to have the sequence.