Another successful mission to capture and surf some of the worlds best waves in the books….

The crew

As we ramped up to our last day on the boat, we headed back to Lances Rights as the swell continued to fall.  Our sea legs were all getting tired.  I swam out with the boys in the morning shooting fisheye.

Lances Rights

The inside reef at Lance’s is super shallow, like 2 feet.  There was another boat there filled with Aussie idiots.  Cutting off our crew and acting like idiots.  This was the first time we encountered neighbors like these guys at a break.  It wasn’t big at all and even I hit the reef.  With not a lot of swell I headed back to the beach for a bit to explore some more, but the clouds rolled in and spoiled my little trip.  I shot a bit from the beach, but only Samer was out by this time.  I wanted to stoke out one of the locals and bought his paddle from him and also gave him a new hat and shirt.  All smiles!

Stoked bro, with my hat and shirt!

Some of the crew took the jet ski out and caught a couple Trevalli.  The locals were back with their canoes and local artists creations.  The are pretty fun to talk with.  Dimitri socialized with them most of the day before going for an afternoon sesh.  We all took in the experience of the trip that evening and Cliff even brought the remaining surfers out in the break Pina Coladas on a try with the jet ski in celebration of the trip.  Captain Joel was pretty stoked.  As we headed back to Padang Sumatra we had to make the 8 hour crossing at night.  It wasn’t too rough but on the other hand I had a rough time all night.  My stomach issue returned and I spent most of the night in my “other office.”  I had the worst but some of the others had some funk as well.  Morning came and we were back in the harbor packing and getting everything ready for the mission back to Florida…. which means.  Loading everything onto a tin boat along with us, taking that back to the dock then, a hour bumpy ride through the crazy streets of Padang, then airport checkin maddness where there are thirty guys that want to carry your hat for you for a buck.

Cliff was very generous and hooked them up, as our board bags were heavy and there were many of them.  So I write this sitting in Padang airport, with a stomach that I feel like cutting out.  I hope you all enjoyed reading about my travels through the Mentawai Islands.  I am happy to share with you all the parts of this world that many of you wouldn’t otherwise see.  You have a bunch of buddies going on a surf trip and want pics to prove it to your friends back home, give me a shout!  www.benjhicks