Day 2: Living the life, learning about the love and seeing the hope at Mission Mexico

Rising to the songs of the peacock wasn’t what I had planned for the morning at 5 am but I was wide awake from the 2 hour time change to begin with.  I was quickly being introduced to all the kids as they would come up to see who the new guest was.  Jake and Shane are kinda rockstars here so as soon as the kids came out to the common areas they ran over and pursued hugs and laughs.  They kids have all bonded to them from past visits and it was really interesting to see how the connection inside Mission Mexico was so strong.  After the morning greeting and questions from all the kids who I was it was decided that we would be traveling with a couple of the older kids by van out to the property on the beach to drop the workers off.  Mission Mexico has a piece of property that they are building to eventually house a surf camp to raise money.  Jake and his awesome crew have come down numerous times to help in the entire process in many ways, including building the house that will one day be the camp, and raising a lot money for the orphanage.  Today we were just driving by to drop some workers off to continue the work and then we were able to surf with about 6 of the older teenagers for almost two hours afterwards!!  What a great time in some really  waist to chest waves!  All smiles!  I shot just a little but really wanted to engage in doing an activity with the kids.


After the surf we headed back to the orphanage in the Town of Tapachula about 30 mins away to get to work on the days photo workshop and presentation of the art of photography and what I do for a living.  We gathered everyone in a room and hooked up a laptop to a tv and I presented my work and taught the kids the basics of photography and about cameras.  From there we took our first group out into the field with the donated cameras!  The “field” was the streets of Tapachula.  A colorful town in southern Mexico filled with culture, old buildings and smiling locals!  A perfect pallet for young budding photographers!  We would take 5-6 kids at a time for 1-2 hours.  Each would have a camera and we would journey from one spot to the next testing and honing the skills needed to become a photographer.  The kids were so intrigued and interested!  Instantly it made my trip to see all these kids so stoked on picking up a camera!  I was out there shooting alongside, tipping them off for spots to shoot, angles and of course, reminding them to always have fun!!

The first photo group we took out.
Darkness came after our first two groups and I was one happy teacher, to be able to spread the stoke of photography into the fresh minds of these awesome kids!  Once we trekked back to the orphanage Jake, Shane, Pam (mom), Momo, and myself joined as we drove to an eatery.  We had to of been there a couple hours as Pam filled us in and told some crazy stories about the latest at Mission Mexico.  The entire time I was happier and happier that I was here with an awesome opportunity provided by Jake and The Compound to share my knowledge with these amazing kids!


Day 2