Day 1: Bahamas Sept 2015

It is always nice to fly over with no air conditioning on the plane.  This way it sets me up for my next 4 days on the water in the sun!  Atleast this time they included my checked back with gear on the flight unlike last time!  My connections here continue to grow with smiling faces and great places to explore!  I have come to stay with our friends (my wife’s, whom I stole) Darrin and Amelia.  They have opened their home to me as well as a fleet of vehicles from golf carts to boats.  Joanne from the Abaco Buzz picked me up at the airport which was very nice.  I will looked forward to working with Gabrielle,  whom has taken me to some magical spots while I share knowledge of shooting.  Thank you all!

I started off the day hoping the contractors working on my house back home were going to show up and wouldn’t give my wife too much trouble as she has to handle it by her self while I am gone this week.  Thank you Cristina for supporting me in so many ways!
Loaded up my gear and headed off at 6am to the docks, loading up the boat and heading south to find good light under the water.  The vast majority of my images are taken in the early hours of the day.  Water surfaces are almost always calmer in the mornings so the evening sessions are harder to nail.
They had gotten the boat dialed before I came with a brand new engine.  Thank you Darrin and Amelia! I headed south from Man-O-War harbor, and hopped in the water at sunrise about 30 min later.
Highlights included nearly getting bit by a eel that came out of nowhere while trying to investigate a rock, stalking by large barracudas, which is expected, saw two four leg Cushion starfish (never seen one before) and getting stung by upside down jellyfish that I accidentally disturbed, sorry guys!

I went to about 5 spots and took about a 10 min break to eat.   630 until 2:30 pm.  Came back for a late lunch and catch up with business back home since I had been behind being gone last weekend.  Amelia cooked up another epic meal and I was off to bed soon after the sun dropped.

Here are about 1/4 of the keepers.  Many will be released at a later date!

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