Day 10 – Maca’s!

Sleep really didn’t happen for me last night, as I am sure you all wanted to know.  The boat was a rocking and I was struggling to stay asleep.  Woke up in the morning to find everyone else feeling the same.  We continued to make our way north along the coast and pulled up to Macaronis at sunrise.  No boats were there!  A rarity.  There is a camp inside the bay that rolled up to the lineup just when were arrived.  It was pouring rain, on shore wind and small.  Not the Maca’s I remembered and wrote about 2 years ago.  The camp left within 20 mins as conditions worsened.  We moored up and waited until the storm passed.  Our mooring was perfect spot to watch the break so we knew when it would turn back on immediately.  We stayed there all day and I shot long lens for the first time of the trip from the comfort of the back deck in a nice comfy chair.  Surrounded by whomever wasn’t surfing was the peanut gallery.  Whooting and joking about the lineup.  As the lineup nearly cleared from the choppy conditions Pat and I headed into the Macas resort to check it out where he knew a couple working on their marketing.  They gave us a little mini tour of the oasis.  Neat spot that was built recently since the previous resort had a lot of destruction from the Tsunami a few years back.  It was now built to sustain a possible hit.  We headed back to the Indies in the Tin and I continued to shoot from the deck.  As the day went on more and more guys from the resort joined the lineup.  The guys all rotated throughout the waves, that continued to get better and better.  The peanut gallery lit up and a girl joined the lineup.  We all hadn’t seen a female for over a week.  The dirty old men in them all came out.  Poor Cara (was her name), probably get gauked at all the time this far from civilization with heaps of male surfers on boats and resorts.  She could surf as well.

Earlier in the day our Captain Kris went out for a spearfish and scored with a few snapper and a pompano.  Later that night Tim would grill them up on his new grill.  Fresh fish dinner followed by ice cream cones and oreos rounds out another epic day in the Mentawais.

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