Pretty much flat with the crazy high tide this morning in Central PBC. Maybe with the dropping tide you might find a local thigh high wave. Otherwise you’ll have to go north of the Bahamas blockage for any size. Even then the high tide will have a hurtin on most of the sandbars.

Forecast is still looking good for most of Palm Beach county and North Broward on Monday. NWS is calling for light SE winds and a long period swell to start filling in on Monday morning. We should get a couple of days out of it. Long range wave models are showing another round of waves for next weekend as well! Hope the forecast holds!!!

Here a few shots from Yesterday in North Palm Beach

Check out Ben Hicks Underwater adventures in the Bahamas this week. Hope he can find some waves. Even if he doesn’t , he’s still scoring some epic photos!

Giavanna heading into the weather

Giavanna heading into the weather