Day 1 avoiding Zika and looking for waves

Today started yesterday as we flew from Fort Lauderdale last night and traveled until 4am this morning.  The ride from the airport (with the windows open) was filled with smells of burning trash, dead animals, skunks and Matt’s farts.  We arrived and slept about an hour until the light came in.  We all headed out for a first session as the swell was suppose to be rising.  I have been gimping around with a stiff neck since pulling my back out the day before.  That left my first session open to attempting to stretch it out.   Luckily the swell hadn’t filled in yet and my poundings out there swimming with my camera will be saved for another day.  Within a few hours the wind started to come onshore at 8am.  That was not a good sign.  I was the first to go in and take more ibprofen. Breakfast was banana pankcakes, can’t beat that!

Since sleep hadn’t happened in over 24hrs it was time to snooze a bit.  Matt and I slept for a good 4hrs while Felipe (Jimmy) was still running on jet fueled coffee.  By 2pm the wind was super hard onshore and it was back to finding other things to do. Naturally I had a bunch of work to catch up on.  Soon after I had to beat Matt in Cornhole.  As the wind came down we all went out to surf and evening session.  I even grabbed a board but unfortunately could hardly even go down the line with my back.  Atleast I got wet again.  The food here has been awesome and cheap!  Hopefully the wind stays off a little longer tomorrow!

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